July 20th, 2012 | 304 Entries

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304 Entries for “suspects”

  1. i have just finished writing about this but at a time when i have not registered with this site yet. so i ain’t gonna write on this word again.

    By kc on 07.21.2012

  2. There were many suspects in this case, but only one could be the culprit. The detective stretched out, and placed all the pictures in front of him for the hundredth time hoping to see something he hadn’t seen before, only to see what he had already laid eyes on and nothing more.

    By Samantha Magnan on 07.21.2012

  3. in the dark of the night under a street light they kissed stealing a moment…they suspected they were being watched but only an owl saw no one cared but they were still guilty.

    By echobluemn on 07.21.2012

  4. The suspects were lined up, but she couldn’t seem to remember his face. She stared through the glass, she scanned through the memory in her head, but nothing would come up. She closed her eyes. She could remember nothing but her own fear and panic that night–but then, there was a flash of light across his face from a far away street light in her memory–she opened her eyes and stared down the line until the same set of blue eyes looked directly into hers as if he could somehow see through the glass.

    By Rena on 07.21.2012

  5. I realized the a little to late that it had been the devil in her blood that I’d loved. An opiate, this lust would not abate. Her’s had been a litany of small alterations, I knew but a simple truth: she was never what you’d call one the usual suspects. But real love never wins over this story-telling villainess. To her cause she would be true. And were I a novel, and not some character earmarked for abuse, perhaps she would have been mine for just a longer.

    By Verbal on 07.21.2012

  6. strange intentions, hidden minds, hollow holdings, and every kind, no ones talking, about wat we find, no more hiding this is your time.

    By clare on 07.21.2012

  7. she suspects the suspects suspect suspicious behavior. be careful.

    By Tanner Loveless on 07.21.2012

  8. “The usual suspects as always.” sneeringly mocked the man who was robbed. Traces of lead, rust, a pint of blood and the smell of sweat surrounded the usually-emptied stockroom, but now cramped of who-could-be’s, contaminated evidences, the frenzied press, and bystanders. “Who could it be?” I asked with gentle inquiry. “It could be anyone, Probably even me.” He replied — “No shit, Sherlock.”

    By nom de luc URL on 07.21.2012

  9. The suspects. What suspects? I had to type a list of them, but I don’t even have a profile yet! What is happening? Why is life going down the drain? Ever since this case on 12 murders in a movie theater popped up I have regretted being on the best FBI profiling team in the world. I really need help because being the captain of it is even worse!
    To be continued

    By Carly Williams URL on 07.21.2012

  10. Suspended suspects sustain suspense.

    By Marianne URL on 07.21.2012

  11. We arrived at the scene of the crime… broken glass on the kitchen floor… the house was ransacked… it didn’t seem like anything had been stolen… they were looking for something… but what? we must talk to the dr and find out if he had any enemies or anything to hide… could the dr. be a suspect could he have done this to his own house to cover something up, what could he be trying to hide??? we had to look for suspects…

    By Michael on 07.21.2012

  12. Suspects are everywhere. Suspects are in the making. We are all suspects in a way. One bad decision and we are on the top of the list. One day you are a mom, a father, a brother, a sister, a daughter, a son, a friend and one bad decision – suspect. Everyone has that dark side of them. A suspect waiting to be unleashed.

    By Rebecca Collins URL on 07.21.2012

  13. The suspects began carefully executing the plan to finally capture their elusive monkey king… Slowly but surely they, (from what Derek could see), began rolling lines of wire on the ground then carefully hiding them amongst the foliage..

    By jessi on 07.21.2012

  14. The suspects were lined up, in a chorus line, against the wall. Most of them were ratty, clad in battered clothing, and were not the most attractive-looking people. Honestly, they could have all raped her. They all looked the type. How was she expected to select just one?

    By Haden Botkin on 07.21.2012

  15. She suspects that someone is following her. How much better it would be, she thinks, if she was being followed. Her hands tighten on the steering wheel, excitement flooding up through her muscles, her breathing quickens and a breathy giggle escapes her lips.

    By Lori Muilenburg on 07.21.2012

  16. bird flu

    By fahrur Razi Siddiq URL on 07.21.2012

  17. There had been a mysterious death, so why had suspects not been decided? Yes, it was foul play. No question. Mrs. Valens was a likely suspect. She hated Richmond. But so did Jarvis. They were all suspects.

    By Haden Botkin on 07.21.2012

  18. trojan horse had suspects in my computer. i hate this virus. i can’t work very well. i hope trojan lost in the world

    By Fahrur Razi Siddiq on 07.21.2012

  19. The usual suspects are never the ones that commit the act. Don’t look for the typical. Think outside the box. Usually suspects are boring and repetitive. They arent the type to commit a good blog.

    By Deborah on 07.21.2012

  20. crime sex thives lick it killer mob mugged suspects police line up

    By liam URL on 07.21.2012

  21. The suspects were apprehended down the road. We think they were also involved in three other car hijacking cases from two other states. We also believe that they are trying to make their way down the east coast. It is not sure yet, what exactly they are trying to get to or accomplish.

    By Amanda on 07.21.2012

  22. suspects are scary kind of actually probably not. it reminds me of the game clue and colonel mustard i spelled colonel wrong i think oops but that game was wacky and there were suspects i think. suspects like scooby doo. you need to solve the mystery and chose which one is the actual criminal!

    By sammie on 07.21.2012

  23. there can be many incidents in life when people think that you are a suspect in a crime that you did not commit. do not listen to these people. follow your heart.

    By Julz URL on 07.21.2012

  24. Suspects are the most interesting part of an y crime show, and the one you think it is never is which makes suspects suspect.

    By liam URL on 07.21.2012