July 22nd, 2012 | 352 Entries

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352 Entries for “icing”

  1. The delicious cake that sat before us slowly staring into our souls, pleading for us to take a bite, had the most delicious icing i had ever seen. It slowly dripped down the side of the cake in decadent patterns that blew my mind. I decided now was the time, to take the bite. The bite that would surely be the best thing I had ever tasted. AS I paused to take a bite, i awoke from my dream.

    By Natalie M. on 07.23.2012

  2. I carefully formed the icing onto the cake. ‘This will be my greatest creation.’ Chris exclaimed to himself. ‘And all for my little princess.’
    He was nervous. He’d never want to disappoint his almost 5-year-old daughter the way he did last year.

    By Amarie URL on 07.23.2012

  3. That was the icing on the cake

    By vince URL on 07.23.2012

  4. Icing is used on cake, pancakes even. It is a rather tasty addition to any sweet food, and is enjoyed by many. Icing is also the name of a store funded by “Claires” aimed at an older audience. Overall, icing also reminds of sweet foods and can be found in many of them.

    By Martina on 07.23.2012

  5. There was icing on Antonio’s cheek, though much like with everything else he was oblivious to the fact that it was even there. This was Romano’s chance, his chance to finally make a move and advance towards the oblivious bastard, so Romano took the chance and leaned to lick it off. [SPAMANO FTW]

    By Martina on 07.23.2012

  6. its delicous and fluffly and white. it tastes gerat. it goes on cakes and other desserts. like cookies. it can go ontop or inside or anywhere you want! wooo.

    By hope on 07.23.2012

  7. Icing makes me think of cream cheese frosting, which is my favorite. I also work in a deli/bakery and sometimes help the head baker frost and ice the cakes. Decorating them is a lot harder than it looks. You need a certain trick of the wrist to get the letters to flourish.

    By Lucy on 07.23.2012

  8. Icing tastes really good on cakes. Most of the time its too sweet though and i just like the cake or cupcake plain. It looks cute on chocolate cake or cupcakes- like little clouds sitting on a fluffy darkness.

    By Amber on 07.23.2012

  9. Icing goes on cupcakes and cake. I like cake, so do my friends. It tastes sweet. I’ts very good on cookies.

    By Tanner on 07.23.2012

  10. She licks the icing off of her pinky finger and looks at the cupcakes with disdain. They are perfect little vanilla cakes, with just the right amount of icing swirled across the top. The finishing touch will be the sprinkles, scattered sparingly across the top of the cakes like a shimmering fairy dust.
    She’s made them just the way that he likes them, fluffy and moist. But he will never eat them because he left her. He will never taste the delicious little cakes or the sweet icing that she made from scratch complete with tears, because she wasn’t good enough for him to stick around.
    Holding her swollen belly she whispers “It’s going to be okay.” Then, tears streaming down her face, she smashes her fists into the cupcakes over and over again, beating the cakes until there is nothing left but crumbs.

    By LifeisaVerb87 on 07.23.2012

  11. I woke up this morning and had to clean up all the beer cans and wash the wine glasses, clean out the ash trays and take trash off to the dump. I’m starving now and my grandma is taking forever to pick me up to go eat. That’s the icing on the cake.

    By Anna Felmet URL on 07.23.2012

  12. definately cake stuff but In thinking diamonds. Instead of blinged up lets say iced. “All that’s missing is the ICING…”

    By Murdaciru on 07.23.2012

  13. She smiled as she sifted the white icing sugar into the big glass bowl. It fell like snow into a mountain. Her mother always let her scrape the bowl when she had finished so she always made a little extra; a few more licks of the spoon. Slowly she poured the warm water to make a gooey, white mixture.

    By Sinead on 07.23.2012

  14. Cake that is lovely and too sweet. With marshmellows and chocolate. With birthday candles. And rainbow icing.

    By Lenna on 07.23.2012

  15. The icing on the cake was that for the first time, I encountered someone who I knew would return what I felt. It had been years, lifetimes even, since I’d known that kind of relationship, that kind of reciprocity. It was real love. And the best part was we didn’t even have to speak…

    By Russ on 07.23.2012

  16. icing is one of the many things everyone enjoys! just like life. life is the ICING on the cake (cake representing the world) cake always needs icing.

    By jenna on 07.23.2012

  17. Icing songs in the morning in the shower. Why? Because underneath is a cake that cannot be denied. I am hungry, and I am wet. It makes for a difficult endeavor. Napkins don’t work under these conditions—unless they’re cloth.

    By spiderjunior URL on 07.23.2012

  18. The birthday cake was sitting on a cake stand in the middle of the table, just waiting to be eaten, it seemed. The chocolate icing had dripped down the sides of the vanilla cake, making it look even more irresistably delicious.

    By Victoria on 07.23.2012

  19. The cake on the counter was covered in my moms favorite icing, I knew my dad had baked it. He was always baking things since she had died, and I know there was another ingredient that my mom hadn’t put in the receipe, his tears.

    By Taylor on 07.23.2012

  20. Icing is the end of life, not the cherry on top.

    By anny on 07.23.2012

  21. Icing a cake makes the cake. When most people picture a cake they picture the icing on the cake, the icing makes it look pretty and makes that flavors of the cake better.

    By Sam on 07.23.2012

  22. The top of the cake that she jumped out of making the jazz come to life. When she was lifted out of the cake revealing her shimmering dress. dripping with icing looking so yummy like a fruity fizzy drink.

    By Nikki on 07.23.2012

  23. the top layer of the cake. the sweet finishing touch. everybody’s favorite topping. sweet, tart, sugary. sugar rush. mold into different objects for fun. different varieties.

    By Anna on 07.23.2012

  24. the cake was covered in the most delicious coconut icing. She made it at midnight in a fit of anger and sadness. She knew he would be excited, and take the first bite with passion.

    By jolea on 07.23.2012

  25. This was yesterdays word.
    I already wrote about it.
    And I swear to Groban it’s mocking me. Icing is such a happy word, and both yesterday and today, I have been nothing near happy. So why do I have to write about this happy word?

    By Miryiah on 07.23.2012

  26. Icing on cakes and cupcakes…I don’t like icing very much unless it is fluffy or the cream cheese kind on red velvet cake. Icing is smooth, delicious, and a sugary delicacy that is very common.

    By Ann Treesa Joy on 07.23.2012

  27. The cake is never finished until you put the icing on it. The delicious frosting is really what everyone wants to indulge in but you have to have the dense rich, moist cake to counter-balance the rich, sweet, sticky icing… indulge, indulge, indulge.

    By Kendra on 07.23.2012

  28. reminds me of cupcakes, but I always prefer the word frosting. Icing sounds too cold and European to me which doesn’t make sense. I could eat it for hours though, no doubt

    By Emily on 07.23.2012

  29. Sweet 16
    spelled in icing
    and as my sister turned another year older
    I was nowhere to be found
    On a day that was not about me
    I made it all about me
    I hope that I can be forgiven

    By morgan on 07.23.2012

  30. Now that was the icing on the cake. Yep, getting word that everything was going to be great and no one else was going to be in pain. Wonderful! Nothing to think about but working on the rest of the days activities. I love it when a plan come together like this.

    By Tam on 07.23.2012

  31. The cake wasn’t something he thought she would enjoy. It was something he thought she needed. He’d seen her refuse food, and he’d seen the weight dwindling off of her, until her cheekbones stood out against taut skin and her hip bones were painfully visible. Maybe a bit of pink icing would persuade her. Maybe a bit of pink icing on a white cake would make her eat again.

    By No come on Im not giving you a name on 07.23.2012

  32. pink fluffy icing gave away the secret that she so desperaetly wanted to keep to her self but her mother in law had other ideas. the vindictive woman, who’s jealousy drove away more than she ever knew, smirked at her victory, as she stood half hidden in the corner of the room.

    By Patricia Best on 07.23.2012