April 27th, 2013 | 243 Entries

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243 Entries for “clasp”

  1. “May I?” she asked and I nodded hastily, but hopefully not too hastily as to cause her to doubt my motivations.
    She slipped up behind me, brushing the hair from my neck with a gentle sweep of her hand, before settling the necklace in place and attaching the clasp. Her hands fell to my shoulders as she met my gaze in the mirror. “It suits you well,” she said easily, her tone rasping in my ear and making me shiver.
    “That it does; my lady has exquisite taste as always,” I managed, though my heart was pounding and my mouth dry.

    By S.C. Lovelace on 04.27.2013

  2. I clasped my hands together in fervent emotion, my fingers shaking. The car was warm, stuffy, with not air conditioning, and the man in front of me had dark, dead eyes. The gun in his hands was cold.
    I looked back up at him.

    By babs on 04.27.2013

  3. Cas clasped Dean’s shoulder in his hand firmly. He was going to have to exert a lot of his grace into pulling the man out of hell, and as an angel, he had lots of grace.

    By Sam on 04.27.2013

  4. I struggle with the clasp on my necklace. It’s been so long since I even thought about taking it off. Once I put it on, I didn’t believe I would need a reason for it to come off. Forever you told me. And forever I believed. But now it was over, so I’m struggling with the clasp. My neck feels so bare. My hand traces over my collarbone, longing to feel the pendant that always graced my neck.

    By helenbrown URL on 04.27.2013

  5. Slowly the hand clasped the sword and the knight proceeded onward into the unknown. The knight now controlled the fate of the nation on the edge of his sword.

    By Wicked Knight on 04.27.2013

  6. She undoes the clasp and her hair falls off and her skin falls off and her muscles falls off and there’s bone and a heart and a spleen. She pulls on the new flesh but the clasp is broken and doesn’t sit right.

    By Zoe on 04.27.2013

  7. She clasped her purse close to her breast, the white peaks of her knocks standing out hard against the cold. Blue veins ran in small tight rivers across her brow.

    By Yvonne Sanders URL on 04.27.2013

  8. He clasped the blade in his hand and prepared to strike the foe before him. Everything weighed on this one moment of truth and the blade struck against the other. Nothing could prepare them for this day in a million years. Nothing could have predicted the outcome of the battle.

    By Leslie Williams on 04.27.2013

  9. clasp
    my hands to pressured ribs
    your hands to my warm calloused skin
    to keep them from cold
    ’til you wring them

    By Saudade on 04.27.2013

  10. I clasp the hook on the piece of wood in time to avert what could have been sudden death for the hikers. For what they did not know was that the rope had broken away from the tree at the top of the cliff.

    By victor URL on 04.27.2013

  11. I clasp your hand and hold you tight. I never want to let you go. When I’m holding you the rest of the world falls away and there’s just you and I, together forever. Everything will be okay. Everything will sort itself out as long as I have you in my arms. I love you.

    By Amber on 04.27.2013

  12. As I clasp my mothers hand my heart breaks. Her skin is cold and her face painless. He eyes are open and I see nothing but her bright blue pupils. Even in death she looks so beautiful. He funeral tomorrow… What is life?

    By Amber on 04.27.2013

  13. I clasp my hands together and walk into the front yard. And then I stop. I look up to see a plain house, which did not have any interesting features in particular. The house noticed my little figure, and stared back at me.

    By OneJen on 04.27.2013

  14. It’s when you grab on. You won’t let go. Nothing in this world will let you let go of this very, very important object.
    It’s nessecarry for you to have this object, to love it, and to know you have it.

    By Emma on 04.27.2013

  15. Never let go. Love the thing. Know it exists. Love it. need it. Own it. Know it’s there. Unable to let go. Knowledge of it. Loving of it.

    By Emmy Loo Hoo on 04.27.2013

  16. well of course what comes to mind is the dirty thoughts, i guess thats marks me as immature. but with further examination i think of a the restraints a person can have in their life

    By gina b on 04.27.2013

  17. clasping is to use your hands in a binding fashion. i clasp my gfs tits tightly when making love to her. one may say i have clasped onto the ideas of freedom and sovereignty. clasping can be claspy at times but clasping mostly results in holding onto something. aish aish aish i clasp whats worth clasping everyday. i don’t like when the government tries to clasp me.

    By neil on 04.27.2013

  18. I know I shouldn’t feel this way, shouldn’t be so jealous or threatened. My heart feels one thing but my head thinks otherwise. When did my faith in people turn into distrust? Hope into anger? I reached for a reason, willing to clasp to anything. But all I got was air.

    By Chris on 04.27.2013

  19. I clasped my hand in yours. It was a nice, smooth feeling. Our hands fit together like one, like we were meant for each other. Like we were made to be one. I always believed in Plato’s The Symposium, and now I know it’s really true. We spend our whole lives searching for our other half, and I guess you’re it. Scratch that. I know you’re it.

    By Victoria URL on 04.27.2013

  20. i clasped the finger in my hand and it shook me o much i fell. It was a horrible thing that happened to me but i clasped it back in place. It was hard but i did it and so it went, i chanted and sung, but back i fell. The clasp held me in place and i chant and sung all the way.

    By Kristen on 04.27.2013

  21. I clasped a jar full of cookies, before it hit the ground. I felt like such a hero. Saving those chips from bacteria and what not. Saving cookies…One jar at a time.

    By gabriel on 04.27.2013

  22. She fixed the clasp on my costume, and gave me a hug before saying the words “I believe in you.” I smiled with tears in my eyes as I walked onto the stage. I stood there for a moment until the music went on. I felt my problems slip away as I danced. Nothing mattered anymore but me on stage. I finished, bowed, and the audience clapped. I ran into her arms as I laughed and put my head in her shoulder. “You were brilliant,” she says.

    By Kayla on 04.27.2013

  23. ok

    By Fabric Spell in Ushe URL on 04.27.2013

  24. Clasp your hands for one last time, you might never be able to offer your appreciation again. Clasp onto the life that you have left and enjoy it for everything that is offered to you. Never let go, never give up. There’s always another hand willing to clasp yours when you need it most. So be sure to be someone else’s saving grace because one day, you’ll need one too.

    By Brie on 04.27.2013

  25. She ran. She ran fast… she ran far. She used her left hand to pick up the rusty rifle . She had now clue on which way to aim. She shot one bullet from the gun. Only to realize the man who tried to harm her was her son.

    By gabriel on 04.27.2013

  26. He is five years old.
    He walks down the playground with a fistful of dandelions clasped in his chubby hands
    He can’t stop to run about with Phil today
    He is going to visit Rosie
    To see if she wants to play

    He is Twelve years old.
    He walks across the yard with a strand of carnations from his mom’s garden clasped in his dirty hands
    He can’t stop to skate with Micheal today
    He is going to visit Rosie
    To see if she wants to ride bikes

    He is Eighteen years old
    He walks into the Chem lab with a bouquet of daisies clasped in his clammy hands
    He can’t stop to joke with Andrew today
    He is going to visit Rosie
    To ask her to prom

    He is Twenty three years old
    He walks into the restaurant with an arrangement of tulips clasped in his shaking hands
    He can’t stop to have a drink with Steve today
    He is going to visit Rosie
    To ask her a question

    He is Fifty three years old
    He walks into the hospital with a nosegay of lilies clasped in his wringing hands
    He can’t stop to visit Chuck today
    He is going to visit Rosie
    To help her feel better

    He is Seventy six years old
    He walks down the path with a single rose clasped in his arthritic hands
    He can’t stop to sit with Al today
    He is going to visit Rosie.

    By Foshizzlebeth on 04.27.2013

  27. The silver leaf clasp at her throat was tarnished , barely visible above her breast….yet it bore the ancient insignia of the forgotten clan…the clan of the mountain tree dwellers.

    By skylarkin on 04.27.2013

  28. Clasp
    She sits with her hands clasped tightly in her lap, the perfect image of a lady , calm and composed. No one noticed the fine tremors running through her hands, their slight trembling. No one could see the way she clutched them to prevent them from reaching out.One the outside , she is just a girl ,slightly disinterested , leaning away from the one talking. One couldn’t help but notice how she angled herself towards the man as if she was trying to pull way but getting caught in the process by his magnetic aura, ensnared by his hypnotic stare.She seemed entranced by his every movement. The way his chest seemed to rise and fall with every word, the way his gaze softened whenever he said her name, his lips caressing every syllable like he couldn’t get enough . Yet from an onlooker’s prespective: she was a girl with clasped hands sitting across from a passionate man.A girl who kept checking her watch and a man with a dejected look on his face.

    By sarah on 04.27.2013

  29. I broke the clasp on my heart. My heart that I had shut tight, everything firmly packed in there. Secure. And then you came. You came, and messed me up. The clasp broke. I lost the clasp. I can’t keep my heart closed any longer.

    And I don’t regret it.

    By Amanda on 04.27.2013

  30. I have a clasp on my necklace that i just can’t get on. I need help from someone, but everyone is busy. I am in a hurry and need to get to this party tonight. This clasp is too tight, and i can’t see what the hell i am doing. Such a beautiful necklace, but what good is it if I cannot get it on. I am going to be late, and I’m getting an award tonight. The hell with it. I’ll try another necklace. I don’t have time to mess around with this tight clasp.

    By emarie on 04.27.2013

  31. I clasped on to my heart for it was broken. i tried hard to keep it together, but i saw the pieces slowly fall to the ground. i was not strong enough, and now i’m completely lost

    By emarie on 04.27.2013

  32. a ard day and rough night. it pills up quicker than you think. coming home to a room decorated with dirt and a layer of dust resting on everything. theres a scent of dampness in the air. the creepy smell of dampness. you fall and clasp on the bed with the thought of repeating this tomorrow

    By linda on 04.27.2013

  33. Hands clasp, holding tight the love they refuse to release. Not wanting to let go of the times they’ve so enjoyed. Light descending, fading into black as times end nears.

    By Amber Manus on 04.27.2013

  34. The clasp fit into my hand, it was cool and had a metalic shine to it. My eyes widened
    “Where did you get this” I whispered in awe

    By Emily URL on 04.27.2013

  35. Nothing to hold to as I reach for anything that will give me strength. I clasp onto shaking hands to see a face I’ve never seen. Chocolate eyes smile and fill with love as I realize that though we’d just met, our hearts were woven together.

    By Amber Manus on 04.27.2013

  36. I clasp the ball in my wrist. One wrong throw and I’ll never see you again. The ball flies through my fingers and hits the target square on. That wasn’t meant to happen. I stand here in shock.
    Never again will I see your face. Ever.
    How shocking this is to me, that I’ll never be able to see you, hear your voice, or be charmed by those eyes staring out from your face.
    I’ll never know that you might have loved me.

    By Abigail Shae on 04.27.2013

  37. The clasp was cold in my hand, it felt heavy, heavier than it looked. I help it carefully, as if it might break if I held it too tight. Never have I seen such a simply beautiful object.

    By Emily URL on 04.27.2013

  38. i clasped her hand as she was leaving: we both knew what we both wanted me to say, but i couldn’t find the words. i was a coward again. I let go, and she a tear rushed down her face and she turned away, unsurprised. I let her down again.

    By HL on 04.27.2013

  39. Hands,
    Folded tight into each other,
    a promise,
    never to be broken.

    tied together by fate,
    a love,
    so deep.

    Clasped hands,
    A symbol of forever.

    By Celine Wu URL on 04.27.2013

  40. It was a very heavy purse,
    must have been twenty pounds,
    that bag,
    and such a small thing holding it shut.

    By Nothing on 04.27.2013