November 13th, 2016 | 88 Entries

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88 Entries for “stagnation”

  1. In everyone, a lake. Born pure and glistening, small fish leaping through with innocent thought. But look into this one- no life. Stagnated, polluted. This isn’t just anyone. This is not someone you want to meet.

    By EmmaChristobel URL on 11.14.2016

  2. The swamps were toxic, I remember the guide saying. They clung to the rotten earth like cobwebs, stewing and bubbling acidic chemicals, giving off the stench of eggs. The trees that once flourished were now only skeletal remains of what once was.

    By coyotebob URL on 11.14.2016

  3. Failure to be productive
    To move forward
    Not for lack of trying
    Nor lack of will
    But because a routine to help
    Became routine to maintain
    Because an artistic muse
    Became too bored to stay and
    Leaving you out to dry
    Clinging on helplessly, failing to wring
    progress out of the only thing
    You have left

    By Julie URL on 11.14.2016

  4. what a perfect word to describe my current situation. probably will have to move on but it just does not seem possible. stagnation all over the place…

    By Linne on 11.14.2016

  5. I didn’t move. The world was stagnate, and I didn’t fucking move. Why did he tell me he loved me? I never saw that coming. We’ve been friends forever, and I just stood there like an asshole. He walked away. When did that happen? I’m forever stuck in this world I made. I’m sorry, my friend. I love you too. Please come back.

    By Megan Hazelwood on 11.14.2016

  6. tired he struggled up and up until he could go no more, it was then that he saw the end was near, and without any hesitation he jumped looking down and he entered into the last place he ever expected to find himself.

    By jim on 11.14.2016

  7. She never moved
    The world seemed to crumble around her,
    But she stayed put
    How could she have lost herself like this?
    Nothing else out there for her,
    But just a dead, stagnate waste of a life
    She never cried,
    But today she made an exception.

    By staringatorion URL on 11.14.2016

  8. I’ve always been afraid of stagnation, of living someplace for too long and wearing out my welcome. So one day, I made up my mind and threw clothes into a backpack and raced across the border into Thailand. Everything was a swirl there, a recent coup, backpackers dress in tattoos and skimpy clothes, passing silent monks on the road. That’s all I needed, a few contrasts and I’m ready to go again.

    By chanpheng URL on 11.14.2016

  9. what is stagnation i don’t even know. i could google it but i only have 60 seconds right? i don’t even type that fast i am even too lazy to capitalise the first word of a sentence. omg what am i doing.

    By Jess on 11.14.2016

  10. i thing stag nation means a whole bunch of gay people that are stag.

    By lando2121 URL on 11.14.2016

  11. your alibi wasn’t there to buttress your attested court-side haraunge
    and I don’t mean on the sideline of the lakers
    the harsh-side of wooden-cabinet chair scrapers
    a delineation that’s considered alienation
    who care because were all living in the same temple
    the same nation
    I hardly was able to evacuate, but I still resisted
    I didn’t let down
    when I was up
    or with a frown
    idiosyncrasy remains a half-lapped cowboy dance
    I’d say I was a libertarian if you can find me a vegetarian
    that’s because everything we eat has darkness, an ominous potential
    although the potent powers buried beneath our mind’s basements
    they transcribe this ideal panoramic picture of peaceful stagnation

    By Milad URL on 11.14.2016

  12. Stagnation: when there is nothing to learn from your current situation, and no room to grow as a person.

    By Abraham Mulst on 11.15.2016

  13. there was something in their faces, grey, and… weary?
    not quite, it was something rooted more deeply in their flesh.
    with every step the people turn sluggish and their eyes turn white-blank.
    a repeat of every day that eventually came to become something else;

    By lynn URL on 11.15.2016

  14. Something about the tick tock of only 60 seconds; mesmerized by that moving teal-colored bar. I hesitate; feels like the stagnation of my writing lately.

    By Grace Ann URL on 11.15.2016

  15. She stood absolutely still and let the room revolve around her. Her eyes smirked, her mouth grew tight. She watched with a distant admiration and a present disdain for the proceedings. If no one was going to say anything of use, they were going to be here all day.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 11.15.2016

  16. fINALLY, I had reached the point I always dreaded. with no more zeal to carry on , my life seemed to wreak with stagnation. I have nothing else to live for.

    By Baaba on 11.15.2016

  17. Everyone comes to a time in their life when they’re stagnation

    By Golda P. Jackson URL on 11.15.2016

  18. As I walk out of the dark and abandoned house I had been captive in for so long, I realize I am now living in a stagnation.

    By Paige on 11.15.2016

  19. I’m always on the go. Some days, I have two jobs and drive through six counties. I’m moving, driving, restless, running to get away from the sensation that my life is full of stagnation.

    By Melissa URL on 11.15.2016

  20. I looked at the water, it wasn’t moving, nothing seemed to be alive in this water. The water was to stagnation to support life, or so I thought.

    By Makenzie Cooper URL on 11.15.2016

  21. the water was very stagnent. It smelled like a couplde things could’ve died in this water. Who know when the last time someone was out here to fix it. It was an abandon house in the middle of nowhere. it was rather large, and had a pool in the backyard.

    By -twilb URL on 11.15.2016

  22. A prolonged period of little or no growth in an economy

    By Charlie Brown URL on 11.15.2016

  23. is a prolonged period of little or no growth in an economy. Economic growth of less than 2 to 3% annually is considered stagnation, and it is highlighted by periods of high unemployment and involuntary part-time employment.

    By Rose4444 URL on 11.15.2016

  24. 60 seconds to write about stagnation, and then I am stagnated, I don’t even know if the word stagnated exists in english, but wow! that’s hard to do…

    By Nardjes on 11.15.2016

  25. The green pool of water showed it was going through stagnation.

    By Jada Engel on 11.15.2016

  26. The depression. My oh my. My family was poor – dirt had richer materials than us. We lived in a small cabin with little to our name. We had a big family and our father was the only one to support us. My older brother tried, but he wasn’t old enough to work real man job. The economy wasn’t going anywhere since it crashed. Such a shame. We could hardly buy food for the table.

    By Shasta URL on 11.15.2016

  27. stagnation,
    happens only when thee lets it
    alacrity within in a city with no pity
    let it be thee
    watch the flowers beneath the meadow that which you walk burgeon
    and watch the sun blind your teeth
    allay all the wretched particles entering your earlobe
    we cant see those
    bylines of success are the writers who sat underneath dark lamps even when the bulb was out
    demurred by that one person, that second person, that ten millionth person who tried to stand in the way
    because they stood in their own way
    back to the drawing board
    grab an ignominious eraser, press rewind, then proceed
    the quicker we expect our failures, the sooner we narrow those goal posts!
    Field goal!

    By Milad URL on 11.15.2016

  28. Don’t become stale! Keep growing! Stay fresh by reflecting on your own practice and the continual pursuit of seeking out new ideas.

    By kpjmbb URL on 11.15.2016

  29. the cave echoes grey again.
    his mind wishes to be something more.
    yet the words laying at the bottom of his ribcage stay the same.
    as they always have.
    rotting like the birds from
    a dead dream he once had.

    the rose will not come back until the sun does.
    yet he lives in a city where it was taken away by the

    By batteryman URL on 11.15.2016


    By #SHYCE URL on 11.15.2016

  31. we are unmoving. unchanged. but the worst part about this feel is that although it may feel permanent, it is only a temporary state of being. But the problem is temporary can sometimes feel like a lifetime.

    By ana mai luckett on 11.15.2016

  32. What is stagnation? Stagnation is a state of being that something or an object doesn’t grow or increase it just stays at the same level. For a person to be in a state of stagnation is a sorry placer to be.

    By jennifer on 11.15.2016

  33. lots of stagnation is happening in the world today die to habitat loss. its really sad. oi wish i could do something about it.

    By Haley on 11.15.2016

  34. I liked this word yesterday, but…again? I feel stagnated.

    By stacebird URL on 11.15.2016

  35. If you hold your breath,
    your mind,
    hold it still,
    you will then begin to feel
    the breathing of
    the wind
    the trees
    the fallen leaves and
    you wonder
    how you can be more like them.

    By Shineapple URL on 11.15.2016

  36. I used to feel like my life was in stagnation – college, repeat commitments, an inability to move, and a lack of creativity. In these few months since graduating, however, dynamism has shown in ways I could never have imagined. I use this post to express gratitude to the world – learning were stagnation is key, but also embracing dynamism when it’s introduced in my life.

    By Gurchit Chatha URL on 11.15.2016

  37. I remember back in Middle School having to do some type of economic project that involved the word but that was a few years ago. I know what the word means but I don’t know how to write about it. I might need a new word something more creative and unique, sorry :)

    By Andrew on 11.15.2016

  38. Again with the stagnation, nation, stag who knows. I once was a young man but never a stag. I once knew a nation, but now i know a stagnation.

    By jim on 11.15.2016

  39. I think stagnation means to be the same. No change and kind of boring. Stuck in the same rut.

    By marlene on 11.15.2016

  40. a nation that has stag or a nation that is full of stag or a stagnation could mean like a stricked nation or

    By julie URL on 11.15.2016