April 28th, 2013 | 165 Entries

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165 Entries for “crow”

  1. The crow looked down upon the world. He mocked the broken people as they drifted throughout the crowded streets. He laughed and laughed, making piercing jokes at the world’s expense, until he turned and realized he was just as alone as the worst of them.

    By Matt Burke on 04.29.2013

  2. Crows are black. THey have a shiny-ish blue tint and have an irritating noise that they make. Aren’t they supposed to be the bird for death or something? I don’t know. All black, yes? I think so. I am in history class and don’t think that we talk about crows in this class.

    By Jessica URL on 04.29.2013

  3. The cow castrated the crow (symbolically); the vicar looked on obliviously, reflecting on the ridiculousness of his profession, longing for uninhibited sex.

    By tomcfa on 04.29.2013

  4. i am a crow, he roared in a ballistic outcry
    but no one would trust in his words
    journeying on to yonder faith
    among the ‘other’ birds
    no trust was given from his outspread wings
    and his eyes glistened with fault
    i said “i wish you luck, little crow”
    but his journey had come to a hjalt

    By Anonynigmus on 04.29.2013

  5. Blackberry kiss. I missed you. I ate birdseeds on the rooftop, hot like the stale days of summer. Chin up, feather on the soft underbelly tickling soft; impatient.

    By aria autumn on 04.29.2013