July 21st, 2012 | 369 Entries

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369 Entries for “instructions”

  1. i am always given instructions. you give me instructions and you are controlling. it may be to protect me but i can try to protect you too. i wish life came with an instruction manual because whereas some days i feel like i know what i’m doing, the majority of the time i feel very lost and unsure. am i doing this right?

    By nikki on 07.22.2012

  2. 1. Finish your work. Arrange the pieces around until you are satisfied. Make an artwork if you’d like. Play around if you want to.
    2A. Dig a hole and bury it there.
    2B. Store in plastic bags and keep in closet. (WARNING: May disturb others and get you into trouble.)
    2C. Eat it.
    3. Congratulations! You’re finished.

    By Michelle URL on 07.22.2012

  3. To be confused. For me to see instructions is for me to know.

    By Gabe on 07.22.2012

  4. He instructed her. She listened. He taught her, he showed her the way. He already knew what to do. He already knew how to perfect the task. She didn’t. She’d soon learn.

    By Sebastian URL on 07.22.2012

  5. the profundity of what i want to write is a whole lot more than the profundity of what i actually write. sometimes i’m just ok. sometimes i’m great. sometimes i read what i write days later and realize that great was just ok. i wish writing came with instructions. i wish life came with instructions. perhaps if i did, i would write more and write about writing poorly less.

    By matt m on 07.22.2012

  6. i sometimes hate them. they’re useful though. i have to admit. i cant read them that great LOL anyways they give us guidance. no shame in help, right?

    By Cas on 07.22.2012

  7. Instructions make up the way of life, it seems. You have to do this, you have to do that. It can be interesting at times. Others it can be frustrating. And some times, they are just necessary to ignore. Crazy, isn’t it?

    By elise on 07.22.2012

  8. instructions gives us guidance, no? I have to admit, i kinda hate them. they make me feel useless, pathetic and stupid at times. I guess im just stubborn and hate receiving help. Meh, sometimes they arent that clear… i must say.

    By cassandra jade URL on 07.22.2012

  9. I really hated my teacher. Oh God, how she made me look like an idiot in front of the whole class. I was late for class, ten minutes after she gave out the instructions to the rest of the class. “You should’ve paid attention,” she muttered in my ear as she explained again. Well maybe if she actually knew I wasn’t there to listen, she wouldn’t be muttering in my ear with an annoyed tone.

    By India URL on 07.22.2012

  10. I waited for Dean to tell us what to do. This mission had to be executed perfectly, and as the victim was a famous spy, it would be difficult. But we were also spies. And we were damn good.
    Dean approached us, a stern yet coy look on his face.
    “I’m sure this will go perfectly. But if someone'” he not so discreetly glared at me. “Decides to act not according to plan, but according to how they think it should happen, we will most likely all die.”

    By Sophia URL on 07.22.2012

  11. They were neatly written, small and cursive words, scribed onto the side of the cereal box:

    Cereal first. Then add milk.

    By bobert URL on 07.22.2012

  12. i thought this prompt would give me instructions… but not really. Well, it did give me instructions: it said there’d be a word at the top and I’m supposed to not think and just write whatever comes to the top of my mind. But the interesting thing about this exercise, no matter how uncomforable it’s making me, is that it’s a lot like the real world and how i have to deal with life sometimes. You just make it up as you go along.

    By Albert on 07.22.2012

  13. i hate instructions, I’m bad at listening i like to dance to the beat of my own drum all instructions do is hold you back and make things complicated like can we just all go with the flow and do as we please because i don’t want to follow your rules

    By midder peebles on 07.22.2012

  14. All you need to know is in the following note. Just follow the goddamn instructions and you’ll be fine. Don’t forget to tell Tracy everything you see and hear at the end of the trip.

    -Find the bottle of nitrogen dioxide
    -Freeze it
    -Open it when Tracy is here
    -Take her into The Room

    Everything else will be taken care of once you’re in The Room. I have left a tape. I am expecting you soon.

    By Albs URL on 07.22.2012

  15. The instructions are to write, something, about one word. THE one word. The one word, in this case, being INSTRUCTIONS. Only 60 seconds. START.

    By Severusly on 07.22.2012

  16. Instructions bring order. Well, they do if they are clear. Instructions in some handbooks are so unclear that they are unhelpful. Clarity in instructions makes for quick learning and orderly progress.

    By Peter on 07.22.2012

  17. Instruction are on every verge of life, you don’t know what to do and thus they help you guide through the life and in every field. Can you imagine world without instructions?

    By Jitendra Sarswat URL on 07.22.2012

  18. Today I got a letter. Inside the letter contained instructions on how I was supposed to live my life. As a 63 year old man, I was astonished. Taken aback, I sat quietly and began to read the instructions realizing that there were many things I’d done wrong… and many, surprisingly, I’d done right.

    By Antoine on 07.22.2012

  19. instructions are guidelines to help us reach a place or do a particular task.

    Instructions are useful information which we use to achieve our objectives.

    Not all instructions are about what to do some are about what not to do.

    By Harishkumar Vaidyar on 07.22.2012

  20. Do this, do that. Instructions tell you what to do, how to do it, and when.

    By Taffeh.A.Llama URL on 07.22.2012

  21. They told me to write. There was a lurking feeling of rebellion within; don’t write. So I ceased.

    By Jonathan Reardon on 07.22.2012

  22. i follow obey the rule. i love rain, especially the raindrops

    By nida on 07.22.2012

  23. If you don’t want to make mistakes… Follow them.

    By Potx URL on 07.22.2012

  24. “GO! Run, what are you waiting for?” I didn’t understand. I could see his lips moving, the sounds in the distance reaching my ears but I could not comprehend their meaning. Before I knew it, I was staring down the barrel of a gun.

    By Raiine URL on 07.22.2012

  25. Instructions are steps on how to do a certain thing. For example in a manual on how to take something apart, the instructions would say something like..

    Step 1. Enter screwdriver.
    Step 2. Take out screw.
    Etc. Instructions can be about many different things and are mostly in manuals or booklets.

    By Daniel on 07.22.2012

  26. There are some building that I like. I wanna see all the artistic buildings around the world. I love architecture. I wanna travel around the world especially Italy.

    By şeyma URL on 07.22.2012

  27. Instructions are easy to follow: you get given a list, you read it, you understand it and then complete the tasks that the instructions outline. You would think anyone could follow instructions, but you would be wrong.

    By PetitePommes on 07.22.2012

  28. Don’t follow them. Don’t follow these. They will lead you where you may not want to go. Oh wait, I’m sure you will want to go there, to unfold there, to follow the stream of nonsense to the end where you will realize that the stars look different to you, now. You can see them, not as if you are looking back in time, but as if you are looking back in space.

    By monroe2go URL on 07.22.2012

  29. Instructions are a set of rules and even regulations that to be followed in a certain moment. instructions are the ones used in establishing a disciplined and organized occurrences in life.

    By JM on 07.22.2012

  30. Yesterday I received the instructions in the mail. I was to drive to Point Breeze and drop the bag off there. I never looked into it. I wanted to know for sure, but I was afraid.

    By Tam URL on 07.22.2012

  31. you gives me clear direction
    from within my head
    my guiding intuition

    By Chinemenma URL on 07.22.2012

  32. i look at all these instructions and i think, wow, that’s a lot of instructions. i wonder what i could do with these. it was a cold dark night in the middle of october when i realized that the ice on the roof was actually made of color, not water. it was this kind of realization that i don’t have very often. in fact, most of the time i find that i don’t make any kinds of realizations ever. i just drift throughout this world like a ghost, with no insights or intuitions. i can’t imagine this is how you become a respectable member of society. i can’t imagine anything.

    By Estevan URL on 07.22.2012

  33. idk what I must write.

    By Lola Lol URL on 07.22.2012

  34. i get that a lot from my mom. She thinks i need it to do all my thinkg. what she does not know that some things r inbuilt. A lot from silly people too. Sometimes by me too. hehehe. la la la

    By Stefi Dsouza on 07.22.2012

  35. instructions are like diagrams and recipes, but if that’s what you’re following then you’re not going to make it. you should just try and make things up as you go along, like a bad joke that makes no sense. no relevence to anything, no bearing on what to do. what’s happening with instructions when you run out of ideas? they’re just words, pictures, and notthing.

    By huhuhuh on 07.22.2012

  36. rules…the way people want you to lead your lives….by defining instructions…what you need to do is simply do what your heart feels right…dont follow instructions make them on your own.

    By divsi on 07.22.2012

  37. Instructions are to be executed as you interpret them. no one can ever be 100 percent clear because we all, us as humans, take certain words differently. that is the beauty of art, literature, and even science, anything effected by human interpretation. we are all able to paint a different picture from the same words.

    By Kristen on 07.22.2012

  38. Only in some senses are instructions actually followed, mostly they are ignored and put away, only to be referred to when doing the task alone prevails impossible. Confusion and eventually clarity will ensue.

    By emily on 07.22.2012

  39. Instructions are a fundamental part of life. They tell us what to do and help us stay on track. Without instructions we would be lost.

    By griffin on 07.22.2012

  40. there are no instructions for what’s to come. there is no tutorial, you go for it now.

    By meliora URL on 07.22.2012