November 16th, 2016 | 43 Entries

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43 Entries for “wealth”

  1. you can have all of it in the world, and it still only has you

    where it truly comes from is within, the scarlet-deep blood that pours through your veins

    your very essence of being

    that is where it comes from, not something that glitters

    By maggie on 11.17.2016

  2. He pawed at the dirt with his boney fingers. The Skeleton King would be sweating if he had any glands. “Where is my treasure!” he cried. King of what without his wealth?

    By Rover on 11.17.2016

  3. Wealth is not so bad but it can blind everyone.

    I don’t want it to blind me to the point that it is the only thing I can focus on.

    By abe URL on 11.17.2016