July 3rd, 2011 | 374 Entries

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374 Entries for “crane”

  1. I always loved the taste of metal.
    Hot. Strong. Used.
    Keys, were my favorite, but coins, pencil backings, batteries
    Anything would do

    By Lil Tunechi on 07.04.2011

  2. She was in the car behind us as the funeral procession made it’s slow and winding path through the cemetery. I wondered what she would be wearing- something scandalous I’m sure. I craned my neck back and tried to see through her through the back window but her car’s were tinted. I wondered, as I had been wondering for 5 years now, what my father saw in her. It didn’t matter, I supposed, with my father laying in the mahogany casket, bumping along on his way to be buried in the wet ground.

    By Pandy Fackler URL on 07.04.2011

  3. For the longest, I would see a beautiful crane sitting outside, resting on a smooth, flat rock in the creek behind our house. He was a gorgeous creature, his long, slim neck occasionally reaching out, sipping, it seemed, at the icy water of the creek. Then, one day, he was gone. Years have passed, but I still miss him, that gentle bird I came to know as ‘my’ crane. I can only hope that one day, he will return home, to that rock in the babbling brook.

    By Elle Bane URL on 07.04.2011

  4. Out of the wood and heading to sea
    Its shadow spread across the field
    You wonder life as white banshee
    the wind your sword and your shield

    By gsk URL on 07.04.2011

  5. He saw the crane fall and pick her up from the ground, her temples caught between the pincers. Then he promptly dropped her into the vat of boiling iron, and watched as she got mixed in with the works.

    By Serena Mithane URL on 07.04.2011

  6. I watched as he fashioned a paper crane from the brown paper bag. It distracted me momentarily, perhaps that was his intention. Silence permeated the air and hung around us like a wet T-shirt.

    By prolli on 07.04.2011

  7. A crane is a symbol in China. I don’t remember now the significance. Long life? Happiness? There were cranes everywhere.

    By elizabeth b URL on 07.04.2011

  8. Driving down the highway, you could see the large crane used to build the new bridge from two miles away. It was bright red.

    By Court on 07.04.2011

  9. a crane is something that is used to heighten a person to create a building, to lift the materials so that they come together to form something great and significant and powerful. A crane is much like a bond between to friends or lovers or family members, they build each other up, creating something bigger and better and word worthy.

    By sarah pryor URL on 07.04.2011

  10. Paper cranes, boats and planes.
    Folding them in the grass, waiting for you to finish your homework.
    Mulling over the task, stalling with every fiber of your being.

    And that tinkling laughter when every crane, boat and plane flies at you.

    By Dalena Huynh URL on 07.04.2011

  11. The crane squealed as the motor began to smoke, the end of it dropping dangerously toward the sidewalk. The operator yelled a warning, lost in the general noise of the site, and watched the dropping metal head for the sidewalk.

    By Amai on 07.04.2011

  12. a lately down the street from my house got hit by a crane. crane also rhymes with pain.

    By maddy on 07.04.2011

  13. The crane picked up the overturned truck and put it back on the wheels. When the truck tipped in the middle of the night, it was fortunate that it had not hit any other vehicles. The driver was safe, but how?

    By Karen Greenberg URL on 07.04.2011

  14. crane’s cover the sky’s when there are no clouds to do so
    they fill your eyesight with their big spacious masses, but help construct a new world (in places where there used to be nature).

    By Ulco on 07.04.2011

  15. the crane stood tall in the centre of the square, sectioned off from the public. You could see it for miles, towering above all the other buildings in the city. It was a landmark – though a temporary one, because when it had finished creating the building, the crane would have served it’s purpose and be removed, moved to it’s new project. But for now, it deserved it’s place in the town.

    By Rolo URL on 07.04.2011

  16. the crane is used by old men to balance themselves. or is the crane the cranium of the brain? the strongest part of the. crane crane crane. is made of three consonants and two vowels.

    By sgsgr on 07.04.2011

  17. He craned his neck up to see his mother’s face, standing above him. She didn’t look disappointed. She looked like love.
    The mother bent over and held his face while he cried. She knew that he didn’t mean anything by it, just boys being boys. She knew that he was, and would always be, her son.

    By M. J. McGee URL on 07.04.2011

  18. Why do you hold your neck like that? she said to me with a healthy dose of judgment.

    I was near angry and told her that she ought look away from what she doesn’t like. Help my posture again, I dare you.

    By chael on 07.04.2011

  19. Crane in the yard. Picking up dirt and moving it elsewhere. Clearing out, to build something new. The yard was fine as it was. It doesn’t need anything there. We build, build, and build in this country. A piece of empty space is never appreciated anymore.

    By Christie URL on 07.04.2011

  20. The word crane rhymes with rain. It was raining a few weeks ago but now it is sunny. I feel like rain though. My world feels flooded and I am doing by best to swim, grab onto floating things. Help. I think I will survive.

    By Sophie on 07.04.2011

  21. Crane your neck to see, crane to knock down the building, crane to signal a new life in a new place, flying overhead to help you.

    By Molly on 07.04.2011

  22. 60 seconds isn’t enough for my crane.

    By Ryan Donnelly on 07.04.2011

  23. long neck reaching toward the sky
    white, glowing in the sun,
    at the edge of a pond
    watching for prey


    By Miriam URL on 07.04.2011

  24. generations yet to come

    By vineet on 07.04.2011

  25. Craning her head, she read over his shoulder. She stopped when she read the word “Dead.” No longer did she care to understand what was wrong with the man, because she knew she could not help him. A death is a loss without consolation.

    By Jessica URL on 07.04.2011

  26. the middle of the city, a summer day, breeze coming off the bay, bustling, people working, sweating for the money they earn. bustling of the city all around. early morning. large movements. lifting of heavy loads. 1900s, people in big hats, and hard working men who grab a beer at the same local pub every night, hard working immigrant men who love their families and love the USA because of the freedom it means to them.

    By nicole sandford on 07.04.2011

  27. A bird. A machine. Each serve a purpose. Not one is more important than another. Man or Nature. The common theme these days.

    By Kristin on 07.04.2011

  28. crane is like a wish come true. when a star is shining, you dont how far the star is, where it is, but you just know it shines, is there; with meaning that is undefined. That is life too, just enjoy the shine and you will be just fine.

    By Nur Bashira Shaharuddin on 07.04.2011

  29. Wonder how much you crane your neck to see the world, to look above, but never forget to look down; into your heart

    By Nur Bashira Shaharuddin on 07.04.2011

  30. the crane lifted its neck to look up to the sky, as the crane (the yellow machine) soared higher and higher until it reached the topmost floor of the building. the crane waited, prepared for the destruction of human nature.

    By passion X on 07.04.2011

  31. Sadako and her cranes. Some stories say she reach 1,000. Others say she fell just short. I know a guy who makes paper cranes, but I doubt that he does it for the same reason.

    By Jazz on 07.04.2011

  32. The crane stood placidly, watching the people stroll along the shore. his white feathers shone like silver in the moonlight. No one dared disturb the crane. He seemed neccesary to the landscape. All we know is that the crane has always been there, standing placidly, watching the people stroll along the shore.

    By rachel URL on 07.04.2011

  33. He sat there, and asked for a glass of water. He watched the Ant Police scurry beneath him. He had no intention of jumping. He wondered how many hits he would get on youtube. He had no intention of jumping.

    He fell anyway.

    By Jakyl on 07.04.2011

  34. Abigail cast a glance at the petite brunette and smiled. He watched her crane her neck to try and get a better view of the stage for a few moments before he casually lifted her onto his shoulders. “Better, Esther?” He asked, a mischievous grin dancing over his face. She blushed and nodded, swallowing the protest that was on the tip of her tongue.

    By Aurelia Moretti URL on 07.04.2011

  35. The crane may refer to a bird with long neck and beak or may refer to a weight-lifting machinery.The bird looks much like an albatross and fishing is how it feeds itself.

    By Kumar Abhinav on 07.04.2011

  36. I craned my neck to get a better look at their whispers. She acknowledged my eavesdropping and ignored it, knowing she was getting underneath my skin. A mother-in-law: pessimistic and selective. I figured this would happen but I never imagined it would get to be this controlling and downright obnoxious.

    By Kelly K URL on 07.04.2011

  37. a small crane at the bottom of lake michigan was found while local divers were digging around the site of a sunk boat. local authorities have no idea how the crane found its way down there but are hopeful it still works.

    By Eric on 07.04.2011

  38. Most likely one of the only wonders of the lake I live on. The bird never ceases to amaze me. It has it all – beauty, grace, elegance.

    By Casey Miller on 07.04.2011

  39. Its the most important quality of a human being. without it, a person can reach good heights but still can have an empty feeling in his life. He fails to make good impact on other people

    By vamshi on 07.04.2011

  40. there is a crane in my head i dont know i think it majkes us very happyin our world so maybe we should think about ourselves and the capricorn and the stuff abvove thatso are you syng you can drop it lite guitar i dunno if it goes likes that i hope maybe sometime in the space astronauts make things like chocolate and ice cream to all the ppl living in mars

    By jorge on 07.04.2011