April 26th, 2013 | 143 Entries

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143 Entries for “electrocute”

  1. electricity is dangerous but useful. dont get electrocuted and you’ll understand what i mean. dont jump in a puddle of water barefooted holding a live wire. bad, bad ideaaa!! so anyway that’s it about being electrocutes:)

    By Vinitha Das on 04.27.2013

  2. hithi, this is my first entry. i don not know hwo this workds and i cannot read what i have wirtten becaise my xomputer is too slow. so while i am trying to type really quickly, it is just stuttering and that relly irritates me a lot. time must be up bay now already so all of this does not seem to wlrk…. i will stop now to see what happens. and what aobut the word? i cannot see it any longer….

    By nicole on 04.27.2013

  3. End a life with a bolt of lightning
    10 million volts and she is lluminated
    A flicker, a fizz and a hiss of smoke escapes from the top ofher head
    ‘A last’ she said

    By vicky on 04.27.2013

  4. End a life with a bolt of lightening
    10 million volts and she is lluminated
    A flicker, a fizz and a hiss of smoke escapes from the top of her head
    ‘At last’ she said.

    By vicky on 04.27.2013

  5. I stared at the dead bird lying at my feet. His feathers slightly scorched. I stared up at the bright blue sky and the high voltage wires strung along innocently and unassuming. Don’t birds know these things, I thought as I poked the dead corpse with my stick.

    By maryc0 on 04.27.2013

  6. my favoureite word . a shock of life changing your life !!! BZZZZZZZZ electricity from the earth in is your body THATS COOL if you ask me :) youll live your life every second and make the most out of it after … it doesnt seem so bad to me ?? BZZZZZ EASRTHHH

    By ciara on 04.27.2013

  7. Zzzing! You were playing in your best friend, Ava’s pool while it was raining when zing! Flash! Boom! The dark clouds came rolling in, and in what seemed no time at all, the lightning was a mile or two away, then a mile, then in the neighborhood behind you, then in the forest to your left, then at Ava’s neighbor’s house! You and Ava put on your towels and ran to get the tarp. You both put it over the pool. Then, a huge flash came from the next-door-neighbor’s house! In a tizzy, you sprinted to the shed and held the door open for your friend. Ava, with a stricken look on her face, was on the deck some 10 feet away from the open door. “RUN!” You shouted. She did, but it was too late. The lightning came down into a fork, one point hitting the deck near the tarp, and the other hit Ava. “NOOOO!” You screamed. “AVAAA!” But the task had already been done.
    Ava was electrocuted.

    By Sophie on 04.27.2013

  8. They started by electrocuting flowers. When the poor flowers didn’t scream, they went on to trees, to worms, to butterflies, to little sea turtles, to mice, to.. No, they weren’t monsters. They were scientists.

    By THEY_HAVE_EELS on 04.27.2013

  9. It was all so sudden; the kidnapping, the beating, the pain.

    And then the chair, the water. The shocks.

    He was in an electric chair, electrocuted for answers.

    But he didn’t give any. He wouldn’t give any.

    For his lover’s sake.

    By Kristi on 04.27.2013

  10. When Bella was around him, she felt as if she were being electrocuted. Though she had known Mortimer for years, there was still that undieing spark of affection and passion in their lives. And now, as she looked into his dark eyes that she once had been afraid of, she just saw a once broken man turned into a happy one. Bella was pleased to know that she was the source of Mortimer’s happiness. Like a flash of lightening, their love had a lot of fire in it, but she hoped for the life of her that it wouldn’t end as fast as it started.

    By Meesha on 04.27.2013

  11. I remembered being electrocuted once; I had just gotten out of the shower. It was a long day; work was really taking its toll on me… There were too many stressful things going on, even in my romantic relationship. I just wanted to relax. As I flipped off the light switch, there it was. This burning pulse of energy shooting through me.

    By Gyarados on 04.27.2013

  12. I see the sparks. Between you two, I mean. You and the boy.

    But really, stop tossing your hair. It isn’t funny, and it isn’t cute. You make me sick. And stop giggling all the time–do you think he LIKES seeing you act like a stupid brat?

    Okay, well, maybe. Explains why I don’t have a boyfriend.

    By Jordan on 04.27.2013

  13. Tick tock, tick tock, tick tick tick,
    The time counted down to when a woman
    Would become more than she was.
    Casey walked up the beaten path,
    One she had never trod upon before,
    And opened the door with a creak.
    She saw endless machinery before her.
    All it took was one wrench and she could once again become Supergirl–
    Yet she turned and walked away
    Closing the door forever.

    By Siege URL on 04.27.2013

  14. This send horror through me as at first I think of being electrocuted! But thinking more deeply I think about the pulse of electricity. The power of that current to jolt. What happens when this force is let loose in ones creative imagination. What would result? What innovation would occur? Where would it lead? Just riding the energy and exploding. I see the colors

    By writekimwrite on 04.27.2013

  15. As I electrocuted Joceline she yelped. In ecstacy or agony, I do not know but I was determined to enjoy it for hours more. It was the painting, I could not take any more of it.

    By Taneli Vaara on 04.27.2013

  16. I was standing on top of a 15′ wooden ladder pushing a fish tape through a supposedly empty conduit. It ended up in a live panel instead. So it was either kick myself off the ladder, or stay and be an electrocute victim.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 04.27.2013

  17. A simple answer from you and my mind fills with better ways my hopes preferred to die. A more dramatic ending for something so precious instead of your choice to electrocute with a nonchalant phrase–clicking like a light switch to a permanent off, punching a hole in my heart. You resumed normal routine in mere minutes… dragging me to dinner with you, human and empty husk of woman. Five restaurants later, we finally went in. The bread was dry, the flavors bitter, morsels unchewable–but you didn’t notice. You plowed through as I struggled to swallow it all, but I couldn’t. There was something too large to swallow on the table before me, and I had no desire to struggle with trying. Curls of smoke from the candle at the center of our table caught my attention. “The flame has gone out,” I said. “What?” you asked. I saw your eyes search out the tendrils wafting away upon the air and follow them down to the source between us. “Oh.” Your eyes returned to your plate, loading up your fork for another excessive mouthful. “I hadn’t noticed.”

    By JDwrites on 04.27.2013

  18. i think it would be pretty terrible to get electrocuted…your organs fry, and your brain shuts down. your family will miss you, and you’ll never bake the perfect souffle.

    By sam on 04.27.2013

  19. is cute but electric, what? you do not belive it, maybe it should be electroexecute, huh? no no cute is very electrifiing to be

    By Tonka on 04.27.2013

  20. To electrocute, is to shock. It really can’t mean much else, it could have many meanings if used in metaphors and such. Not sure what else to say.

    Sure is painful though.

    By Lane on 04.27.2013

  21. Shocking waves of blue skittered out from her fingertips into the other girl’s skin. She shrieked from the humming pain. The whole room smelt of burning, peeling skin, but the crispy flesh re-molded itself to fit her arm, and once the electrocution ending, the younger girl stood, undamaged.

    By darseyrsm URL on 04.27.2013

  22. “With one word I was smite,”” she said.
    “Don’t you mean smitten?” I asked.
    “No it was not electricity I felt; he was out to electrocute me.”

    By Meredyth URL on 04.27.2013

  23. you lit my veins on fire
    like a mercy killing;

    i lost my head to you
    like a guillotine.

    By hel bentley on 04.27.2013