December 3rd, 2012 | 347 Entries

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347 Entries for “both”

  1. We both have something to feel. Whether we believe it or not, both of our feelings matter just as much as the other. Both of us are tied together. Both of us feel. Both of us are entitled to breathe. Both of us are entitled. It’s real. This “bothness” that we feel. We’re connected through this thing. We’re both here. We’re both together. Let’s both love.

    By Hayley on 12.04.2012

  2. and so they walked, hand in hand. both wondering whether they should stay or move. and then they realised, they shouldn’t wonder.just live in the moment.not stay or move, but be.

    By ITry on 12.04.2012

  3. Both is a beautiful word, which in my opinion symbolizes that we are not alone. We have eachother. However there are both good and evil and even to this word, there are two meanings at least. Both can be both deaths or both wars it can be a lot of hhorible things.

    By Phil on 12.04.2012

  4. “I’ll take both,” she said.
    The grocer nodded his head, “$2.16.”
    She handed him two bills and the exact change.
    “You have a nice day.”
    She walked out of the store. Yes, today will be nice.

    By dan URL on 12.04.2012

  5. you can’t have it two ways
    selfishness prevails in wanting that
    pick a side and see where it takes you
    learn from what you lose on the opposite side
    then move along

    By Maria on 12.04.2012

  6. Every reference I make that links me to you, it hurts inside, because after all I decided to give myself to you, but you said I should be left for a better beholder to come. We both know that it will make me die inside, for I cannot explain why I love you more than my life.

    By unkitjc URL on 12.04.2012

  7. Beide starren in den Schacht hinunter mit aufgerissenen Augen und dem davongekommenen Leben im Anschlag. Knallt gegen das Brustbein und will eigentlich vor Schreck noch fliehen.

    By scout on 12.04.2012

  8. We’ll live where it’s warm. I’ll have you and you’ll have me. We’ll both cook dinner together and go dancing on the weekends and cuddle while watching the news. Life will be simple and beautiful.

    By Paige Noel URL on 12.04.2012

  9. I already wrote about both but maybe this is the only word used. Maybe that’s the trick of this website. Both means more than one. It means unity. Usually both is used to talk about people. It’s used daily. It’s one of those words that can let you know if someone has an accent. Both is taken for granted. It’s a common word. It’s easy to pronounce.

    By Erica on 12.04.2012

  10. we both are handsome n having weed…sitting on bed in our apartment, we are thinking of sex…yeah both of us, all want to have sex in this winter season like both of us. both of us from same town, but fields are pretty different. Weed is our life n we both live to smoke weed, both of us like Hasheesh also. Both of us call it Sulfa, Antoo, Charas, Bla

    By Amit on 12.04.2012

  11. Both me and Tom believe we should be married. We both have so much in common. One, I think his face is nice and I like his butt. We both swing dance and love Shakespeare. Obviously, we are perfect for each other. He is a fluffy ball of sunshine and I want to take a nap in his hair. Also his eyes make me explode.

    By Loki on 12.04.2012

  12. sdfghjkl;poiuytascvbnm, /BIO BOTH

    By Loki on 12.04.2012

  13. together forever without ending. never apart. hold each, other hand in hand hugging like never going to b seperated. yin to yang. perfect and unique and flawful but complementary. never ripped away. walking the road of life.

    By anonym on 12.04.2012

  14. We both know the truth. That’s the sad thing. The truth will never set us free. It will just hold us in the chains it’s linked together and padlocked to the cellar floor. I can apologize through what you perceive as lies and paint the truth, but you wouldn’t listen anyway.

    By [Sic] Philosophy URL on 12.04.2012

  15. both of those kids are in rouble

    By jeff102081 on 12.04.2012

  16. Both of us are the same.

    By hun236 on 12.04.2012

  17. both of those kids are in trouble.

    By xavier URL on 12.04.2012

  18. Both students got in trouble for cheating on a test.

    By tylerw URL on 12.04.2012

  19. Me and my brother are both boys.

    By jakub URL on 12.04.2012

  20. we both love the diamond backs

    By danielb on 12.04.2012

  21. you both are stupid and lame. sucka!!

    By coltenr on 12.04.2012

  22. both of them love to party every weekend.

    By Alesha on 12.04.2012

  23. He picked his nose until he was tickling his brain. He moved things around that hadn’t been touched in years and he realized both of his parents were people he no longer knew.

    By DavidRyanM on 12.04.2012

  24. They both knew what to do. They both chose to be clever. They both cared too much. They are both alone and surprised, thinking the other would take the risk.

    By Debbie Henri on 12.04.2012

  25. Both means two. Both of us together spending quality time doing nothing. Can be with a lover, friend, relative, stranger. Silently.

    By Lynn on 12.04.2012

  26. they like both homes

    By charles on 12.04.2012

  27. We’re both in this. It is okay to be not okay with it. I sometimes wish, I can make the decisions on my own, but there is always a you involved too. I’m sorry i forget this sometimes.

    By LadyTuna on 12.04.2012