June 21st, 2013 | 163 Entries

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163 Entries for “incomplete”

  1. sad and broken and someithing is missing what is missing everything is always incomplete it feels incomplete like it’s not finished not good enough needs more and more and more and every relationship i make is incomplete it needs something it

    By lucy on 06.22.2013

  2. She felt like nothing. She felt like nothing meant anything anymore. She felt lost without them. She felt alone. She felt stupid. She felt dumb. She felt like she could die and she wouldn’t care. She felt terrible. She felt deadly. She felt tearful. She felt depressed. She felt incomplete.

    By Ryn on 06.22.2013

  3. I liked it, yet it didn’t look quite right. Something was missing was it someone or something I didn’t know. Did I need to take things away or people? Should I take away me I could not tell.

    By sturmzie on 06.22.2013