February 19th, 2011 | 434 Entries

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434 Entries for “cards”

  1. The cards were laid out upon the table. A woman shrouded in misterious clouds of perfume and layers upon layers of veils and cloths, laid them so. She read them out, one by one, cradling each card in between fingers, each adorned with an amazing number of rings and bright red long nails.

    By Destiny-Blue URL on 02.20.2011

  2. I love all greeting cards

    By Oonagh URL on 02.20.2011

  3. Greeting cards cheer people up.

    By Oonagh URL on 02.20.2011

  4. Euchre is my favorite of all games. In high school, regulars at a local diner or playing all night in Mark’s basement, it was the surest bet for how I was wasting my youth. Now one symbol of my suffering relationship is that he won’t learn to play cards. “Doesn’t like games.” Makes you think.

    By Robyn on 02.20.2011

  5. Cards. So simple, white pieces of thick paper, numbers and pretty designs. Or..perhaps one thinks of birthday cards. I once received one with dangling cats. That was almost 6 years ago, but i still have it. Strange? perhaps. but i love it so.

    By rebecca on 02.20.2011

  6. I love picking out cards, and giving them, but simultaneously I hate cards because they often contain another’s sentiments and they’re so commercial. I made my own card for my husband for Valentine’s Day and I’m glad I was able to make it so personal. I’ll always love picking out cards though. Do I contradict myself? Very well then, I contradict myself.

    By dandyjams URL on 02.20.2011

  7. I looked at the cards lining the wall where they had been stuck up by my mom with tape. It had been a nice idea, but really it made me feel too much alone when no one was there. No one had come to visit me in the past two weeks. Not a one of my friends where at my bed side.

    By Leah URL on 02.20.2011

  8. There has to be more to those special times than simply exchanging cards, right?

    Who really treasures a card for their birthday, or Christmas, or a death?

    By alambley9gcc on 02.20.2011

  9. I play ards … a lot … all day… every day … no limit holdem is my game and I play it as much as I can uring my waking hours but I do give myself time to do some work in between games … I am getting better … but maybe thehis is about flash cards but I have not used flash cards since I was in the early grades and learning my basic vocabulary what is this writing exercise all about w

    By John Shinnick URL on 02.20.2011

  10. we pla y with them
    we gift them
    they mean so much
    i dont have a favorite yet
    i’d give one to the one i love
    i have no more to say about cards
    we played them that day at aleeyas
    i won bluff :D
    i learnt 2 other games .

    By Pinaz on 02.20.2011

  11. they are missing from the porch. there are three poker chips under the green velvet pillow. the cards belonged to your grandmother. the dust settles for months before we open up the porch. perhaps under the couch will the cards appear?

    By lkmf URL on 02.20.2011

  12. Greeting cards, in my opinion, are a dying practice. If you want to “greet” someone, you go on Facebook and say “Hey!” But you never send somebody a card just to say hello. Did people ever really do that?

    By Paige URL on 02.20.2011

  13. So many cards, so little time. We could save a lot of paper if we just sent ecards. Business cards annoy me – just email me your info. Sometimes I enjoy a game of cards but I rarely win. That’s OK because winning a game of cards doesn’t really mean much. So yeah.

    By Stephanie Factor on 02.20.2011

  14. i love getting cards in the mail. especially when they have money in them. its like a little present through snail mail. come to make my day better. i love seeing the thoughtful comment at the bottom.

    By Daniela on 02.20.2011

  15. it’s not like I did it on purpose. It’s not like I had intentionally thought to kill him. All of the cards to express the sympathy from strangers lied flat on the table infront of me. Why did I even come to the funeral?

    By Mason URL on 02.20.2011

  16. When he opened the card he couldn’t quite believe what was happening.
    I never get cards on Valentine’s Day, he thought to himself, I’m the geek in the corner, who enjoys maths and laughs at jokes about tetris…
    Nevertheless, this was a bona fide Valentine.
    Even signed by an ‘anonymous’.

    Maybe he should take his nose out of his favourite physics book a little more often than he liked.

    By El URL on 02.20.2011

  17. valentine’s day cars are really cute sometimes, you know, the adorable little birds up in the tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g, which reminds me of middle school, you know, i have no idea what i’m doing right now…..i wonder if this could actually help with writing? dunno. waiting for the bar to get to the end beneath here now…it’s going, and going, and geez this is a long minute, i shouldn’t be able to type

    By Eva Alejah on 02.20.2011

  18. for birthday. gifr. writing. sharing. feelings. expressing. cheap. movies. tv. watching. something peculiar. interesting. nice. lovable. desiring. reltionship. excuse. wanting. more. less. over and over again. for all that is there.

    By Niklas on 02.20.2011

  19. Cards fill up my drawers. They burst out like foam from the moth of a rabid dog. Cards from people i know and people i don’t, filling up my draw, my office, my life, myself. Cards that should label me but instead define my lack of identity.

    By Edwin URL on 02.20.2011

  20. cards. I always get cards for every occasion but I can never bring myself to throw them away. they could be the last little piece of my loved ones if they die. I want something to hold onto. I need it.

    By serenebr URL on 02.20.2011

  21. I like cards
    They are interesting
    Some are pop outs
    some are flat
    some are boring
    some are purple
    some are pink
    and some are blue
    but they all say some thing that will interest you

    By Lula Rae on 02.20.2011

  22. Cards? Of course cards, why anything else? I love cards, you see. I love to use them to play, I love to make them for people when they are having a bad day. More than that, though, they are memories.

    I designed a playing card for my friend once- a little thing, I had the queen of hearts so of course I drew a crown with some hearts around it and in a desperate effort to be witty wrote “I could make some Alice in Wonderland reference but I won’t, because I am much cooler than that.” You see, it makes sense, why I love cards.

    By Jenna on 02.20.2011

  23. Two guys are playing some cards. One pulls out a gun ” wheres the money he says?” The money is in diamonds, concealed safely in his hat.

    By sammy Zucker URL on 02.20.2011

  24. It’s all in the cards. Sometimes people think about the hand they’re dealt and complain or wish that they’d been dealt something different. Well I think that we all have different paths to follow on our journey through life. Whether it be the idyllic explorer off on a voyage around the world seeped in self-discovery or the bubbly house wife tasked with raising a new generation of young players in the card game of life.

    By Garrett Kubacki URL on 02.20.2011

  25. birthday cards are pointless. they say happy birthday and then what do you write on the inside

    happy birthday again?

    tarot cards? to those really work. i don’t think so.
    flash cards really don’t help me study. it jsut helps you memorize. you don’t learn anything by memorization.

    By Sofia on 02.20.2011

  26. we do cards and send them to the clients. sometimes this is done eas and fast sometimes it takes ours and ours. now i am writing and it only takes a few seconds. but when we do them e-cards its taking such a loooong time and we go thru corrections.

    By colt on 02.20.2011

  27. Funny thing cards, you can never get one saying ‘cracking funeral’ even though some funerals and/or their wakes, can be actually crackin :)

    By Mike Croston on 02.20.2011

  28. thankgiving cards suck and so does valentines day cards……. unoriginal and fake. if i was to send a card to someone it would be like “hey pete: fuck you for valentines day!”

    By leanyx on 02.20.2011

  29. house of cards come tumbling down, it’s precarious at the top and there is a long way down, it takes so much time to build but in a moment it falls and does anyone see it coming, the breeze that blows to cause the crash? did someone know that this was going to happen? but did no one say?’

    By artifarti URL on 02.20.2011

  30. index cards help the mind body and soul, but im a liar and no one that is true. teachers are liars, index cards are fake. all in your mind. Cards are like people, they get played. Join the game or not you will get played.

    By zoe goldman on 02.20.2011

  31. i guess i get them in the mail sometimes and i wonder who could be bothered enough to send me one unless it’s for a holiday but those are customary and sort of expected even if they’re cheap and materialistic and just commercial

    By ellen URL on 02.20.2011

  32. They were scattered all across the floor.

    I picked one up.

    … eight of hearts. Rubbish. Tossed it aside.

    … Joker. A distant bell in my mind.

    … She was a Joker, too. An enigma. Could never read what was behind that face of hers. Those jokes – they hid her. And I could never find her.

    By BatonNoir URL on 02.20.2011

  33. I made you a valentine card. It said, “I love you”. Unfortunately, I never gave it to you. I felt too embarrassed thinking you would hate it.
    However, I got a card today. It was from you. I just wanted to say thanks for loving me, too.

    By Nessa on 02.20.2011

  34. poker fun wait god dammit i lost again!!!!!! Buy me another!!Poor poor Houdini…OMG!!!He has no fucking life!!!!!

    By Brandi on 02.20.2011