April 27th, 2013 | 243 Entries

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243 Entries for “clasp”

  1. At the tip of my fingers, I feel the clasp of death lingering. Sweetly, Silently, Softly, Swiftly, it Stays. Almostbutnotquitethere it will remain, clasping at the ends of my hands. I shan’t let it take me, not yet, not here when I still have such time left in my story. Not yet, not Sweet, not Soft, notquitehereyet.

    By Keira on 04.27.2013

  2. It was in her clasp, th one whe wore around her neck, that her father had bequeathed her. It was nothing more to her than a sentimental piece of jewellery. To him it was a future of plenty, freedom from the drudgeries of ordinary life and it would be his if only he could get that clasp from her. He would have to woo her, to win her over and that disgusting proposition was tempered only by the thought of riches, riches he would steal from her.

    By Gayle Beveridge URL on 04.28.2013

  3. i’m your claps, come on let me seal your secrets let me hold you together, all your marbles all your memories, i shall shut them away or reveal them to you. i am brass, i am shiny, i am mother of pearl or horn. whatever you wish just tuck me on your opening, let me be at the trench of your mind so i can feel firsthand what is entering it and what you choose to let out.

    By berenique URL on 04.28.2013

  4. you held my heart in your hands
    and gripped it tight,
    sealed it off from any light

    you could keep it, really
    i didn’t mind
    as long as you’d leave it be
    as long as you were kind

    but children are cruel
    ( teenagers are too )
    so you crushed it out of
    curiosity, perhaps

    that hurt, it really did
    but i can’t tell you that
    or give you the satisfaction
    i suppose that’s what i get
    for sleeping in your bed
    and loving you for it

    By F URL on 04.28.2013

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  6. She clasped onto him like he was a buoy in the savage sea, her only beacon of hope to stay afloat. He looked into her teary eyes. She silently begged him to stay, but he pulled himself away from her embrace. The last glimpse she saw of him was that of his back as he turned a corner and disappeared from her sight.

    By Stephanie Jennifer on 04.28.2013

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  8. I clasp the phone in my hand, knowing this will be the most important call I ever make, the call that will change my life entirely. I dial the number, swallow and wait for the ring.

    By ddc24 on 04.28.2013

  9. To hold hands and to have a nice deep warm bath of a hug. One that you feel like you are the focus of that persons attention and love. Contentment and a feeling of belonging where you should be and where you just might want to be. the power of feeling that love and attention.

    By Kat on 04.28.2013

  10. His fingers reach out for his hand, the tips just tickling past his flesh, but-

    Nothing. He can’t get a grasp on his hand, can’t reach the distance, can’t manage to clasp what he wants- quite literally- in his hand.

    By perfectlydiseased URL on 04.28.2013

  11. The clasp on the back of the dress wouldn’t clip on as the woman struggled to get her new dress on that she had bought that afternoon. Seeing her struggles her husband neared and stretched out his hand to assist her struggles. A smile covered her face as she knew that husband would prefer to take the dress off rather than see it on her. But they would be late for the date if they wasted the timed to do that at the moment. So the clasped hands and headed out the door and hopped into the car. Driving off they headed in the direction of their date and soon arrived.

    By Anna Zambito on 04.28.2013

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  13. It is like the dawn in my heart, where the shadows still clasp in long reaches across a brambly stretch of wilderness. The sun is climbing slowly, a smile that warms all the dark places I tried so very hard to protect. All that sinew is filleted, thin and flaking. Falling apart at your touch, melting under your eyes.

    By cmsiena URL on 04.28.2013

  14. He clasped your hand and threw you into the abyss. Then you were falling, falling down into the darkness, into oblivion. You weren’t scared though, you were just surprised. You never thought he would have betrayed you.

    By Juan Brint on 04.28.2013

  15. And times changed when he clasped his hands upon the artifact, darkening his heart as it’s fowl corrupt power coursed through his veins. No one else could of withstood such horrors as it would inflict in his mind. The world darkened this day, for he had become one with it. forever binding his soul, he would bring about the end times.

    By ShaeraDark on 04.28.2013

  16. He clasped my hands all of a sudden. “You can’t do this”, he said. I couldn’t speak, for the tears choked me down. But the, I couldn’t pull my hand away from his either. It wasn’t a clasp, not a mere clasp. It was much more, it was Superglue. :D

    By Aamen Talukdar URL on 04.28.2013

  17. Clasp. Sounds like Wasp, dunnit? Anyway, what was I saying. Yes, the clasp of the necklace you gave me broke yesterday. Pretty sad, huh!

    By Aamen Talukdar URL on 04.28.2013

  18. “We should move on. This ain’t going nowhere.”
    “Will you speak up, please…PLEASE.”
    “I’m going, Ani.”
    And then he clasped my hands in his own and gave me a look I won’t ever forget.

    By Aamen Talukdar URL on 04.28.2013

  19. is a holder of anything. like the hinge of a door. To me it means to hold on to things that mean the most in your life.

    By sagnika on 04.28.2013

  20. her hands tightly around the top of her handbag, the knot the brooch there was named the same as the white tight skinned knuckes of her hand

    By Penny on 04.28.2013

  21. I don’t care if we die. I don’t care if we go to hell. If only I have your hands clasped in mine. :)

    By Aamen Talukdar URL on 04.28.2013

  22. “Ugh,” I think as a struggle with the clasp on my necklace, “Why won’t this stupid thing work.” Tonight is the first big gala since I began my position as one of Ms. Joster’s assistants, and the fate of this gala will also decide the fate of the rest of my career. Finally my hands stop shaking enough for me to hook the clasp. I glance at my self once more in the mirror, smooth my dress, reapply my lipstick, and grab my keys as I close my apartment door behind me.

    By Becca on 04.28.2013

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  24. I don’t like this word they gave me. Clasp is a dumb word. All I can think of is that there are clasps on necklaces, and bracelets. Sometimes called a boob or nipple when talking to other females. A kind of lame joke that scares the female into thinking her actual boob or nipple is showing.

    By carol on 04.28.2013

  25. I clasp my hand in time to catch the ball after the batsman stoke it in the mid off position, and it improved our chances of winning the last cricket match. .

    By victor URL on 04.28.2013

  26. His clasp on her hands was tight, clammy. A little too uncomfortable in the thick atmosphere of the darkened room.

    A sharp intake of breath comes from the body across hers and she follows suit, alarm bells ringing in her head. Her body freezes as a beam of light passes narrowly over their heads, past their huddled forms and onto the wooden crate across from them, pausing fr a moment to look between the cracks before moving on in its search.

    By Myrhhi on 04.28.2013

  27. “he’s too shy, he’ll never make a move.”
    just then he clasped her hand in his and she smiled. No, blushed. Could he have read my mind she joked cognitively with herself.
    I can’t believe I just did that. Wow, I must really like her. I do really really like her.
    They were just 18

    By tandj on 04.28.2013

  28. I never thought I’d be allowed to clasp her hand like this. Not ever. She was too good for me, in all honesty. I reached out and slid my hand into hers, sighing in contentment as our skin brushed. A small smile played across her lips, and a laugh escaped mine.

    By Loren on 04.28.2013

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  30. In clothing a clasp is an amazing little piece of wire wrapped and curved and attached oddly enough by only a few tiny stitches to a waistband, a collar, or a tiny opening we need to secure for the sake of modesty. In people, clasp becomes an action… a small child clasping a loving parent, a young boy clasping a dog after playing ball, teenagers in love for the first time clasping their hands together as they walk side by side, an adult clasping to a dream as they endure long hours working or studying to bring their goal into being. Clasp is an incredibly powerful word filled with strength and staying power with the unending ability to be refilled without a prescription.

    By JDwrites URL on 04.28.2013

  31. your hands around mine as we dive in deep together, the rush of cold water isn’t what tingles your spine but it is the ruch towards the dark abyss below. never so we ruch towards the unknown only now do we fling ourselves so willing before it, for we know that the surface is not far away. But as we sit on top laughing neither of us allows the other to see that hint of primordial fear because we all know that the only thing that could live down in these cold, daark, rocky depths will be no friend of ours

    By penny URL on 04.28.2013

  32. I felt him clasp my hand in the darkness and suddenly the world became a safer, friendlier place. The darkness did not seem so dark and hope for the future loomed bright.

    By Tracey URL on 04.28.2013

  33. for once i wanted to clasp her hand.for one last time.its too late now.feel miserable.

    By bhoomika basumallik on 04.28.2013

  34. It was a daunting task that I was sure I would be ready for when the time came. But tonight sitting on the bed in front of you I realized I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t undo your clasp and let our love flow free.

    By Brooke B URL on 04.28.2013

  35. Clasping: to reach and grab, to exert pressure onto an item, thing, organism. Clasp emotionally to have that click that makes since. A clasp on a necklace that one can’t connect so you either struggle or you find the nearest person, or if no one is there you just don’t wear it.

    By Bethany on 04.28.2013

  36. Her fingers clasped around his, tightening until her knuckles were white. “I’m never letting go.” She whispered, and he pulled her close as they tilted off of the wall, given no choice by those who had sheltered them for so long. Tangled and entwined, they made no sound.

    By Serryphae URL on 04.28.2013

  37. Johnny heard the sound behind him and stopped. He felt the darkness around him clasp hold tighter and any hope of calling out for help lodged in his throat.

    By Cim URL on 04.28.2013

  38. Clasped to her heart, the memory of love. The memory of pain followed.

    By Heather on 04.28.2013

  39. I clasped the flimsy fabric harder. Why had I been so stupid? John looked at me and sighed, “You know, you’re going to have to do it eventually.”

    By Meep on 04.28.2013

  40. The woman clasped her hands to his chest, fear filling her eyes as blood poured out of the wound. It was only small and they hadn’t noticed it when he’d gone down. James had even tried to keep going, that was until he looked down and saw the blood bubbling out of the bullet wound. He’d fallen to the ground and crawled as far away as possible from the fighting, Amy had looked around herself and deciding that no-one would notice if she disappeared for a few seconds followed him.

    By Ellen URL on 04.28.2013