November 12th, 2016 | 23 Entries

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23 Entries for “signs”

  1. Signs are everywhere, signs I did not comprehend, signs that told me where to go. Signs are only signs. Don’t think to much only a little, but very clearly, signs are nothing without their fulfillment.

    By xmugen on 11.12.2016

  2. They hold up signs as their boots are stained by the hot asphalt beneath their heels. They scream their anthems, demanding justice in the face of bigotry. The slogans all blend together in my mind, but the message behind them is the same. Those who hold power want them to be afraid and slink into holes, but they shall remain above ground, and they shall use their fear to fight.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 11.12.2016

  3. knowing what to do. buying time. guessing meanings. are they one of a kind or just buying me time? catch my eye but i remain blind. it just not the time

    By reed on 11.12.2016

  4. numerous signs dictate who you are
    following the imaginary lines of the star
    lift yourself off the ground
    there is no one else around
    reach for the brightest star
    it really isn’t all that far
    a crab in the sky
    wave the world goodbye

    By vanikey on 11.12.2016

  5. Signs are everywhere.Moons,stars,planets and sun are all signs of the presence of God.Plants and flowers,fruits etc are all signs.Signs are used from ancient times.In battles or in peacetime they are always applicable.Signs

    By Daniyal on 11.12.2016

  6. the signs that i think are the actual signs that i think you like me are the signs that i really don’t comprehend

    By c on 11.12.2016

  7. it’s scary. at first. to go without the signs. but the moment you get used to the environment, you start to be more comfortable without them. but as time pass, you know you’re forgetting something. Something important, and once this dread comes. They’ll come back and you’ll realize you’ve been living your whole life as a lie.

    By Pen Jie Ming on 11.12.2016

  8. The steaming bitumen streets snaked through endless browned paddocks and empty fields. Animals clustered under trees, plants no longer reached for the light, and I was going to stay in the middle of it all. It seemed such a good idea at the time… but it was the worst decision I made in my life. The last decision I made in my life.

    By EmmaChristobel on 11.13.2016

  9. There are signs that things are coming to a conclusion. Which way will the signs lead me – to the right, away from pain and suffering, or to the left, away from the mediocrity I had embraced for so long as reality.

    By P on 11.13.2016

  10. One by one, folding on top, creased and snuggling, bent and pressed against, they all file in, with headlights fixated elsewhere. Too hurriedly shoving each new piece to notice the irony in the spilling of each flag, tin sheet, and banner.

    By stillinbed on 11.13.2016

  11. All around me. They are all around me and I know they are there but I often times don’t even respond to them. But how many times could they have kept me out of trouble? How many times could they have helped me to keep my peace? Maybe this is a sign that I should look ash the signs.

    By Cortés Penguan on 11.13.2016

  12. arrows and fingers,
    omens and the foreboding
    that life might just be
    a name in the shadows,
    a faceless aggressor
    to those who only know
    how to fight open-palmed;
    this may be a colosseum,
    but I like to think I’ve
    not become a guillotine yet.

    By Pandatry on 11.13.2016

  13. her hand, tattooed with the eye of a fallen star, was raised in a gesture of piety, a gesture of warning. she said nothing, but foreboding was built into the stone that made her body. “do not pass,” the shadows around her whispered. “do not pass.”

    By anothershadowbox on 11.13.2016

  14. There were signs all over. “Do not enter.” “Danger” “Bad Dog”. But nobody listened. So the town was full of “amputee” teenagers. But they were definitely not from a doctor.

    By Paige B on 11.13.2016

  15. There are always signs before it happens. She’s never had any doubt of that, but when it does happen, she can only hope that other people can recognize the signs too. Panic attacks weren’t easy to deal with anyway, but they were even harder to deal with alone.

    By Riley on 11.13.2016

  16. signs are awesome they can help you stop when you need to stopd and they help inform you about where you are always read your sing they are very important!!.

    By Natalia Gonzalez on 11.13.2016

  17. There were signs that something had gone wrong. Looking back that was so clear to me. There was debris scattered around but I thought at the time that it was just the detritus of normal human civilization. There was a lack of ambient noise which I absolutely should have noticed. I suppose I’ve played too many video games because I simply didn’t notice. I noticed when the eyes began watching me from the darkness though, the glowing silver eyes.

    By Lee on 11.13.2016

  18. Epistolary messages, dropped by a pigeon soaring above in outer space
    It floats so simple homie, never flapping into any sort of humanistic hiatus
    Keep hydrated, avoid being languid and lazy
    ambitions around obstacles getting hazy
    Poised when obscure opportunities turn into a foot-race
    when dialed into my money-making destinations, face shines like resplendence
    ready for political change like its cloud vapor high up in warm scraper-skies
    fast pace jump shot
    its therapeutic
    I’m a nuisance on this music because new lisps are exclusivity in pivot-worlds!

    By Milad URL on 11.13.2016

  19. I saw all of them. In the dead of night, we passed by a myriad of them on the side of the road. They were trying to tell me something, that I knew. But Hell was at home. What dangers could be on the road?

    By 2lazy2leave on 11.13.2016

  20. “Don’t you see the signs?” Elizabeth Catherine Scott demanded. “The residents are all up against me. The ghost of Dr. Meredith Ellis Grey, MD, is rife in this place. Everything in the universe is pointing to us breaking up. Do you think we should?

    By Elizabeth on 11.13.2016

  21. The signs point east, west, north, south. The signs point downhill. The signs point at grief, longing, despair. The signs point at danger. The signs point at more lives lost, more people imprisoned, more drugs, more overdoses, less sex, love, life, joy. I shut my eyes to the signs and when I open them again, I am blind.

    By Joanna Bressler on 11.13.2016

  22. She was worried. “What do I do now?” She kept thinking. She paced back and forth. Anxiously she looked around. “I just need to see the right signs” She assured herself. “Then I can go.” This made her feel slightly better. “See it’s ok. I just need to wait and relax.” She again said decidedly. She had been doing this for hours. Just trying to make herself feel as if she should just wait. “I’m fine.” She had started again. “I’m absolutely fine. I’m just gonna wait here until I see that it is the perfect time.” She sat down onto the stone floor and started to sob miserably. “Why? Why did this have to happen to me?” She implored. “How did I get into all of this? How did I end up here?” She sighed. She was done with her crying. She got up slowly. She looked around herself. It was time to act.

    By WolfHeart URL on 11.13.2016

  23. Bin ich auf den richtigen Weg?
    Hab ich die richtigen Entscheidungen getroffen?

    Gib mir ein Zeichen.

    Gibt es etwas an das ich glauben kann?
    Oder sind wir ganz allein auf der Welt?

    Gib mir ein Zeichen.

    By Anuri URL on 11.13.2016