October 19th, 2011 | 422 Entries

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422 Entries for “castle”

  1. as they turned the corner and he uncovered her eyes she saw it, for the first time, up on a hill not too far off. it looked like a fairytale. “that’s where we’re going?” she asked with excitement.

    By More Everything URL on 10.19.2011

  2. Everyone builds a castle for themselves. Whether it is out of friends, wealth, health or talent is your choice. Your castle needs to be strengthened with charcteristics such as love and trust. Feelings of unloyalty, dis honesty and hate will cause it to crumble. Feel free, build your castle as you wish and fly a proud banner from the top.

    By Jordi on 10.19.2011

  3. I sometimes wish that I lived in an ice cream castle. Like in that story Hansel and Gretel – the witch’s house – but a fucking castle. It would be awesome. I would eat the castle like a fat dutch kid. Yeah, stop distracting me. I’m trying to write a one word entry here.

    By Brad on 10.19.2011

  4. I exist in the castle on the shore by the sea
    with a tree next to me
    and my guitar right by my side
    the sand is pink
    inside the castle
    is desolate
    just like my brain
    once all the thoughts go silent
    there are benches
    but no one sits in them
    and a podium
    for the castle is a temple
    but no one stands before it
    within my castle
    i sit
    and meditate

    By jill URL on 10.19.2011

  5. construction, home, princess, nice, cute, I’ll love live in one, I really do not kow wtf im doig and I have to stop.. LOL I HAVE MY PRINCE

    By Marie URL on 10.19.2011

  6. In the new new world lives this new new girl who love her nice nice dog… and miss her cool cool family… Marie Madrigal.. LOVE fairy tales! (:

    By Marie URL on 10.19.2011

  7. fairytales and princesses, the prince arrives on a horse and saves his love!
    wonderful fairlytale castle in the mountains where they lived happily ever after!
    With a tower and wonderfully large balconies!! Love forever!

    By Toni on 10.19.2011

  8. she created castles in the clouds, dreamy fortresses floating up in the sky that were always waiting and anticipating her return as princess. she built up wonderlands of love and mystery and imagination, places on the other side that weren’t quite as scary (but every bit as strange and smooth) as people seemed to suppose. they were the places for her to rest and to think, her favorite spot to just relax, and the castles were her home.

    By Leanne URL on 10.19.2011

  9. “If we don’t hit the White Castle on the way home, I am gonna barf,” he said, his voice rising with each word.

    Joey gripped the steering wheel and let out a long, dramatic breath. “Please explain to me how White Castle could serve as some kind of anti-emetic.”

    By Marian writes URL on 10.19.2011

  10. Building her castle is his everyday dream, but sadly he does not have sufficient money to realize his dream.

    By Jimmy URL on 10.19.2011

  11. It was a castle hidden underground, a maze of engraved dirt tunnels and root tapestries that rivaled anything land dwellers could build. Caprice looked at it with pride. The design was his finest work.

    By Faeiri URL on 10.19.2011

  12. All I want is to have a Howl to my Moving Castle.

    Its was a simple request, but apparently, men like Howl are hard to come across and I don’t have a Calcifer to help me find him.

    By Tiffany on 10.19.2011

  13. As I walked for hours and hours, I lost myself in thought. At one point I had tripped over a branch, just as I looked up I saw an opening in the trees, standing high on the hill I saw a castle. Full of awe and wonder, I quickly walked towards the castle. The distance was decievingly far, it got darker and darker an I had still not reached it. Finally, I just collapse on a log and fell asleep…never making it to my destination.

    By foost URL on 10.19.2011

  14. its like im locked up in my cerebral castle again, walls way up high. youre a great guy, youre what id want. but we’re all fucked up a bit right now. and that kiss. its all i can think about. but i dont want to open again, i just cant. id want to , but i cant. and now i sit here lost.

    By ramona on 10.19.2011

  15. i dont know why but i want to be in that castle with you one day. i dont know you well, but i can still see us together. i sometimes think i am being crazy and delusional, but other times it’s very reassuring that you are there. you are my castle in the sky. thank you.

    By jeanine on 10.19.2011

  16. 四時更變化,歲月一何速。

    she felt
    ancient. the sky lied
    airy in her breast, a fluttering thing
    she had raised from
    silk spun fairytales.
    all the love in the world lit
    her eyes starless,
    the heart of the land
    a warm palm against her back
    (she could feel its heat
    still, even when it was

    By invinculis URL on 10.19.2011

  17. I want to live in a white castle, with stone walls high enough to protect me from people who think I could hurt them. I want to be hidden, behind my white castle walls, safe and sound, curled up in the corner, in the shadows, where no one can find me, because my castle will be a white labyrinth made of the finest marble money can buy. Maybe the finest marble blood can buy – but then people would be afraid again, and I’m so sick of people being afraid that I decided to lock myself in this castle in the first place…

    By Lancir URL on 10.19.2011

  18. He loved castles.

    They were large, vast, unexplored, and beautiful; they held secrets, undiscovered mysteries. Many were the wonders of the castle. Not including the view, or the things near to it. But, Reymond loved castles for other reasons too. They made him feel secure, powerful, and guarded, especially Blexuim Castle, of Eastern Corderis, it had many fortresses, helms, and shields in the path of the enemy. Blexuim would be the last Castle to fall out of the Order of Caslltees. Reymond knew that well.

    And Reymond used that knowledge of the Caslltees for more than just that, but for the protection of the weak and vulnerable.

    By Anne Harlow on 10.19.2011

  19. I live in a castle in a far away land with far away people who do far away things. The I realized I wanted to be close. Close to the people in the land doing the things.

    The castle is my home but not for long.

    By Charlotte on 10.19.2011

  20. Made of sand or stone, it towers above lands claimed by its lords. It may reside in the clouds, where whiteness surrounds and the cotton touches of its walls invite all, or in the barren plains where no man may enter without a secret knock on the lion-ringed door and a cloak embroidered with the blood of fairies.

    By Catherine URL on 10.19.2011

  21. your arms around me keep me warm at night and safe during the cold evenings. the memory of you wraps itself around me protecting me- my white knight, in shining armour, with sparkles and courage and love in your eyes. keep me safe within this castle full of our love.

    By philippa weston URL on 10.19.2011

  22. Here I am, in my castle, my fortress. I’ve spent years building up my walls; trying in vain to keep myself safe. I won’t let them be torn down, they’ve only been knocked down once before, and now they’re stronger than ever. But no, they’re not there to keep everyone out; they’re there to determine who’s willing to climb over them, and see what’s inside.

    By catyeah URL on 10.19.2011

  23. His kingdom was a lasting one. He ruled with fairness yet firmness. He knew his people and loved them all. It was no wonder when his castle was razed, leveled to the prosperous ground by a vicious tyrant with no thought but to progress his own power.

    By allison URL on 10.19.2011

  24. There was once a castle. It was a magical castle. The princess there always wanted to leave. Magic got boring after a while and she had always wanted to go play in the fields like the normal children.

    By Brianna on 10.19.2011

  25. i want to live in a medieval castle with mythical dragons and creators on the out side, but technology on the inside… dope

    By spur on 10.19.2011

  26. There is a castle on a cloud. I like to go there in my sleep. Aren’t any floors for me to sweep… not in my castle on a cloud. There is a lady all in white, holds me and sings a lullaby. She’s dah dah dah and she’s soft to touch. She says, “Cosette, I love you very much.”
    Forget the lyrics, love the song.

    By Kira URL on 10.19.2011

  27. The catsle glistened. I’m here I thought. I’m finally here! I looked to my left where Tony was standing. He smiled at me, his teeth looked whiter than they really were because of his face being so dirty.

    By Laura on 10.19.2011

  28. the castle loomed above all else from its high position on the hill.
    I climbed for hours before I reached the castle w

    By Lu Potillo on 10.19.2011

  29. the castle of inspiration…of broken dreams..what am i talking about..what exactly do i mean? im not sure of it..i just heard that phrase before..”broken dreams”…guess it could simply mean dreams that were broken, and therefore unfulfilled. Maybe…………..

    By Khari Malik on 10.19.2011

  30. They say that the body is a temple, but I always thoght that it is more like a castle. The temple is build to worship something, wether is a deity or anything else; but the body seems built to keep secrets from others and to resist the assaults of time

    By Felipe URL on 10.19.2011

  31. well what are we talking about. a castle where a king and queen and prince and princess are from? or one children build in the sand? or possible an old gothic looking one? it all depends on which one you mean, because they are all unique :)

    By Muffin URL on 10.19.2011

  32. I confronted everything head on. I was sick of the uninvited thrills of life. Things had been pretty dull on my side. It was as if I lived in a faraway castle, safe from everyone’s problems; I wanted it to stay that way too. I didn’t want anyone trying to rescue me on their small safety boat. I was perfectly safe where I was. But no one understood that.

    By Marissa URL on 10.19.2011

  33. Think of the maze as a castle. Think of the labyrinth as a castle. “Castle” has a certain connotation that makes all the difference. The castle implies something regal, something special, or perhaps an adventure.
    It always seem to be about the connotation, like a glass half empty or a glass half full.

    By Paige on 10.19.2011

  34. The castle was built on clouds. Dreams we never touched, although we thought about it. Things we never did but meant to. The castle told us to go and do those things, because if we didn’t they’d just become memories.

    By LauraLu URL on 10.19.2011

  35. i already knew that this was the word of the day. but it reminds me of the tv show that i was watching but then i decided not to watch it because it got kinda boring and i started watching supernatural instead because it’s more interesting and i don’t have time to catch up on two tv shows at once because i have a lot of homework. but castle and bekett are really cute.

    By Meggie URL on 10.19.2011

  36. He said he had lived in a castle as a child but never elaborated. It wasn’t until it was too late that it was discovered what he had meant and where the castle was. If only he had told others about it, the secret may not have consumed him and he could have lived in that castle again.

    By CorinaJoyC URL on 10.19.2011

  37. A castle can have many different designs and rooms. I have never seen a castle in real life but would love to explore an old castle in Europe. There are many different types that I want to explore.

    By Jennifer Notton on 10.19.2011

  38. I’m drinking a beer and smoking weed. Gawd! I wish Castle was on (ABC), Nathan Fillian is the Shit. Bring back Firefly!

    By strotherahill URL on 10.19.2011

  39. My novel took place in a castle, there was a clocktower and dungeons and workrooms. Now that idea’s gone kaput and I was considering a manor, but a manor can’t be in the center of a floating city nor can it have a giant bell tower. Darn.

    On the other hand castle are where dreams are put to bed, tucked in for another day, any day….

    By Ammi URL on 10.19.2011

  40. Castle. I wish I was a princess, who lived in a castle. In a time long ago. I would be appreciated, and pampered, and maybe find a prince charming. That would be nice. A castle, a prince, the whole sha-bang. <3

    By Baleigh on 10.19.2011