June 22nd, 2013 | 136 Entries

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136 Entries for “frenzy”

  1. Frenzy. I feel my life is some sort of a frenzy with blips of recovery. I don’t remember much and I was filled with excitement and curiosity, sadly it’s not all blissful somehow within the excitement there is a depth of fear and anxiety that blend together to create a perfect frenzy. I remember short scenes filled with all sorts of emotion with long gaps as if I had blinked for a remarkably long time and once my eyes opened I was somewhere new and desperately hoping to feel as good as I had the previous time my mind allowed me to see. There were times in my frenzy that my eye’s opened and a painful world appeared. The physical pain was so harsh I never realized the real damage until I had slept for months. The darkness never felt like sleep. It could never have been sleep. It’s as if I had hit pause I lost so many years. A perfect frenzy a whorl wind of desperation and loneliness surrounded by the same people I still think of as strangers. One beautiful lovely frenzy.

    By carley mason on 06.22.2013

  2. when you are doing something because the fibers of your being take control and tell you to, that’s frenzy. When it’s almost too crazy to let the core of you ride the waves without society’s voice to hold you back or prevent its discourse.

    By Pip on 06.22.2013

  3. The exact word that describes my life right now. It use to be called “organized chaos”. But I can’t even use that phrase to disguise this “frenzy” taking place.

    By Trisia Lashon on 06.22.2013

  4. It catapulted in a million directions. The flash of the sidebars and the corny 80’s action movie pictures of the head of the machine were making Jessica’s eyes blurry. She flicked the toggle, up and down, trying to get the stupid ball to just go into the stupid lane. A light flashed and suddenly, without her permission, the ball shot down and a message flashed on the screen: Please Insert Another Coin To Continue.

    By Skye on 06.22.2013

  5. The room was a mess.

    Papers were flung everywhere, some crumpled and some smooth. It was as if a writer had been in there. The mess representing the stream of words and thoughts that were flowing through his mind. Chaotic. Frenzied. Beautiful.

    By Ellen on 06.22.2013

  6. Frenzy. Like crazy things happening all over the place and lots of chaos and people doing things in a hurry and not thinking about consequences. Just going a million miles an hour and getting crazy and going as far and fast as you can. Doing things in a frenzy is an ultimate time of stress. Where you can’t think you just do as much as you can. It’s crazy and chaotic and stressful.

    By Sophia on 06.22.2013

  7. In dreamy haze the surrounding frenzy fades. No, I don’t hear it. No, I don’t see them. No, I don’t think about them anymore. Not when I’m walking through water. It’s a pure pain.

    By Intuition on 06.22.2013

  8. Passion. A crazed heat. It’s way too hot to be in bed, to be joined together. His skin is damp and hot and she feels on fire. His mouth tastes her even where she’s sweating and the bed is all fucked up underneath them. His groans are fire curling around her and his hips slide against her own. It is too much, heat, and Him and their breath hanging like heavy clouds overhead.

    By Cassie URL on 06.22.2013

  9. What a fucking frenzy. I’m just carrying some food around and these people descend on me like vultures. They act as though they had never eaten before. It was a bonafide feeding frenzy if I ever saw, experienced, or served one. When I ran out of the good food, people leered at me on my way back to the kitchen, like it was my fault I needed more food.

    By Jack on 06.22.2013

  10. I charged at him, rolling into a frenzy I had never known.
    Bears are a terrible creature, the power of which I had never truly explored.
    I mauled him with my newly gained, massive paws.

    By K. Cooley on 06.22.2013

  11. it was easy to forget that there was an entire city to protect, that there were millions more she had to worry about beyond the little confines of their territory. it was easy to forget herself, sometimes, when all that was in front of her was a bloodlust that she didn’t understand. all she knew was that she was afraid, and it was all out of her control.

    By k on 06.22.2013

  12. it’s the only word that comes to mind when she loses control. she becomes a bystander and is helpless to stop the destruction her body lets lose upon the world. it would be one thing if she could at least try to stop what’s happening, offer some persuasion, some sort of compromise… but she is the silent witness to the monster she shares a body with.

    By argo on 06.22.2013

  13. Everything was in a frenzy. They were acting like animals at a zoo. I didn’t realize having eight kids would really be so hard that they act like they don’t have any manners. We were in a hurry to get to the airport for our trip, but the children were making it more difficult.

    By Gilltyascharged on 06.23.2013

  14. Frenzied face
    all feeling the heat
    of the excitement
    tomorrow is
    just a blink away

    but oh to get through
    mistakes were made
    and we’ll all go mad

    By HoldenLyric on 06.23.2013

  15. quick, fast, never ending responsibilities… frenzy

    By bex on 06.23.2013

  16. i shook her hand and felt the electric air
    swallowing us both whole

    in every room she entered,
    with every step of her waltz,
    a bright red flame caressed my skin

    her voice was a lightning strike
    and her words pierced my heart,
    pinning me above the clouds

    this is what it’s like to be
    captured, enamored, /trapped/,
    i suppose.

    By F URL on 06.23.2013

  17. Everything around him was blurry. The world seemed to be breathing rhythmically along with himself; his lungs were collapsing and inflating again, and his vision turned red. Around him, the trees and rocks appeared to be covered in a hazy mist, and he could barely tell which direction he’d been going just a second before that. And that’s when he realized what was happening to him – he’d smelled prey, a small red deer, and the hunt was on.

    By Cei on 06.23.2013

  18. I was a quarter hour away from pulling my hair and slamming my bones against these walls which were ready to evict me. Yet on the bike ride home, the breeze, and sun, and memory of him held a smiling procession to my stable life’s funeral.

    By Ruben URL on 06.23.2013





    By J URL on 06.23.2013

  20. mash mash mash mash mash mash mash mash mash mash then he slipped on the floor and crack crack crack crack crack crack rupture red red red red deep red thick slip slip slip scream shout reach scream shout reach scream tears slice slice slice slice slice slice slice

    By nodochinko on 06.23.2013

  21. Bags, buslte, and to few hands kept her balancing every thing in her arms like her life everything was in a frenzy these days and just needed to slow down. She needed two of her.

    By Heather on 06.23.2013

  22. Her typing was a frenzy as she was taking a word test on the word frenzy. She tried desperately to spell properly, write properly, no errors, but no matter how hard she tried she still stumbled.

    By Heather on 06.23.2013

  23. I was in a frenzy. Nothing was working out. My career had taken a turn for the worse. It seemed I was being persecuted on a daily basis. My home life was a mess. My wife hated me.

    By Anthony on 06.23.2013

  24. crazy, fish feeding, festivals, homeless over food, greater demand than supply, too much, can’t breathe, let me out, help.

    friendsy lol
    french friesy

    By amy on 06.23.2013

  25. The word is appropriate to describe a maddening crowd,angry ,dissatisfied or furious.

    By deepti on 06.23.2013

  26. Everything happens as planned, the pot was in the middle of the table, and then the lights went out. In the pitch dark you had to have been there to understand the frenzy that erupted. They sounded like feeding predictors. Lots of heavy breathing and grunts, the crashing furniture was the least of the problem, I suspected broken bones were involved. When I turned the lights on the room was empty, except for a few damaged stragglers, and the money gone.

    By Meredyth URL on 06.23.2013

  27. In a frenzy of anticipation, she ran from window to window and door to door, peering out at the street, the sidewalk, the intersection at the end of the block, – every conceivable path he could take to her house.

    By mrsmig on 06.23.2013

  28. I was in a frenzy. Moving around, place to place, worry coarsing through my veins, trying to get everything done. My heart thudded loudly, my pulse quick, sweat rolling down my neck. Then the doorbell rang.

    “Oh god oh god oh god they’re here!”

    I tried cleaning one last bit, tried putting one last thing in its proper spot. Then I heard a yell.

    “Mom, it’s okay! We don’t care how the place looks!”

    By Amanda on 06.23.2013

  29. Will you please calm down? Christopher was standing behind his desk holding out his hands, palms up. Begging in a silent but clear way for the man to sit back down. Imad looked at it from the corner, savely behind his computer. But the man wouldn’t calm down. “I can’t, this is war time now Christopher. You were supposed to take care of these bodies, without them noticing it. You got us into a full time war.”

    By HintsOfCologne on 06.23.2013

  30. As the celebrity walked by the awaiting crowd everyone went into the frenzy. he never understood why people cared about him. but humanity always latches onto things that they want but can never have

    By shelby on 06.23.2013

  31. The rush, excitement, madness of a person. When he loses hope, or senses despair, and the sheer terror of the looming doom drives him into the corner. All he can do, is act out in franticness and insanity and it drives him into a mad, mad, wild passion.

    By Caleb Chiam on 06.23.2013

  32. what? nonononoo. I want my keys! my keys damnit she sobbed screamed. I was helpless among the masses and throngs and crowds of people swelling around us. I held my hand out to her, unsure of what I should do. Her hair whipped me in the face, as she spun around in a frenzy.

    By whatserface on 06.23.2013

  33. My mind is in a frenzy, adorned with silver bells and cockle shells, I imagine diaphanous phantom elephants go in pairs – tumbling into an abyss. I am left alone with my thoughts after their magic dance, incomplete.

    By shesokaye on 06.23.2013

  34. My friend was scrambling about her room in a complete frenzy trying to find the perfect outfit for the date she scored tonight with the boy she had been crushing on since elementary school. But in all the commotion, she ended up fizzing her hair and smearing her make-up.

    By Michelle Macone on 06.23.2013

  35. Sometimes when I am overwhelmed with school work, my mind goes into a complete frenzy. I start freaking out and hyperventilating. I suppose you could equate that to an anxiety attack.

    By Penny on 06.23.2013

  36. at first we were just talking. the room was so cold so we had to snuggle into each other. we talked for a while, spilled every little detail that we forgot to tell each other since we met. and then you started moving closer. i remember the feel of your lips as it inched closer and closer towards mine. i remember how my heart was beating in a frenzy. i remember feeling nothing else. i remember exactly how we were when you asked, “so, when are you going to kiss me?”

    By justpanky on 06.23.2013

  37. There is no order! Just a bunch of people in a rush to complete an array of meaningless tasks; a mass of swarming insects.

    By Holly URL on 06.23.2013

  38. The mall was in a frenzy. Food was flying, splattering the walls, and displays were being knocked over. Teenagers and parents and children were screaming and yelling. Now what?! There was nowhere to hide, nowhere to run.

    By Kat URL on 06.23.2013

  39. we’re only teeth and oil, you and i

    in the end all we will be

    is a molar and a canine swimming

    in a bowl of greasy soup.

    By h. b. on 06.23.2013

  40. I was in an absolute frenzy. I had to get showered, packed, dressed, and most importantly calm before I could get there. I can’t believe he asked me. It was what I’d been waiting for for God knows how long. My hands were shaking, my eyes were going almost blurry like I’d been cutting onions. It was mad, but I was so happy.

    By JF on 06.23.2013