November 13th, 2016 | 88 Entries

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88 Entries for “stagnation”

  1. when the blackness finally came for her, the things in her eyes were grey. her cheeks were falling apart. circumstance touched her, and she melted into death and utter sadness. that was how my eternal pool was made. it has sat in my heart ever since.

    By anothershadowbox on 11.13.2016

  2. Lance looked at the dictionary in disbelief. What on earth did stagnation mean?! He gave Shiro a questioning look, but he just shrugged helplessly and looked away. Lance tried to find the definition and groaned when he read it.

    “Stagnation: a foulness or staleness, as one emanating from a standing pool of water.” Pidge wrinkled her nose in disgust. What a gross word!

    By Aleceia Sedlak on 11.13.2016

  3. I see stagnation in the future, and not just economically. Stagnation of progress. Stagnation of social services. Stagnation of hope, of body and soul and mind. I feel as if I must collect a tower of books to read before the year is out. Cram my brain with other worlds to remind me of the kindness that might yet remain in the one I live it. Drink any semblance of knowledge or story so that the history that unfolds is not so much a repetition of evil, but a repudiation of it.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 11.13.2016

  4. he’s stuck. almost rotting in place. he seem to be unable to move forward. I wonder what’s holding him down in that place. in that ugly disgusting swamp filled with snakes and mosquitos, why is he not moving? why is he staying? maybe because it’s his reality’s best version. maybe because he don’t know what other places look like. I wonder if this man gets to know what it’s like out there in the fields, will he still stay?

    By Pen Jie Ming URL on 11.13.2016

  5. unaware of its’ creation
    you have fallen into stagnation
    there is no determined duration
    nor a single causation
    what a sad location
    possessing no sensation

    By vanikey on 11.13.2016

  6. stag chlii was a favorite growing up, my mom would warm it up and pour it over macaroni, sometimes she would add chopped hot dog, i would like to have some tonight, but so tired its bed time

    By coffeeturtle on 11.13.2016

  7. The feeling of being stagnant? Not moving. I feel stagnant when I do the same thing everyday. School. School makes me feel stagnant. Only because I let it. I should listen more. It’ll let me see the difference in each day and the differences among the teachers. I put stagnation upon myself. I should change that.

    By English Student on 11.13.2016

  8. The feeling of being stagnant? Not moving. I feel stagnant when I do the same thing everyday. School. School makes me feel stagnant. Only because I let it. I should listen more. It’ll let me see the difference in each day and the differences among the teachers. I put stagnation upon myself. I should change that. I want to try something new. Maybe that can be my new year’s resolution? Man, I really need a new year to make moves like this…that’s not right. I think I want to start now. Can I though? Am I REALLY motivated enough?

    By English Student on 11.13.2016

  9. sometimes in life we hit a point and stagnation kicks in. We feel lost in a sea of nothingness and inferiority.

    By kkup on 11.13.2016

  10. Stagnation is how I am feeling right now. Really dead inside and lost and stupid like I am in a rut and can’t go on and it’s all just dead and unchanging. I don’t know what I’m doing or how long 60 seconds is or anything so I am just going to keep writing and I wish I had a better keyboard because my fingers hurt and I can’t tell if tim’s up or not up because it’s in white letters and it’s so confusing because it says that time is up and it said that before I started writing so I don’t understand why it would do that or maybe it’s actually counting words, not time because the black circle is getting blacker the more I write, so I don’t know maybe it is my imagination because now it doesn’t seem to be changing, and I’m sure this is more than 60 seconds by now so,,,

    By Raven on 11.13.2016

  11. I feel stagnant here at Aimee’s. I don’t know if that will go away at a new place with a room or not. But I need to figure something out. Stagnant is not a good feeling to feel. Or thought.

    By Boo on 11.13.2016

  12. in stagnation
    stuck in motion
    slowly fading
    seeking help
    for the end of

    By vrushti on 11.14.2016

  13. The world stops. Phase of stagnation.
    Is it though?

    An event or a choice?
    The world won’t change.

    By abe URL on 11.14.2016

  14. Thoughts in STAGNATION
    Hell of creative limbo
    End of the weekend

    Same Old Settings
    Hollywood script stagnation
    AMErican film

    [All the decent movies and TV are copied from over-seas, e.g. from Korean drama.
    Don’t think some of us don’t see this happening too often.Come on, Hollywood!
    Find the talented ones out there, get the innovative! Hint: If a story is set in a cliched
    place like New York city, then you’ve already failed and made me yawn.]

    By ! Haiku-Man ! on 11.14.2016

  15. Ich stagniere schon seit Jahren. Jedenfalls kommt mir das so vor. Vor langer, langer Zeit hatte ich noch die Illusion, dass ich mich nur mal richtig doll anstrengen muss, einmal die Grenze überwinden, einmal aus mir rauskommen – und schwupps, wird alles anders. Wurde es aber nicht. Trotz meines Wollens, trotz meiner Anstrengung, trotz meiner Bereitsschaft.

    By Lisa URL on 11.14.2016

  16. A process of deterioration and decomposition. A noun to describe foul water, something that is not fresh. It is not improving or developing rather the opposite

    By joanna armstrong on 11.14.2016

  17. its some sort of pressure. wtf why do i need this word out of all words. omg

    By Haley on 11.14.2016

  18. stand by my side. have you ever been more free? now here they have to kick the can and never look. would you? i believe you are same

    By alex on 11.14.2016

  19. The economy stagnation was responsible to widespread an international unemployment crisis.

    By Vitor Hugo Martins on 11.14.2016

  20. When life stops being a new and exciting journey, when you aren’t looking forward to tomorrow or trying something new. To stagnate is to let life go by without a sense of wonder and exploration. Stagnation is death.

    By Rebekah on 11.14.2016

  21. The economic stagnation was responsible for widespread an international crisis.

    By Vitor Hugo Martins on 11.14.2016

  22. I often feel that sense of stillness creep in not when I’m alone, but when I’m with someone I like very much. I begin to worry that things have become too steady. I’ve always been scared of permanence. I worry that I’m trapped in a situation because I don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings.

    By Catori on 11.14.2016

  23. That’s me, staring at this word and feeling the pressure of a sixty second deadline.

    By Amis Reklaw on 11.14.2016

  24. drghkjgha

    By Vulcani on 11.14.2016

  25. i first thought of a star as i do not know what stagnation mins then i thought of a nation and gestation so what about the birth of a star nation¡? it might be great as space is infinite

    By Natalia URL on 11.14.2016

  26. The water moved listlessly, the leaves floating on top of the stream moved in almost unnoticeable increments. The sun was mercilessly hot, and humidity sat thick in the air.

    By Emma on 11.14.2016

  27. i`ve never herd this word

    By ben on 11.14.2016

  28. its means the stagnet water that sit for a long time and collects mildew and pond scum thats just gross it also smells

    By ben on 11.14.2016

  29. Therewasaboyonhisjouneyhavingagoodtime.hewasthebest.theEND

    By brennon URL on 11.14.2016

  30. I have totally drawn a blank. The word “stagnation” just reminds me of stagnant water. I guess stagnation simply means the act of being stagnant and not moving. Apparently, my brain is stagnant today.

    By Robin on 11.14.2016

  31. It’s utter and thick. There’s no hope when you’re in it and no way of getting out. It holds you helpless, rolling you in the muck and bile, thick and sticky.

    By stacebird URL on 11.14.2016

  32. Hazel is stagnate at the beginning of the book. Her mother thinks she’s depressed, but she really just doesn’t want to get attached to other people for fear of hurting them when she dies. She prefers to remain where she is and how she is.

    By Sherry on 11.14.2016

  33. still.
    it bounces off the walls of this lonely home, and i watch as the sun sets, moving light patterns along the wall.
    it’s been so long. it’s been so still.
    things have changed now, we both know that.
    but i don’t think it’ll ever stop hurting.

    By Cally D URL on 11.14.2016

  34. It’s this beautiful, wretched place, full of magic and mysteries where there should be glorious sunshine through planes of vaulted glass. He is here beside my like a golden king, and I pale in his presence. I find myself hoping that this is permanent, that this is something more than what I had always thought I would have. But it’s too perfect, too much.

    By Rosalia Vanderbilt URL on 11.14.2016

  35. The fabled Stag Nation – the nation of stags.

    Okay, fine, I don’t know what stagnation means off the top of my head. Does that mean I’m a horrible writer? Do you want to fight me over it? I have to warn you, I’ve fought before.

    By Shadow Writer on 11.14.2016

  36. He beat his feet on the concrete: “Rein it in, rein it in.”
    They belked, then simmered slowly. The stampede ceased.
    His eyes grazed over the crowd.
    Dozens of doe-eyed looks fell on him. There was a caribou.
    “We must stop fawning over white tails and ramming ourselves into the tangled brush of lust.
    It does not behoove men of our stature.
    We will learn together.
    I must congratulate my ungulates for coming here tonight.
    Welcome, deer friends, to stag nation!”

    By omqwat on 11.14.2016

  37. Die Welt dreht sich-
    weiter und weiter.
    Alle haben sich verändert.
    Alle bauen sich ein Leben auf.

    Wo bin ich?
    Steh noch am selben Ort.
    Bin noch in der selben Situation.
    Keine Änderung in sicht.

    Die Welt dreht sich weiter –
    weiter und weiter.
    Doch stehe ich noch hier
    und komme nicht weiter.

    By Anuri URL on 11.14.2016

  38. To be still. This is a hard one. It feels to me like a large rock hanging from the ceiling of a cave. Unmoving. Not experiencing just watching. You know what I mean. I do. Well anyways

    By Vanessa Ware on 11.14.2016

  39. When you’re stuck and not moving forward or making any progress. Being stagnated in life is a bad thing. You want to see growth and progress in the life you live, so anything in your life that is causing you be stagnate should be removed.

    By Che on 11.14.2016

  40. Stillness
    Time isn’t moving
    And neither am I
    Growth is gone
    Nothing is born
    All of it just stops
    The only thing I want
    I want to be free
    Only then will I be alive
    New and useful and needed and loved

    By A Paper Flower on 11.14.2016