July 2nd, 2011 | 405 Entries

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405 Entries for “given”

  1. is too big a word.

    By elizabeth URL on 07.03.2011

  2. She had given blood that afternoon. A couple pricks on one arm. A bruise. A couple pricks in the other. A bag of blood. She went home and parked it on the sofa, where she enjoyed a cold Bud Light. One bottle down and she was drunk as hell.

    By Kristtin on 07.03.2011

  3. shit i don’t know what to write about. the other day i was given a can of red stripe. it was really nice. especially in the sun. oh my god. this task i have been given is really hard. given is a funny word

    By Leanne on 07.03.2011

  4. When thinking of how I got here, I can’t even remember. People say that it was a gift from god, but it wasn’t, because I don’t believe in God. I wish I did, sometimes, maybe I’d feel better then. But I don’t. And why would a gift be a bad thing?

    By elizabeth nejlah URL on 07.03.2011

  5. my heart away to that one boy who had a smile and laugh to make me fall hard to the ground with no hope of regaining strength to stand tall, independantly, all alone again.

    By Natasha on 07.03.2011