April 27th, 2013 | 243 Entries

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243 Entries for “clasp”

  1. It was the winter before my graduation and we took a trip to alaska, I attempted to climb the arduous mountain yet slipped. If it weren’t for the stranger who clasped my hand I’d be dead.

    By Mitchell on 04.27.2013

  2. clasping hands
    reverent souls stand together
    overlooking the sea
    wind enfolding them in its loving embrace
    all of Nature witness
    to their solemn rites

    By Nia Ceridwyn URL on 04.27.2013

  3. I clasp you close to me. But you resist. I cannot quite say why, it’s all in the way you look at me. That look that says, “I want to but I can’t, you know I can’t.” And it’s just as well because I know it can’t be so, it shouldn’t be so for me. Even I don’t want it. But I want it more than anything. I think I would be happy if you were with me.

    By Ken on 04.27.2013

  4. he clasped my hand in his. i shuddered. i wanted to be with him more than i’ve ever wanted to be with anyone, but i was scared. he tried to pull me along… i wanted to go, but i couldn’t.
    don’t leave me.
    he succeeds in pulling me this time, closer to him. he hugs my shivering body against his warm one. i want to stay here forever. could i? would you let me? i could stay here, if you just said you want me.

    By runner89 on 04.27.2013

  5. I had your heart in my care, swore to keep it protected
    From the slightest of threats, it’d remain uninfected.
    Promised you’d never be broken, but would always stay whole
    Until I held you so tightly I shattered your soul.

    By Carly URL on 04.27.2013

  6. I want to clasp your heart into a purse to carry around so that it will always be mine. I am so afraid to lose you and I know that I will if I don’t manage to find a way to keep you with me forever. You are too perfect to lose, so I will clasp you to me and keep your heart.

    By Crystal Clear on 04.27.2013

  7. like the clasp on a purse. it opens and closes. It holds thing together even when things feel like they’re falling apart. A clasp is metal, hard, shinny. I want a wallet with a clasp one day. and a daughter to have a purse with a clasp on it. A clasp can hold jewelry around your neck. Pretty jewelry.

    By Megan on 04.27.2013

  8. there’s a clasp on the old Coach purse that my mom always carries. I liked to flip it around and around when I was little, while riding in the grocery store cart. It was cold and brassy. I love brass. It tasted good too.

    By Blue on 04.27.2013

  9. hand clasped together pretending to be that perfect family pretending for the public the world wishing someone could see through the charades and how its not perfect

    By Lily on 04.27.2013

  10. The clasp that tightly closed the guitar case my grandpa used to carry around. He tried to give it to me for a while. I liked the pretty birds on it, but was too lazy to really learn how to play. Regret that.

    By blue URL on 04.27.2013

  11. The clasp of her necklace broke, and she was done. Her wedding day is completely ruined. Not just because of that, but because her husband hit her. He will probably hit her for this broken necklace to…he instructed her to wear it. He conducted her whole life. He didn’t propose to her, he told her to wear a white dress today.

    By Keyli Schmitz on 04.27.2013

  12. The clasp broke today. Now its gone. That bracelet… I wore it for 5 years. Haven’t teken it off since the day he gave it to me. 2 year later he died.

    By Polly on 04.27.2013

  13. Hands clasped together, walking down the street. Leaning into and away from each other. There are tall buildings all around. We are filled with wonder at the world and at each other.

    By lauren on 04.27.2013

  14. i clasp my hands together..most people might write this

    By A False Terl URL on 04.27.2013

  15. The clasp on her necklace closed as he drew his hands away, brushing her hair aside. Such a simple, yet intimate act. One that she would have never imagined in her life. He smiled shyly as he picked her shirt up off the ground, handing it to her. As she slipped the fabric over her head he watched her. So beautiful in so many ways, so innocent, even if the act they had just committed said otherwise.

    By Caitlin URL on 04.27.2013

  16. Clasp the moment. Claspe diem.

    By WryCrisp on 04.27.2013

  17. The clasp broke. I lost my necklace somewhere in my new life. I remember when you gave it to me. I was trying to hold on to what we had. It was so amazing. I know that part of my life is over, but I didn’t want it to be. I guess now I have to start moving on.

    By Marina URL on 04.27.2013

  18. Clasp. That was the last sound she heard before she was attacked by the rabid bear. Sally worked for the circus. She was the magical bear trainer. Her task was to have the bear stand up auch as a human. It went well, until the auidence clasped their hands. There was claps, voices, teeth, pain, screams, blood, and death.

    By Keyli Schmitz on 04.27.2013

  19. I clasped the handle with my own two hands. It was cold, dusty and full of fecal matters probably from some sort of lizards. The land behi

    By wanzulfikri on 04.27.2013

  20. Bonds are like a clasp, they fall off and away, rusted. By time, corroded by its waves. Having painted over the rust, disguising the worn edges to make it appear unworn and untouched those bonds were still breaking. Now it’s only obvious now, after he was put back out of the legal cage that it will never be that way again – nothing is coming back. These people are not getting better, more enlightened. It’s not changing. These bonds are broken.

    By Danaé on 04.27.2013

  21. I fumbled with the clasp on the worn sweater. Warmth seeped in from the slightly linty knit as I sucked in a breath and tried to keep it together. There was some little bit of whatever that wouldn’t come true and I wasn’t sure about what would come next.

    She was gone.

    I would miss her.

    We would all miss her.

    And yet, somehow, the only thing anchoring me in this moment was one of her old sweaters, with a tarnished gold clasp and a few snags in the magenta knit. It was a pretty sweater, maybe, back when it was new.

    She was a pretty person, maybe, back before her heart had fallen through. But what did I know? I wasn’t really someone special to her, but I did respect her. No matter what they had all said and done, she was just like me.

    Another human being.

    She deserved better.

    Just like the rest of us.

    By Sara H. URL on 04.27.2013

  22. clasping hands as you walk towards the end. tears streaming down your face as everything you ever knew, worked on or loved comes down to one moment. death is in the air and life is in your heart as you both take one more step.

    By MarsW URL on 04.27.2013

  23. The clasp clipped shut as the fabric tightened around my waist. I took a deep breath and walked out on to the stage, searching for the thrill i felt the first time i performed.

    By Jess on 04.27.2013

  24. The first time you clasped my hands in yours, I felt a sensation that makes my heart want to leap out. A sensation that makes me feel close to you, makes me feel special to you, makes me feel loved, makes me afraid to lose you.

    After all this while, I can tell you that I still feel that sensation whenever we hold each other close.

    By Nyan on 04.27.2013

  25. i clasped his hand as we crossed the road one stormy august night. it was cold it was raining and there was thunder all around us. the only thing that was keeping me safe in the storm was the clasp of his hand around mine.

    By Monica Bean on 04.27.2013

  26. Olivia clasped the rock in her hands. At first appearance, it was just an ordinary rock, likely from a river bed. But when she pressed it to her lips and whispered words, memories, and hopes it did became those things. As the Olivia’s breath caressed the stone’s surface, the fragile ideas at the edge of her mind became reality as long as restless words streamed from her mouth.

    By khakicat URL on 04.27.2013

  27. if i could
    clasp your hand
    one last time
    feel the sound of your voice
    pumping through my veins
    i would
    never again
    fall asleep

    By DesertPromQueen URL on 04.27.2013

  28. He clasped her hands in his as she looked into his eyes warily. They both saw that each other knew. They saw that the other knew exactly what they were going through and knew they had found a kindred soul.

    By Keara on 04.27.2013

  29. My hands are getting tired
    from holding up all this air.
    If you don’t mind,
    maybe you would
    take the load off and
    clasp your hand around mine?

    By Keara on 04.27.2013

  30. He clapsed the bottle of pills in his hand, his face tear stained. He didn’t want it to have to come to this but he had no other choice. He took a deep shaky breathe before tilting his head back and downing the bottle, fitting as many pills as he co

    By Lauren URL on 04.27.2013

  31. She clasped the bottle tightly in her hand as she got ready to do the unthinkable. She was about to end it all so that she may be relived of all the pain in her life. Nothing could change her mind.

    By lauren. URL on 04.27.2013

  32. His nails run red in his fist and bloody glass fragments open and reopen wounds as he clasps his crushed memories, in a frame that used to reflect the sun’s rays.

    By Helianthus URL on 04.27.2013

  33. I clasp the seven cards within my hand and the moment will filled with apprehension. My sweaty palms clung to the cards as I clung to the edge of my seat, hoping, expecting and appreciating my opponents move. He made it, I made mine. Fortune favoured me today, though I shall not anything to hold its sway. Once in turn for me, is another against me and I absolute accept that.

    By Eric Harrell URL on 04.27.2013

  34. Clasp my hand around yours. Because that’s what love is about. It’s about holding onto each other like we never want to let go. Together. Forever. My hand and your hand are one together forever. That’s what love is about. I am me and you are you. But together we are one.

    By Kyle on 04.27.2013

  35. Clasped hands. dinosaur hug, strange connections with stranger people. not strangers, but stranger people. stranger than average.

    By kurtseph URL on 04.27.2013

  36. I wanted to clasp the hand of my mate, to have him around to just be with me. But my virginity is a question he doesn’t want impugned, and he left.

    By Random on 04.27.2013

  37. “Please. Don’t go.” He hugged her so firmly.
    “It’s okay.” Cough. “You’ll be okay. You’re a good kid and you can do this by yourself now, alright?” More coughing.
    Sniffle. “Don’t leave me here alone.”

    By Paige Skalski on 04.27.2013

  38. One short, sharp tug was all it took to separate the necklace from her body. The ornate golden clasp shattered, scattering thin needles of metal in every direction.

    By WearyWater URL on 04.27.2013

  39. Mamta’s clasped hands quivered with a thousand little prayers for her daughters, for her ailing mother, for the tomato crops, for her upcoming mammogram, for the fundraiser, for absolution, for understanding.

    By Neelvar on 04.27.2013

  40. like the attatchment on an earing
    holding someone’s hand is strong and tight
    it holds us together
    it prevents losing the touch

    it keeps it within ourselves and how I hold on to you

    By abi URL on 04.27.2013