June 23rd, 2013 | 211 Entries

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211 Entries for “stilts”

  1. oh father

    i swear you looked taller
    when i was looking at you
    from down there

    my fingers are torn
    from scaling the walls
    you built to keep me out
    but my nails are still good
    for clawing at your face

    i will not let your blood
    be shed in vain
    i will lick up every holy drop
    as i practice introducing myself

    with your name.

    By h. b. on 06.24.2013

  2. There was a very tall person standing in front of me. She bent over to get to my eye level, and I noticed something wierd. She only had really long shins, her proportions were otherwise correct. “I know what you’re thinking. They;re called stilts,” she said, showing me pieces of wood attached to her feet.

    By Alisha on 06.24.2013

  3. Houses on river banks are built on stilts to avoid water from flooding the hose.
    some clowns walk on stilts in funfair to scare people off…

    By lainey on 06.24.2013

  4. stilts have always looked fun
    but they’re dangerous
    i guess i’m not good at them
    clowns at ocean park
    not my type of thing tbh
    i dont like gym that much now
    maybe buckets and string
    adventure box taught me about this too
    dont fall lol

    By emma on 06.24.2013

  5. I didn’t fell like myself. I was somebody else with it on. A smile was pasted on my face. I was a short man wearing stilts. An ugly face in makeup. I wasn’t…me.

    By Annee on 06.24.2013

  6. He handed out the stilts at the base of the wall, and silently nodded to everyone to start putting them on. The wall was too tall to see over, and the use of stilts would at least give them a view of the chaos on the other side, and the bodies of all who had already died.

    By Rmund on 06.24.2013

  7. I had never walked on stilts before, yet here I am , in a circus, performing on stilts. I had run away from home and my first thought was to join the circus. They asked me what I could do, so I panicked.

    By Carrigan on 06.24.2013

  8. So high above the ground, clumsy cherry picker, clumsy loverless lover, let’s dance. can you reach this high? Where’s your mother? look head peeking into the clouds. all the way to the mile high club peak through the cloud barrier and breathe finally breathe

    By Anne Follows on 06.24.2013

  9. It was then among the masses that my success hit me. I cried. And no one knew why. And I knew no one cared. Still. I’d never felt more at ease with my life’s direction.

    By Ruben URL on 06.24.2013

  10. stilts make people look silly and they are also featured in the circus. much like high heeled shoes. dance monkey dance. up high up. they made us learn how to walk on them in middle school. degrading as well as kinda funny

    By danielle on 06.24.2013

  11. We found them in the attic. What are they? Skinny Joe asked. Poles for walking on, Missy Lulu anwered. We spent some time trying to get Joe up on them, but his head hit the rafters.

    By Jonnie Chrystal URL on 06.24.2013