February 20th, 2011 | 499 Entries

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499 Entries for “sage”

  1. Sage, a plant that smarts the world without smell. You look around and it is smiling at you. Where can you find it? Where may I know it? When will I become it? No one knows. But you are sage, and you won’t know it. Till the end. till the end.

    By Yu-ting on 02.21.2011

  2. is a beautiful herb with the ability to enhance flavour beyond fathomable limits. it accentuates flavours whilst adding it’s own exotic and sometimes lingering sensation on the lips, mouth, tongue, down the throat, settling in the abdomen, nestled in the crevice of pleasures in your mind.

    By Elizabeth on 02.21.2011

  3. The blue hills smelled hot — that was the only way Pinus could describe it as he walked higher in the search for water – cool clear water he had been told would well from the rock if he found it — all the while walking through perfume like a tantalising kneehigh flood

    By scotchwhiskers URL on 02.21.2011

  4. Flowers that smile at the world. Knowing. But we do not know, until the end. Maybe not even till the end.

    By chrystacha URL on 02.21.2011

  5. the sage was so short. why

    By mehro URL on 02.21.2011

  6. sage is my middle name except spelled with an I before the g. I love my middle name because it says so much about me. I am unique and special and great. I love myself and everything about me. I am flawed and imperfect but thats okay becuase i try really hard.

    By KoshkaDecember on 02.21.2011

  7. Sage. I don’t like this word because I don’t know anything about sage, and I can’t think of anything that I could write about sage. I know that it doesn’t smell very good, kind of like rosemary, and I know that people use it to ward demons or evil spirits away. I knew a kid named Sage once, he wasn’t very nice, I didn’t like him very much. Then again, I don’t like many people, I don’t get on well with them.

    By Hana URL on 02.21.2011

  8. I walked up the last few stone steps, to be greeted by an old and weary wooden door, painted red.

    I reached up to knock, only to have it open before I could.

    The smooth swoosh of ancient robes. The sting of incense.

    It seems I had found him.

    By BatonNoir URL on 02.21.2011

  9. a plant, a shrub. i dont know what you truly are but ive always loved that name for a girl. the only girl i ever knew with that name i didnt like very much. she now goes to our apposing school and its a snotty school and shes kind of snotty. but i love the name sage. :)

    By Rachel Estelle URL on 02.21.2011

  10. The sage was a wistful spirit, filled with pride and a hunger for revenge. They say he was orphan long ago when he had a heart and a soul. He sold his soul, and let a dragon eat his heart all for the purpose of gaining ultimate knowledge.

    By Tani on 02.21.2011

  11. sagesagesagesagesagesagesagesagesagesagesagesagesagesagesagesagesagesagesagesagesagesagesagesagesagesagesagesagesagesagesagesagesagesagesagesagesagesagesagesagesagea

    By c on 02.21.2011

  12. a sage is a person who has renounced the worldly pleasures. he has commited to teaching and preaching what he knows to the world. sages are generally known to have special powers.

    By Akash on 02.21.2011

  13. There’s nothing like mushrooms drenched in melted butter and sage. It’s my favorite smell in the entire world. I wait 364 days to smell it in my mother’s turkey stuffing. I’ve missed two Thanksgivings in my entire life. Those were the worst two days of my entire life.

    By Christin on 02.21.2011

  14. a wise person who sits among the daffodils pondering life and beauty. his slow hands become slower than the hands of time. his thoughts become timeless. He is resistant to the urges of his nature

    By seth on 02.21.2011

  15. Sage is a kind of herb. I am not a native English speaker so I don’t really know what kind of herb it is, what it tastes like or looks like. But it sounds good. Sage is also a Dutch word. It is a kind of story, like a myth. It reminds me of Greek and Latin classes I had in school.

    By Niki on 02.21.2011

  16. Sage brush began blowing over the rim of the basement foundation. Not your ordinary sagebrush, either. Burning sagebrush. Jensen hunkered against the far wall and watched them sail overhead and pile up in a flaming mass on the other side of the basement. In five minutes they’d be over the corpse, or what was left of it.

    By chole URL on 02.21.2011

  17. well. Smells like burning. A brush. In inner journeys.

    By Blackburn URL on 02.21.2011

  18. I think I don’t really know what a sage is but I’m pretty sure it’s something to do with wizardry and if that’s the case than I’ve never met a sage. I think of Harry Potter. A lot of my friends aren’t into Harry Potter which is weird because I was obsessed with Harry Potter for a long long time. And now I’m not really. Because of God. Does God even exist? How do I know? I’m so confused.

    By Summer on 02.21.2011

  19. The leaves on the trees urged her on, through the spiraling, dizzying path she was taking through the forest. They whispered secrets to her until she got to the clearing over the hill. The heart of the forest, moonlight shining down on her through the branches. Sitting down in meditation, eyes closed in concentration, she listened as the forest taught her, and told her its deepest, darkest secrets.

    By Ady URL on 02.21.2011

  20. alex abraham works in a cafe called sage. I don’t know a lot about it. I know that it’s good for cooking. I want to know how to cook. what color is sage? probably green. I have never been to that cafe in newnan, but it is probably very nice. I think of sage as purple but i know it isn’t

    By chelsea barker on 02.21.2011

  21. being a sage requires a lot of courage and dedication. Its like letting yourself away from all the sins in this world. there are many sages all around the world who claim to be but are actually fake.

    By gurjyot on 02.21.2011

  22. The sage, who lived on a mountain loved his wife. Sadly, A giant monster made out of fire and candy, ate his wife and she dies. Using his epic powers, the sage destroyed the monster. Everyone is happy.

    By orangedoctor URL on 02.21.2011

  23. This was yesterday’s word! Unless there is some sort of time-lag, as I caught up with this site last night, and it’s now mid-morning. Are we working on west-coast America time? Fine if we are – though it helps to know.

    By joey on 02.21.2011

  24. I used a little too much sage in the sauce. It was too… sage-y. How do you undo an overabundance of sage? I tried scraping it out, but the boiling sauce had already sucked it in.

    By Amy URL on 02.21.2011

  25. green. ultimate use of healing. when burning, i know that i am safe when i wrap myself in the smoke of the scented sage at hand. honor to those who’ve come before me. peace for those who are with me still. when in doubt, burn.

    By Terisa on 02.21.2011

  26. sage – like a flavour , like a trait… subtle yet desirable, muted yet powerful…. aspiring to be sage – desiring the flavour to make our meal of life just so. sage.

    By John Moore URL on 02.21.2011

  27. Plant. I really like cooking but I am not sure that I understood the word corecly, so I hope it is something I can use in the kichen. This would make my cooking better. New inspiration.

    By Corina URL on 02.21.2011

  28. It was a sage like moment. She thought about what was said and changed her mind one more time to allow the possibility of an opportunity lost so many years ago – a zen moment – sage decision and a life filled with happiness.

    By John Drury on 02.21.2011

  29. Rage Page Dage Hage Lage Nage Craze. What does sage even mean? I don’t know what it means. Zage. Age.

    By Aastha on 02.21.2011

  30. He’d travelled far to find the wise man, and when he finally reached the sage’s door he allowed himself to believe for a moment that all of his troubles were over. But when he asked his question, the man only looked at him sadly, then looked away.

    By xenoglossy URL on 02.21.2011

  31. What was the point of this fighting that turned on itself, he thought, an endless cycle of blood and gore?

    By Nix URL on 02.21.2011

  32. sage

    a small but powerful taste, a trait

    liked by many but feared by some – perhaps unknown, perhaps confusing.

    sage is – well – sage.

    are you?

    By John URL on 02.21.2011

  33. A type of spice used in cooking. It might have a reddish color,I’m not sure.

    By Angela on 02.21.2011

  34. Sage is a herb. The word features in the folkloric nursery rhyme “sage, rosmary and time” aswell as the children’s tv show “The Herbs”. In french the word means wise.

    By Issey on 02.21.2011

  35. It’s a herb, I just think about cooking… pizza, pasta… anything Italian. The smells and aromas fill the kitchen. Just think of your Italian Grandmother cooking for you.

    By Emily on 02.21.2011

  36. This is excellent stuff indeed. Flavors chicken, beef and much much more. A bit of sage goes a long way, making everything savory just a bit nicer. In fact, I highly recommend sage in all my cooking. All kinds of spices are nice.

    By Sopdet URL on 02.21.2011

  37. Sage isn a wise person that offers advice. Also an herb, this word has an intristic magical power to it.

    By Brady Ingledue on 02.21.2011

  38. Sage is a useful herb which accompanies pork very well.
    It is also an office software accounting programme.
    Its the name of an owl in Parsley the Lion, too.

    By Helen on 02.21.2011

  39. She said her name was sage. She went with the wind and did as she felt. Things were crazy. Then that was followed by a teen pregnancy. Oh.

    By sierra URL on 02.21.2011

  40. sage is a herb. you cna grow it in the garden and use it in your cooking. It is not just green but has purpley edges (I think). Sage is a common herb in England. Sage and onion stuffing is a very traditional english dish. You can either make balls of stuffing and cook them around the chicken or you can stuff the inside of the bird.

    By katy on 02.21.2011