November 13th, 2016 | 88 Entries

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88 Entries for “stagnation”

  1. stagnation is very hard to beat because it does´t take you anywhere, you feel bad but can´t help but do nothing. We need to try to beat stagnation to get ahead with our lives.

    By Renata on 11.15.2016

  2. The cesspool of the swamp my family called my inheritance was a little more than I, a city-dwelling lawyer could stand. I had grown up envisioning a large tract of land, nothing close to a paradise, but something tenable at the very least. A fly swam into my mouth left agape. Southern Hospitality had a different meaning here and gave rise to a rural hostility instead – at least for in this tentative, stunned existence of mine.

    By Eric Harrell on 11.15.2016

  3. We sat staring at each other. She wouldn’t meet my eyes, her gaze flicking around the room.

    By Emma on 11.15.2016

  4. I am not quite sure if I got what the word means right but if it means things staying unchanged in a bad way then this is something that I do fear.

    By unsynced on 11.15.2016

  5. The murky waters before him, his spirit… neither again would they see the light of day the way they had before. Never again would happiness grace their hearts

    By sarah on 11.15.2016

  6. Life has dropped into a cold pit of stagnation for me. I have long since said farewell to the desires of my youth. Perfectly contempt in my warm bath of self loathing. The world needing me as much as I need it.

    By Steve Wolf on 11.15.2016

  7. I will not write about stagnation again. This was yesterday’s word.

    By rmholmes1 on 11.15.2016

  8. Yikes. Stagnation again. By now I see a progression of stagnations in my brain, marching to the tune of the same old drummer, and here they go by. What do they look like. They look like a dissertation, stagnating until an irritated boyfriend tosses them into the fire. They’re so heavy, and so turgid, and so freighted down with meaninglessness that they can’t even burn up. I’ve got them forever, stagnating in the hall cabinet while i stagnate at the movies, anything to escape them, even a patriotic Mel Gibson movie. Here i come, Hacksaw Ridge!

    By Joanna Bressler on 11.15.2016