July 21st, 2012 | 369 Entries

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369 Entries for “instructions”

  1. instructions limit our ability to do what we want. they limit our minds from going outside the lines and thinking of new ways to do things. instructions are guidelines created only to control.

    By fondali on 07.22.2012

  2. this is what i need to overcome the pain i feel daily when i wake up very early in the morning. If i was to get a list of this i can overcome every situation i face and in every way possible be able to love and be happy. where is this at?

    By Kevin on 07.22.2012

  3. Everyone was curious about what all it could do. When it was first announced, people were skeptical, but after the first few trials there was big news about it, this plug in device.

    The instructions that read were very simple:

    1) When you are experiencing a desired feeling, attach the two white patches to either sides of your forehead.
    2) Press Record.
    3) Wait for 30 Seconds.
    4) Press the Record button again to stop.
    5) Number the recording.
    6) Attach the patches to the side of your head as desired and press play to stimulate the recorded feeling again.

    The consequences of such a machine were massive. It changed everything.

    By unkitjc URL on 07.22.2012

  4. I read them like I already know what they are going to tell me. Every day there is a new one added to the list, I just can’t escape this feeling of judgement. People telling me how to live my life as if they think they know me. What will happen if I just throw this list into the fire and live my life?

    By Laura on 07.22.2012

  5. I had instructions to go out and buy him a gallon of milk. As always more and more instructions follow to do many, many tasks and bring him more and more to feed his sheer gluttony. As days pass I grow more tired and tired of it and I feel like I need to tippy-toe around him in order to please him. I must listen to his ways and follow orders like a dog to keep him happy.

    By Gabby on 07.22.2012

  6. Instructions are the things that take us places, take us up. We follow, we should make our own instructions. Don’t follow the crowd. Make your own way in the world. Live for the day and follow the instructions that your heart tells you, not the world and society.

    By Markella on 07.22.2012

  7. Instructions are used to help someone. To help someone do something. Instructions are key in education. Everything we learn we learn using instructions on how to do it.

    By shahbuzz on 07.22.2012

  8. instructions are sometimes hard to follow, depending on what they’re for. some can be good and other can be bad; some might lead you to success and other might lead you to failure. but no matter what you should always follow instructions because someone has taken the time to think them through and perhaps you should respect them enough to follow them.

    By sammy on 07.22.2012

  9. a set of detailed step by step how to do something
    or get something to work chronological order of
    a manual

    By carolyn on 07.22.2012

  10. instructions are important in any process of learning or
    doing. They help to bring order and focus element into
    a given situation. Where would be be without instructions.

    By carolyn on 07.22.2012

  11. I follow instructions to make things appear the way they are supposed to be. I try to follow them all the time, but they can be sometimes hard. I can never get the instructions right to work on my hair, but I am very good at following them to get from place to place. Once I travel to a place, I will always remember how to get there and back.

    By Aidan URL on 07.22.2012

  12. Can you follow them to the T. Can you make no mistakes and always strive to the end goal. But have you thought what if these orders are flawed. What if they will lead you astray? That is the point where the great improvise and the mediocre keep marching on.

    By River Ranter URL on 07.22.2012

  13. These are your instructions: slip into a fairy tale. wrap yourself in dreams and death. kiss and snuggle and laugh and when you wake up and you’re back in this cold real world, remember that you, pretty child, can go to fairy tales.

    By Melissa on 07.22.2012

  14. I generally zone out when getting instruction, but I’m getting too old to read peoples minds
    So for now instead of nodding and making affirmative noises I listen. Were becoming mature adults people, the end is nigh!

    By Murdaciru on 07.22.2012

  15. Shake it well.
    Open the cap.
    Put in your mouth.
    Squeeze. Or Suck.
    Enjoy your drink.

    By Not Orange URL on 07.22.2012

  16. These tell you what to do, and keep you from deviating from their scope, when if you did not have them, you might create something wild and wonderful – or you might have a heap of something on the floor that would be kicked about until it landed in the trash.

    By Rebekah on 07.22.2012

  17. cut
    sit on

    By Shanzay on 07.22.2012

  18. There are no instructions to life – you have to make your own.
    No rule books, just you. Create yourself.

    By Claire Eubanks URL on 07.22.2012

  19. They whisper in the night, tickling the stars to laugh away their light. Words – hums without sound. Saying nothing, saying all. They float in the air and if you breathe right, breathe deep, they’ll dissolve in your blood. Quietly they float like feathers and land in your dreams… the whispers of eternity, landing on the plateau of Time.

    By Harvinder URL on 07.22.2012

  20. Recipe instructions are hard to follow. The problem isn’t the quantities, but rather the qualities. How mixed is well mixed? How firm is firm? How fine is finely chopped?

    By Holden URL on 07.22.2012

  21. Do not open. Do not pass go. Do not remove this tag under penalty of law.

    Thou shalt not kill. Instructions. Life is filled with them. Follow the rules or go straight to Hell, jail or somewhere else miserable.

    Make your own rules. Follow your own life.

    By SammySkull on 07.22.2012

  22. After reading the instructions, I knew I needed to write about instructions, but whether or not my instructions were clear instructs me on another manner.

    So I will change the subject in order to instruct you of such faulty, vague instructions, and of that topic, I so begin.

    I live. Every day. As if it is a single block of time. What happened before does not matter, and what happens next will be something new to discover.

    By Agonistes on 07.22.2012

  23. I do not follow instuctions to ill seeded people. I would wirte i follow instructions to healthy seeded people. With seeds that have high hope and potential to grow well and one day bear fruit. fruit that may be recognized as the fruit of labor. Now then does that make the labor just a leg of nature?

    By ajloopy URL on 07.22.2012

  24. i need more instructions.its soo hard.please help….im only really awesome right……:D ya im going to give intructions to pleople who need instrutions and that need help……:D

    By DogsAreCool22 URL on 07.22.2012

  25. instructions are not essential to life, everyone can make their own instructions and follow as they please. life doesn’t care about instructions.

    By Samantha on 07.22.2012

  26. we follow these to get things done, to find thing, to feel things. sometimes we hate what we are told or decide to find out own way but still these instructions stand true. Sometimes they are long and sometimes they are way too short

    By Kyle on 07.22.2012

  27. All of us are born without any idea what this world holds.
    So why follow what others in high place think is right, when this life was meant to be ours.

    By Franchesca on 07.22.2012

  28. The instructions are to be the facts of an end of a jurisdiction an infliction of an affliction a list of literature to a natural gesture that will leave you on the edge of a picture; explaining why the reason are the way that they are.

    By corey wear URL on 07.22.2012

  29. Constant reminders — often ignored. Complying to ‘terms of agreement’ is a lie we blindly convince ourselves that we do. Yes, you ‘agree’ to those so-called terms but who reads them anyway? If it breaks, there must be something wrong.

    By nom de luc URL on 07.22.2012

  30. Printed clearly at the top of the page were the instructions. Did I care to follow them? So cleanly written and so religiously followed by many, did I want to be a part of that? Or did I want to rip the page in half and generate my own instructions, my own voice telling me how I should live my life.

    By Kathryn Wieber on 07.22.2012

  31. stupid things that people never actually listen to. They tell us what to do, but normally if you have common sense you wont need them. on the odd occasion that they are actually helpful they work great

    By Rachel on 07.22.2012

  32. they kicked the shit out of me
    then hushed me like a spooked colt
    lightly as a feather

    i tried to make connections
    pressed against the corner on the morning train
    a teenage turing machine, rocking
    whose eye would not be met by stony commuters
    but none came

    some days i walked straight in
    craving the violence
    (until it started)

    mostly i perfected

    i stood
    passed through walls
    out by the mailbox
    sailed up the grey street

    By david URL on 07.22.2012

  33. They are there for our safety. Sometimes you just don’t feel like following and you get int trouble. But its better to follow the,, but if not then you can get hurt. Its ok, to follow and not lead. You’ll get your chance.

    By murflet on 07.22.2012

  34. the worst thing that fcould happen is that you could do something wrong. babies don’t come with manuals so anything you do could affect them in a negative way. that is why i am trying to be as careful as possible.

    By Arianne Hope on 07.22.2012

  35. Instructions are neede for wven the greqtest of thinfs. Men may often say that they dont need instructions to do anything, but the truth is that they do. Even tge greatest steuctures need blueprintz, which give instructions i a way. You need to use them for anything, even if they are oral instructions.

    By alex on 07.22.2012

  36. I never read ’em. Maybe that explains why this chair im sitting on, that i put together no doubt, is leaning on three legs; one leg 2 inches in the air. None of that mattered though because it still worked. Fuck the instructions, cant fix something thats not broken.

    By Colton Adrian on 07.22.2012

  37. Instructions are given by many various people. Usually instructions need to be followed but not always. Sometimes resistance is healthy and necessary in any young person’s life.

    By natasja on 07.22.2012

  38. Instructions give rules which give structure. Structure is good or bad in different senses. It can build things or break them. Rules can cause order or disorder. Instructions can be followed or broken. It is up to individuals to decide what they do with them.

    By Libby on 07.22.2012

  39. Instructions.
    You follow them without thinking.
    You obey.
    And that’s exactly what they want. They want your complete and utter obedience.
    Simple. Because they’re the ones who give the instructions. They are the ones who are allowed to think.

    By Justine on 07.22.2012

  40. I believe in one God
    but that God has no name,
    for i don’t believe on
    what an old book says

    we believe on different things
    but I am not expecting you to follow
    because who am I to give instructions
    and make others suffer
    when all of us are born
    with nothing but innocence
    but arrogance has conquered some,
    i hope that the trance will wear off
    and they will silence themselves
    when they try to shove it
    to others who doesn’t really care.

    By Franchesca on 07.22.2012