December 4th, 2012 | 321 Entries

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321 Entries for “higher”

  1. I don’t want to write about any specific word. I’m sick of following the rules, and trying to live up to other peoples expectations. Just sick to death. Death. Death has brought me great sadness lately, I just wish it didn’t have to be this way.

    By Mellanie N. Covell URL on 12.04.2012

  2. He looks at me and I feel higher.
    He hugs me, I feel his heartbeat
    and I feel higher.

    He laughs, I feel higher.
    And, oh, when his fingers brush up against me,

    I feel so, so high.

    By AngelDuCiel URL on 12.04.2012

  3. There’s a really bad Saturdays song with the word ‘higher’ in it. The higher the better, because when the four/five (I do not KNOW) of them tumble from their cliff, they will be more likely not to breathe again. No lifting higher ever again. And especially not on a Saturday. Goodbye, Saturdays.

    By Moll on 12.04.2012

  4. The higher the plane rose, the higher my anxiety rose. I closed my eyes and gripped the arms of the seats tighter. My chest tightened, lungs expanding with the pressure of unreleased breath. “Breathe,” he whispered in my ear and the touch of his hand brought me back to safety of his smile.

    By Sheila Good URL on 12.04.2012

  5. We drifted higher and higher above the clouds. The giant air balloon above us propelling us effortlessly even past where the birds can fly. We were like a bright red gem among the sloping valleys of the goliath clouds whose private world they were allowing us to glimpse.

    By Kari Irun URL on 12.04.2012

  6. Remember those times we lay around just enjoying the company of one another, eating snacks and watching a show we couldn’t comprehend? Those days are not gone, just passing away for a bit, right? I am here I will be here as long as you need me. Even as you push me higher, I will drag you along with me because I will not allow you to fall into your own deep dark despair without a hand to help you up to higher ground

    By Spark URL on 12.04.2012

  7. I am going to go higher and higher. And nothing is ever going to stop me. Ever.

    This reminds me of my favorite quote that goes something like this: “Shoot for the moon, because even if you miss, you’ll still land among the stars.”

    Yeah, we got this.

    By Jason URL on 12.04.2012

  8. what do I know?
    just a reaching
    reaching reachingstare ol spaaaaro
    I can’t. I’m too lostae or spppaaaro
    –close to the ground–
    –no one can hear me–
    a pushing in, like–
    falling up into the universe
    where my eyes’ll explode and I’ll explode tragically into the universe
    out of every corner
    seeping out of the water
    tears mixing with dust
    the reflection of the stars in the river

    By Jen URL on 12.04.2012

  9. Higher. That’s all I can think about. Reaching higher than i already have. Reaching my goals, higher then the ones i already have. Oh how much i wish i can be higher then the others higher then my fears higher the who i am. o god. this is terrible. i wish i can go higher. up in the sky. i want to be as good as the others. everybody else in the world. i want to be as good as them. i want to go higher then them. to shove it in their face, that this is who i am now. i am not to be underestimaded.

    By Julie Pham URL on 12.04.2012

  10. Higher and higher my feelings soared until I thought I would take off into space with my joy as my fuel.

    By Riley P on 12.04.2012

  11. i couldn’t stand up. i couldn’t breathe. i remember how cramped it felt. i wondered why i was there.

    sometimes it takes a mountain to move yourself. depression sucks. you just want to get higher, but instead you’re in a box. square. oblique. strategical.

    you can do better.

    By Matty M. on 12.04.2012

  12. Higher. I want to go higher then i have ever been before. I want to go higher then all the people that made fun of me. I want to be better than them. Then destroy you. I want to shove it in their faces, that i have moved on from their words. But i know that’ll be wrong. Then I won’t be higher. I have gone lower. I’ll say that I am better because of their words, which proves that i have not moved on.

    By heartbeat2002 URL on 12.04.2012

  13. ok

    By Fabric Spell in Ushe URL on 12.04.2012


    Tobias’s sides hurt from laughing. This was the best. In a rare fit of prankishness, he briefly let go of his friend, giving him a couple of seconds to sweat before swooping down and catching him again. A long string of curses rushed eloquently from Astor’s mouth.


    By Julia A. URL on 12.04.2012

  15. You get higher when you are in love. It gets to be really incredible and fun. I love getting higher. You can also get higher when you are on drugs, but that causes health problems.

    By Luisa on 12.04.2012

  16. You take me higher;
    Like a bird in flight.
    You take me higher;
    The warm feeling on a cold winter’s night.
    I don’t know what I’d do
    If I lost you.
    But all I know
    Is If I let it show
    I know you would go.

    By Melody Hedin on 12.04.2012

  17. everyone thinks that higher is better. the only thing i want to be higher on is my love for her. shes my world. shes all i want. my life. she makes everything better. and i plan on marrying her one day. but im female, too.

    By Madison on 12.04.2012

  18. She stared at the formidable opponent before her.

    Assessing it’s size, shape, and formulating the best plan of attack.

    And then she charged.

    She quickly scaled the tree in front of her. When she finally reached the top, she let out a shout of triumph.

    This is a true high. Much more than chemical manipulators. This was not a manufactured result.

    This was her, making things happen.

    She’d never felt higher.

    By Me URL on 12.04.2012

  19. The higher we got the more hopeful I became. I could almost see the place where the sun kissed the Earth. I t was so close, in my reach. Then I heard the most deafening sound. An avalanche.

    By twist URL on 12.04.2012

  20. the higher i climbed the more nervous i got. i just kept telling myself that i had to get there. had to see what was on the top. i climbed and climbed. i felt blisters forming on my hands at each grasp of the metal latter rungs. i can see the top now but its still so far away.

    By Tjrider93 URL on 12.04.2012

  21. Our love will elevate was and take us even higher.
    Our love will keep us warm like a roaring fire.
    Our love will engulf us in passionate desire.
    And then it will die down and you will tire.
    Of my sight and then you my dear sire.
    Will leave me and go quest to aquire.
    Another naive,sad “Love” buyer’
    But I know you’re a liar.
    Just like Quagmire.
    Damn satire.

    By Leighsha URL on 12.04.2012

  22. tall, cute, funny, lovely, *-*, wish, really cute, boys, boy, man, mountain, lord of the rings, far over the misty mount doom… music, song, sing, little people,

    By Jay on 12.04.2012

  23. i am there
    reaching for only air
    for oxygen alone
    can plot me in higher planes insane

    this holy trinity
    of the high
    of gems
    and geometry
    has got me by on days and nights
    where rocketed flights
    have blasted my mind
    light years
    away from fearing life

    By Phil on 12.04.2012

  24. the bird flew much higher than the rest of his flock, for he wanted to be free. He was tired of being trapped within the confines of his own physical limitations, and had decided he didn’t care if it hurt his lungs or his head. the bird flew higher and higher until there was no going back.

    By Abby Wallace URL on 12.04.2012

  25. The higher climbed the worse the ringing in my ears became. Soon it was as if someone had been clashing a symbol righ by my ear making it really difficult to hear what the instructor was saying.

    By Smily on 12.04.2012

  26. High as the Roman empire he stands.
    High as the moon the sun the stars.
    Yet as high as he can the man he stands.
    The harder he crashes amongst the sands.

    By Alexandra URL on 12.04.2012

  27. elevation
    he takes me higher
    fly fly fly
    amazing and ridiculous heights
    overcoming fear
    you get me high

    By daniela pascale on 12.04.2012

  28. Climb. Fall. Please, don’t. Don’t look down. Just keep going. Higher, and higher. Away. Gotta get there. Away from it all. Please. Help me.
    I need to escape.
    Get away.
    I don’t want to do this anymore.
    I need something new.
    Get me to the clouds.
    Past them.
    To the stars.
    Through the universe.
    I have to get away.

    By Kelly Anne on 12.04.2012

  29. I wanted to go farther than this but knew that I would die. I couldn’t think of any other place I’d rather be though. It was everywhere, and nowhere at the same time. I was at peace here. Whoever else was here, I knew that they felt the same way.

    By Shawna on 12.04.2012

  30. Bringe me a higher lover. Two knows at the door and you know that the night has just gotten better. The peddler with the little white freedom has brought the dream to your veins.

    By Dan on 12.04.2012

  31. By drew URL on 12.04.2012

  32. Higher and higher we climbed, hardly looking anymore at where we placed our hands and feet. The ground stretched out below us, and for a dizzying moment, I almost lost my grip on the vine I was holding.

    By WearyWater URL on 12.04.2012

  33. She looked above and immediately began trembling. Pacing back and forth… and in a small kiddish voice mumbled “Mom I can’t do this! What if they drop me?” She managed the courage to glance at the mountain again wondering how someone could even climb higher and higher without panicking. How could someone want this type of adventure? Have I gone mad, desperately wanting adventure to the point where I put my life in danger? So many questions lingered. When she saw that everyone was waiting at the top of the mountain cheering for her, is when her bravery kicked in. In less than an hour she felt accomplished and wonder to herself “What was I so afraid of?”

    By BriannaNicole URL on 12.04.2012

  34. I was afraid when the instructor asked me if I wanted to go higher. I was afraid. Of heights. And yet here I was paragliding over the water in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. I couldn’t breathe let alone look down at the waves below me, yet I managed to grasp the sense the of freedom that came with going higher.

    By Maura on 12.04.2012

  35. I remeber sitting on that log growing higher and higher as you shotgunned to my soul. I remeber living a blurred memory of a life as we grew higher and higher. The only way I’d face you high and higher. Life without the high is more of a thrill and with out you its more then a shrill weak memory.

    By rebecca URL on 12.04.2012

  36. There was this inexplicable feeling, something completely foreign to me. He reached over and grabbed my hand, squeezing it gently as I peered over the side. I glanced back at him, and there was this look on his face, this expression I had never seen before, and then, just as we reached the drop, he spoke. “I love you.”
    And as we fell, I swear I was flying.

    By Macie on 12.04.2012

  37. higher and higher the water went, keeping away any breath from my lips. The ocean swallowed whole my entire being, threatening to conquer my body. Tempting to trap it in its boundless abyss forever. Salt water burned my throat.

    By maria on 12.04.2012

  38. higher, higher, higher,
    we go!
    soaring through clouds
    wind in our hair
    sun on our faces
    let’s do this again sometime.

    By all4imagination URL on 12.04.2012

  39. Up and up, higher and higher until finally she looked down, and all she could see were her slippers. Next to the car door and underneath the balloon stand, two little bunny feet peeked up as the helium lifted her into the clouds.

    By Maya Celeste on 12.04.2012

  40. There is nothing higher than being high. I mean physically you can reach immeasurable altitudes by boarding an aircraft or even a space shuttle and flying to the realms above, but nothing compares to the mental elevation resulting from marijuana.

    By Aaron Lawrence on 12.04.2012