June 22nd, 2013 | 136 Entries

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136 Entries for “frenzy”

  1. fish frenzy! food frenzy. frenzy is a state of chaos and frantic emotions, behaviours and thoughts. FEEDING FRENZY! wow 60seconds aren’t up yet? my mind is in a frenzy, thinking about what to write on the word frenzy.

    By Millios on 06.22.2013

  2. im listenikng to a song write now almost lover by a fine frenzy. thats wierd that this word would pop up when im doing this. holy shit. this is really fun. I like this song. it makes me happy and sad. love makes me sad.

    By Maria on 06.22.2013

  3. Frenzied he grasped the papers around him. His tie flew behind his neck, hardly attached to him so much as a freeloader holding on for dear life. The clock ticked forward, pushing him onward to the dinner he knew he had to face eventually. The office was filled with people who didn’t dare ask any questions, but at home he was sure to receive far too many.

    By Beth Archer on 06.22.2013

  4. It’s hot and muggy and I feel lethargic. The mosquitoes should be in a frenzy by now, but I haven’t seen many of them this summer. I should be grateful. I almost feel ashamed to have noticed, as if it might summon them forth.

    By Scullen246 URL on 06.22.2013

  5. Hectic, crazy always running can’t get anything done. Pull your hair out and multitask until you drop. Messy, undone, unkempt , entangled in everything and anything but nothing at the same time. My life is a frenzy of work and timelessness.

    By Lauren on 06.22.2013

  6. friend who’s lazy and nice

    By candice URL on 06.22.2013

  7. An explosion rocked the building and moments later the crowd burst into a frenzy of screams and movement. The boy clutched his elder sister’s arm, eyes wide with fear and wonder.

    By Licia on 06.22.2013

  8. Already it had started. An attack. The shaking and convulsing were only just the beginning. The sobbing and ripping at her clothes would only come next. The attack was no doubt triggered by the frenzy of the room. The children running and grabbing and racing. It was hard to keep myself calm. But I had to, I had to stay strong for her. For her. Was the only thought running through my head.

    By Mallory on 06.22.2013

  9. The June heat drove the entire baseball team in a frenzy, and soon, practice looked more like a barbecue than a training. The coach had to beg the catcher several times to stop eating a hot dog from his giant leather mitt. The outfielders actually started a large debate on the field regarding the Roman philosophers. Left field won, of course.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 06.22.2013

  10. The frenzy began. Everything was going crazy. There were people in the streets with bats and clubs, hitting everything they could see. For miles, all that was known was that it was insane outside, and unsafe. Neliana stared out her window from the top of the building she had taken refuge in.

    By nina due on 06.22.2013

  11. There was absolute chaos all around me as I walked into the room. While I had no idea what was going on, I could tell that everyone – or most everyone – was in a frenzy, trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together, trying to figure out what had just happened to our little corner of the world.

    By Katie Kellmurray URL on 06.22.2013

  12. Work was crazy. We were in a frenzy behind the counter. Some stupid offer on Groupon and two employees calling in sick. What’s a high school dropout to do? I quit.
    But of course then I had no cash. So I headed down to Target and applied.

    By Mama Carden on 06.22.2013

  13. A frenzy of emotions swept me,
    I was floored by the wave of feelings,
    I did it!
    I had finished.

    By Katherine on 06.22.2013

  14. soon you
    will taste
    the frenzy
    you create in me

    By Aley URL on 06.22.2013

  15. Having to write in only 60 seconds sends me into a frenzy. I haven’t written in so long, why am I starting out like this? Oh well, I might not write if I don’t do something like this. But what I’ve written… isn’t even worth writing. Maybe in the future it will be different.

    Or maybe not.

    By anonymous on 06.22.2013

  16. Frenzy is chaos that is crazy and confusion filled. Events can be frenzied or can be calm.
    Frenzy is a word that describes how some people, always busy never a moments peace.

    By Kat on 06.22.2013

  17. The dead shambled towards the source of the noise. Moving in a kind of pack, always moving. They entered our walls and attacked in a frenzy of screams and brutal gore.

    By Josh URL on 06.22.2013

  18. She boarded the train, and arrived three hours later at what she thought was her destination. But it turned out to be only the start of a frenzy of searching, ringing doorbells, and asking people questions that she hoped would not give too much away.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 06.22.2013

  19. The crowd circled around them like vultures, hungry for blood. Steve’s breathing quickened. He could barely remember the insult that led him to this fight in the first place. Dexter pulled back his arm for the first punch, sneering. It was all Steve could do to throw his arms up in time to hear the crowd cheer.

    By Brittany Fleer on 06.22.2013

  20. It looks like a word that has to do with friends. I have no idea what it means… Well, also it looks like it might mean something cold; a cold word. Who knows… So many words that I don’t know

    By Almudena on 06.22.2013

  21. no where to look
    no where to hide
    no where to run
    fear or love?
    terror or fun?
    no one can tell
    theyve been mashed together
    and have become one
    its loud to the point of deafness
    resulting in eternal silence
    Quiet panic fills the room
    the air is thick with love
    or lust
    party is in the air
    we are lying there in a state of eternal frenzy

    By unidentifiable on 06.22.2013

  22. Flipping out in the wash of a colourful melodrama wherein nobody has time or space to simply think is a ridiculous waste of that time and space which we lack. Just take a minute and be open to the possibility that the freak-out may not be completely necessary. There are trees and mountains that did not arrive by way of frenzy; they took time and space to grow. We should probably do the same.

    By Annelise on 06.22.2013

  23. It was a frenzy of an attack. No matter where he looked, all he saw were fighters taking on their enemy. People were dying and Fighters were still moving forward. It was what they were taught. In the frenzy of the moment, to keep going and don’t stop.

    By Kris on 06.22.2013

  24. Frenzy is being in a complete panic. In complete fear of what has happened, what is going to happen and how to stop it. You run at a fast pace, unable to think logically. It can lead you into dark ways, however do you escape it?

    By Whitney Green on 06.22.2013

  25. We were working in a mad frenzy. Phone calls, emails, questions shooting from one end of the room to the other, answers flying back. We were stressed. High adrenaline levels. The room smelled of expensive perfume, suits, leather, gadgets and pressure. Pressure. Pressure.

    By ben on 06.22.2013

  26. For a moment, it was all a frenzy of scattered blood and tufts of matted fur. She didn’t know where to look; there was chaos everywhere, leaving her throat choked with an insurmountable fear.

    By WearyWater URL on 06.22.2013

  27. Chris was mad. I made him late to our volunteer slot at the biathlon race at Whistler Olympic Park. He stopped talking to me 20 minutes ago. We were now in the car heading to the park. His frenetic driving was making me nervous. He had already totalled one car driving this road and I didn’t want to part of a repeat incident.

    By Shannon on 06.22.2013

  28. The crowd was getting overwhelming.

    I pushed through the throngs of people cheering wildly, scanning the cloudy sky for a sign of light. The night remained murky, the faint outline of the moon peeking from the clouds. I groaned impatiently; this year was taking forever to end.

    I heard a slight fizzle, and I whipped my head up eagerly. There it was. A spark. My mouth parted slightly in anticipation.

    The fireworks blasted into existence as a “Happy New Year!” ran through the frenzy of partiers in Times Square.

    By Kylie on 06.22.2013

  29. I didn’t know what to do. He was walking this way and I was trying to catch him but it was just so hard to get to him in the thick mass of crowds that were surrounded us. I knew I had to reach him, I had to let him know that every single he had heard about me was wrong, but it seemed like the earth just would not let me complete my task. At last I was able to find my voice again, and I heard myself scream out his name. His steps stuttered and he seemed almost as if he wanted to stop, but then he kept moving.

    By Mona URL on 06.22.2013

  30. He attacked with complete and utter frenzy. She couldn’t see where his teeth and claws ended and he began. It was all a blur.

    It would be over soon she hoped. The screams were getting weaker but the pain in them still carried through. She was only glad it wasn’t her.

    By echynoderm URL on 06.22.2013

  31. to tell you how it feels to be eaten, is hard enough. I could try my best… here I go. Its like to be attacked by furious razors, all out to kill you. I would say its over quickly, not painful, but id be lying. It hurts. It is not quick, at all. TO have all those teeth ripping into you with a passion… nothing like it. and human teeth are not sharp.. they are dull. they tear the skin.

    By Sam on 06.22.2013

  32. I went to the supermarket and bought two jugs of 2 percent milk. I waited for no one to be looking at me and I tossed them in the air. What happened next was both hillarious and amazing. They fell with such force that the both exploded. It was a frenzy.

    By Colin Ritchot on 06.22.2013

  33. today was a frenzy, things were such a mess!… Time seemed to fly by while yet I stood still. This is my life, my days, my years, my frenzy.

    By s. on 06.22.2013


    By Vee URL on 06.22.2013

  35. i was in a frenzy to get home. it was thanksgiving day and the busy streets were crowded beyond belief. i should have just done my last minute shopping yesterday. i dont know why i thought getting all of this stuff would be easy, yet here i am. attempting the impossible.

    By kate on 06.22.2013

  36. There was a mad rush from the cafe as the sniper continued to fire. Blood spurted from the chest of the man next to her as she ducked underneath a table. The entire street was in a frenzy as people ran for their lives.

    By Kelly on 06.22.2013

  37. You sang me Spanish lullubys,
    The sweetest sadness in your eyes,
    Clever trick.
    -Almost Lover by A Fine Frenzy

    By Juliet on 06.22.2013

  38. The sharks swarm as a bloody half of a fish hits the water– churning red waves hide a clashing mess of fins and fangs, ripping the fish and each other apart in their frantic attempt to snag a bite.

    By Sarah on 06.22.2013

  39. OMG, summers almost over. Schools about to start. Quick, quick quick,….. school supplies, lunch box, anything else? Oh yeah, what class are you in again???

    By Evan URL on 06.22.2013

  40. Fire, feeling getting excited about everything. Lots of fun and excitement, can’t control self, crazy no stopping biting like vampires, ravenous for food whatever, so much stuff going on at once and can’t stop it. feeding frenzy

    By Kaka on 06.22.2013