December 5th, 2012 | 327 Entries

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327 Entries for “simple”

  1. This is very simple to do.

    By danielb URL on 12.06.2012

  2. it is simple to solve a math problem.

    By jakub URL on 12.06.2012

  3. one word is simple.

    By Alesha URL on 12.06.2012

  4. its simple to make a sandwitch but not to make a pizza.

    By coltenr URL on 12.06.2012

  5. If truth is simple .. you know, the simple truth .. why does everyone disagree as to what it is. Simple, maybe not to be computed as a simpleton. Go complex, and get smart. Simple truth is for the birds.

    By charmed URL on 12.06.2012

  6. nah

    By nope on 12.06.2012

  7. Try
    To Relax
    Should be so

    By Julian Christopher Geritz URL on 12.06.2012