July 4th, 2011 | 317 Entries

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317 Entries for “assisted”

  1. I run a mentoring programs for inner-city youth in a city known for it’s violence and crime. The kids and I have had quite a few very competitive soccer games, and I usually manage to keep up with the goals. My students and I are frequent users of the soccer term “score, and Julie with the assist”

    By Louisa URL on 07.05.2011

  2. Assisted living is the order of the day. Retirement has almost come to mean assisted living. A sad state of affairs indeed.

    By Dernhelm on 07.05.2011

  3. Assistance is the key which defines human history. Human learned to live and evolve due to assistance from fellow being. Assistance is the concept which shaped our current world. And it will be shaping the future too.

    By Satish on 07.05.2011

  4. The cold impersonal life of an assisted living retire. Honestly sometimes I have to bribe my children to visit me.

    By Victor on 07.05.2011

  5. this time ill help you out
    shelter you from the wind,
    time our breaths so that you can breathe again
    tangle our fingers to pull you along
    into the sun
    back into the light, but perhaps
    this will be the last
    next time you’ll have to go

    By bluish on 07.05.2011

  6. “Assisted Living”. Thats a little joke we have around her. Its not really assisted or living. Sometimes I have to bribe my children to come visit me.

    By Victor URL on 07.05.2011

  7. I didn’t need help for heaven’s sakes! I only needed to have someone listen to my story. And furthermore I didn’t want anyone to think I couldn’t live an active life w/o being assisted!! No, this new life at a nursing home was certainly doing a job on my psyche! I wasn’t old! Who ever said I was? Assisted!! hmmmmpff! I’ll show them “assisted”… just let me up out of this chair and… now where is that stupid nurses aid button anyway? I guess I could find it if I could reach my glasses…

    By linda carlson URL on 07.05.2011

  8. As I grow old I have only one fear, and that is that I will end up in an assisted living facility. I want to be able to live and die in my own home.

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 07.05.2011

  9. so i have 60 secondes to write. i like this idea. but when the cops assited me to the cop shop today i was petrified at the idea. i dont likie guns. i dont like men. so both in the morning was not a great way to start the day.

    By sandra on 07.05.2011

  10. The small child miraculously helped the fireman in rescuing the kittens from the burning building. Unfortunately, the child got caught in the blaze.

    By Sam on 07.05.2011

  11. “ill assist myself thanks very much! ” she said with a bottle of jameson in her hand. she then proceeded to walk in a rush to the car, swaying her backside with pride along the way.

    By sandra on 07.05.2011

  12. assisted living
    getting old
    needing help
    needing assistance
    not getting what you need
    leaving it all behind

    By Miriam URL on 07.05.2011

  13. helped
    someone who gives something to someone
    lent a hand
    given proper needs
    the act of helping someone or something and giving them what they need to fulfill their needs

    By brandon yeshoua on 07.05.2011

  14. I helped her jump over the fence, as she was running away from the rabid dogs that were nipping at her heels.

    By JULI MILLER on 07.05.2011

  15. To help out and make somene else feel better if they need help and being there for someone as well as giving someone a hand. j

    By Tacbug on 07.05.2011

  16. Assisted living.
    Isn’t really living.
    Let me die.

    By Jeanice URL on 07.05.2011

  17. Squall tightens the grip he has on his gunblade, scowling and angry. He hates it, he hates feeling helpless and weak and unable to do a thing. He doesn’t like being assisted by others as well, he hates feeling pitied. He hates, hates, hates it.

    By Aki Enzatta on 07.05.2011

  18. It means helping someone do what they are. working upon. It could be support provided of any kind as aide to the actual doer of the task

    By Ruchika Airon on 07.05.2011

  19. This morning I assisted my boss. When I arrived at work he had a million and one things he wanted to accomplish today, so I kindly agreed to help. It’s a funny sort of word, isn’t it? “Assisted.” For some reason it sounds strange to speak aloud.

    By Travis on 07.05.2011

  20. He limped, and began to fall. I reached out a hand and steadied him. He clung to it, as if It was his life, which was too fragile as it was.

    By Katie URL on 07.05.2011

  21. you say goodmorning like something stolen; pass it to me like a note under the table, so quiet

    By robyn URL on 07.05.2011

  22. I love assiting the elderly at the local nursing home.

    i really like helping the ones bedridden or in wheel chairs.

    By Mildred URL on 07.05.2011

  23. what is this life if we must always be assisted? You see in so many movies the hero who cries out, “Tell me what to do!” Well, you can’t be told what to do if you haven’t learned that already. No one can assist you with your life’s greatest questions. Find the answers yourself and they will mean so much more to you.

    By Kylia on 07.05.2011

  24. Our new librarian is a tiny person. I like her, but she isn’t fit for the job. She doesn’t seem like someone who can stack piles of books properly in their shelves without some assistance. I’m afraid she’ll fall down.

    By Priya URL on 07.05.2011

  25. spilling on to the street at three thirty, still quite a few cars about, packed dirty snow on the sidewalk outside Piggen’s pub, our beloved ‘Pig Pen’, their big beige saloon pulls up and they hold a back door open, but all of a sudden, I’m not going, not with the strangers out to the mystery suburban location, suddenly I’m going home, quite decided somehow in my tequila soaked brain, how amusing when I threw the dart at the barkeep, missed him and now I’m going home, missiles and misses guided by unseen forces, found out later who these men were, pretty scary, thank God they only thought I was alone

    By geraldine URL on 07.05.2011

  26. assist. help. its our job as christians to assist other in life to help them overcome their situations. we can assist other through a lot of different things. like helping old people move boxes, or babysit. or just show people love. everyone needs love.

    By Rachel on 07.05.2011

  27. She assisted him down the stairs. Just a simple hand on his forearm. But he could feel the condescending glare of her eyes. Or at least, he thought he did. Geoff would never know Jane’s kind nature, and perhaps he liked it that way.

    By Mikaela on 07.05.2011

  28. She had assisted him in several different projects already, yet still he seemed unsatisfied. “Alessandra,” he would murmur into the painting-filled room, “Cheeky little Alessandra. You do not know yourself.” She would scowl and stalk off, whispering that it was he who did not know her.

    By Aurelia Moretti URL on 07.05.2011

  29. I was assisted by him. And he was sucha a help. Oh, beautiful time that was. I was just a boy. And hi…he was all man. Fear was my master in those days. I was afraid of everything. I wa safraid of him too. Afraid of things that he could or couldn’t do.

    By Milan Zivanovic on 07.05.2011

  30. Assisted living sounds like a terrible predicament to be in. I’m not sure why, but the idea of not being able to support yourself sounds a bit frightening to me. I hope few people have to go through it.

    By Tyler URL on 07.05.2011

  31. I assisted him and soon, I fell in love with him. I owed him money but I couldn’t pay him back so we both agreed that I would drive him around as a chauffeur and pay it off like that. I told myself I was only doing it to pay him back, but soon I was going so that I could see him every day. And to me it seemed that was the reason he kept me around in the first place.

    By Rukia on 07.05.2011

  32. Assisted in a kill. My spotter, my best friend. he always got me out of trouble, even in Afghanistan in the heat of a firefight he got me out. Twenty soldiers i killed. I don t know who they were, what they had done, if they had a family.. All i know is i have done my duty. as a soldier i completed my mission and potentially saved lives of innocents. But i couldn’t save you my friend.

    By jeffrey on 07.05.2011

  33. i have been assisted into a world that in unknown. i will remain in this unknown world. not floating in this world but going forward with purpose.

    By JennK URL on 07.05.2011

  34. Assisted living. Assisted suicide. “Everyone has the right to die.” I guess, if you think about it, assisted living and assisted suicide amount to the same thing: just a way to get out of the way.

    By Hyperbole URL on 07.05.2011

  35. helped assisted i helped someone that needed it they were hurt
    i was hurt and they helped they wouldnt assist me but i needed it

    By Amanda on 07.05.2011

  36. She had driven all kin and heirs away; She was so wealthy, she would gloat, “I could pay someone to wipe my backside everyday for the rest of my life if I so desired.” She was right.

    But when the time came- when she was forced, in her elderly age, to be assisted to the restroom, to be lifted off of the commode by a nurse instead of a niece, she felt betrayed by the money that rendered such elusive pride. She hated the villain she had become. She resented the savior that money failed to be.

    By Delaine URL on 07.05.2011

  37. I honestly have no idea what to write about this one. Sorry.

    By Alex Ander URL on 07.05.2011