July 3rd, 2011 | 374 Entries

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374 Entries for “crane”

  1. A beautiful bird that can take flight at anytime. They dance in the stars when the moon is shining down upon them. They have parties and wear top hats and eat very fine food. They invite cats and pigs and other wonderful birds to their parties of wonderfulness. They have a pelican chorus.

    By Chloe on 07.04.2011

  2. crane

    By bonz URL on 07.04.2011

  3. down by the docks on a day off, cycling along the riverbank, cranes across from Tower Bridge, over on the south side, The Doggett’s Coat and Badge, the Rose theatre at the old bear pit site in Southwark, a quiet dusty smoke soaked tiny pub on London Bridge, a funny little market at Gabriel’s wharf where everything is just a bit too expensive, the Oxo building, the Southbank complex, books for sale on rickety trestle tables,the muddy, slimy, algae, unique Thames smell, a police boat surging past, time to stop for lunch, a sesame bagel with chive cream cheese and a bottle of Purdey’s, warm enough to pull off the fleece and stuff it in the front basket, London’s playing with me today

    By geraldine URL on 07.04.2011

  4. His neck was cranelike. His demeanor was, too. No other animal fit the bill better, Lauren thought, than a crane. That mysterious Doctor was, indeed, decidedly cranelike. At the moment, Lauren had no idea of his wicked intentions, but she would find out soon enough. And indeed, her and her colleagues-to-be would know the meaning of trouble, for he would be a crucial element in their very, very near future.

    By Iker URL on 07.04.2011

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    By marksanderstampa URL on 07.04.2011

  6. lifting device which is used for constructing building

    By ashok on 07.04.2011

  7. flying high above with wings stretched out beyond the horizon. This bird knew what it needed, where to go. With the other birds, the other songs of sung names…What a day to be a crane! What a day to free and ease myself into this great world

    By Katie Sullivan URL on 07.04.2011

  8. El craneo de un muerto tiene que sobrevivir a toda una vida de sufrimineto.

    By More on 07.04.2011

  9. The mechanical crane plunged its massive wrecking ball into the concrete foundation of the abandoned warehouse that was once the center of the shipping capital of the city, but lately had been made into nothing more than a safe haven for drug deals, gang rapes, and for the daring youth of the city. People were changed in that building. And although it was reduced to rubble in less than a week, the scarring memories would forever haunt.

    By Adonis Thomas URL on 07.04.2011

  10. This room is fool of a thousand paper cranes that never really set flight. They sit on my desk and eye me remorsefully, wishing I had propelled them into a soaring flight with a gust of breath. I can’t breath life into anything, not even onto this paper. I can’t, I can’t, I can’t.

    By Vivian URL on 07.04.2011

  11. babies comes with cranes. Cranes are a type of birds. I used to think cranes brought babies. there’s a crane in the movie dumbo. cranes have really long legs. cranes are white. cranes can fly. most parents tell their kids that they came from cranes. cranes carry heavy objects. cranes can be machines too ,

    By Hannah on 07.04.2011

  12. I crane my neck over the side of the boat. The wind whips in my face and i breathe deeply. I’m here. I did it. So far from home. A stranger in a strange land. The freedom is better than breathing. I squint into the setting sun. I can just make out the outlines of my new city. I am finally here…

    By Kirsty URL on 07.04.2011

  13. The equipment was lifted through the roof with a crane. It would be impossible to get such a huge object in position without the use of the crane, a marvelous invention.

    By victor URL on 07.04.2011

  14. I watched in awe as my friend, Lily, carefully constructed a paper crane origami out of black construction paper. Her eyes were set in concentration, her long braid falling over her face. A few more folds and the paper crane was done, it’s beautiful ink-blank shade casting a strange aura around it.
    “It’s beautiful.” I whispered. At that moment, Lily pulled the crane’s tail slightly. The other people who were watching gasped in response as its wings flapped suddenly.
    “Thank you.” She said, smiling.

    By Tee URL on 07.04.2011

  15. Whooping crane, Tom Robbins, or the plethora of cranes we saw yesterday–where was I? I can’t remember if it was a dream or an awake moment but I saw at least 10 or 12 tall, gawky, mechanical cranes working hard to make yet another building of steel.

    By Cindy on 07.04.2011

  16. there once was a crane named bill,
    he had a problem with pills,
    when he looked down,
    he started to frown,
    and the pills were what paid the bills.

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ten second poem. take that suckers!

    By sophie on 07.04.2011

  17. a crane – beautifully poised, slender and radiating beauty

    By Faye URL on 07.04.2011

  18. Crane and city scape makes itchy lakes fear heights.

    By Aksel Høymo on 07.04.2011

  19. Cranes are a kind of bird. They gracefully stand near water and reeds. It is a belief by some that cranes are birds of fertility and they deliver babies. I was first introduced to this idea in the movie Dumbo, when the cranes all delivered babies to each pair of animals, except Dumbos mother. Cranes are elegant and content.

    By bronte on 07.04.2011

  20. He looked up at the huge crane overbearing the sky and draping the clouds. He thought of his father, an engineer like him. He wondered what happened to him? Can a man really just disappear? The crane reminded him of bad things. It made his heart hurt more than usual. He walked away, eyes cast to the dirt and not the sky

    By Ludwig URL on 07.04.2011

  21. some things such as a bird at the age of a lake can be mesmerizing. A white, beautiful crane is a delicate creature that symbolize a variety of emotions..

    By Vanessa on 07.04.2011

  22. I really have no idea what to type, as this word brings forth no thoughts or emotions. I could try to be cool and come up with some crazy metaphor about how life is a crane but that would be false of me. I suppose I will end it right here.

    By superomega URL on 07.04.2011

  23. I do not know what is that ………………………

    By sakura on 07.04.2011

  24. beautiful

    By anna on 07.04.2011

  25. long legs
    long neck
    water bird
    big machine
    yellow or orange
    used for high things
    brand name for bathroom fixtures

    By Karen Iler on 07.04.2011

  26. its used to build. its a bird. its used in a sentence when reffering to the pain undergone by your neck when in an uncomfortable position. when i think of cranes i think of beautiful white birds with awkwardly long legs

    By mishti on 07.04.2011

  27. He found her in her studio, just coming out of a complicated position he couldn’t even begin to understand.

    She loved yoga, loved the rhythms of breathing, loved the peace it brought her. People rarely saw her like this, calm, relaxed, the most beautiful smile he had ever seen on her face.

    (He never considered that it wasn’t the exercise that brought the flush to her cheeks.)

    By Nica D on 07.04.2011

  28. lifting equipment, can lift heavy objects, mostly used at construction sites, even cranes in form of toys are available,

    By sagar on 07.04.2011

  29. are you really all the things that are outside of me? the subtlties of taste.

    By danielle URL on 07.04.2011

  30. I folded the very last paper crane with a triumphant sigh. I had started this project six months ago, and after countless stops and starts, I was finally done. I could finally make my one wish, and change you back to who you once were.

    By xmol URL on 07.04.2011

  31. a crane is white. the legend is that it carries babies to their mothers. the truth; they are endangered and disappearing, taking their beauty with them.

    By Lauren Meschelle URL on 07.04.2011

  32. A crane swung dangerously overhead as the two men walked on the streets beneath. “It’s finally being torn down.” Angel said with dismay. That was the apartment where he’d fallen in love with Vino, it pained him to watch it be destroyed.

    By Nagi Reich URL on 07.04.2011

  33. cranes can be used for lifting thing,but nevertheless,it is the specie of bird.people make origami cranes to help japan,as there is a legend in which is told that whoever makes 1000 cranes their wish shall be granted.

    By Maja on 07.04.2011

  34. I remember the crane that was placing the roof parts on brewer park in Milwaukee. It was windy, that final day. The crane swung precariously. The final gust of wind brought the entire assembly crashing to the ground, killing those aboard.

    By SandiBluffs on 07.04.2011

  35. I once wished I was a crane. A giant white bird with gangly legs and a wing span that’s like the ocean. I once wish I could fly. Touch the clouds and run my feather through pure sunshine. only a crane could be majestic just standing in the shallows of a pond with a bent head

    By Deja on 07.04.2011

  36. the crane is a useful thing. It makes you lift things and build. It encourages the creative mind of building builders and so they can expand our world with much greater ease. I like cranes very much and they have a vide viewrange from up top.

    By Ante Batarelo on 07.04.2011

  37. The crane was startled by the gunfire. As it took flight Adam’s heart raced – the thought of loosing her crushed him. Then the blood started to drip from his fingers.

    By Steve on 07.04.2011

  38. Crank the crane. Start the engine. Ready, get set, go! To where? To viva la viva. The land of temperal abyss.

    By Josie URL on 07.04.2011

  39. The crane fell over. I saw it from the construction site off. Called 911. Thought they were dead. No one was hurt. The crane was righted after an hour.

    By DeshaDevor URL on 07.04.2011

  40. pick up,put down,all over town.doesn’t stop until the sun goes down

    By jeremiah on 07.04.2011