October 20th, 2011 | 400 Entries

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400 Entries for “relate”

  1. Relate to other people relate to other things. If you relate things in Mrs. Clarks class relate things in the book to things right now. are you related to me? I think not.

    By Frankenbob URL on 10.21.2011

  2. We can all relate to a song in some way.
    She said she cannot relate to what happened because she has never had that happen to her.
    The boy could relate to the car accident, because he was in one six months ago.

    By jordan URL on 10.21.2011

  3. in a book you can relate to people in different ways

    By shminky URL on 10.21.2011

  4. Relate means comparing.. Everyone can relate to how someone else feels at some point.I can relate to how my team feels after we win a game or lose a game.

    By Bubbles1213 URL on 10.21.2011

  5. relate can be cool but it can be very relaty i do not know what this means so…………..

    By Noah Gray URL on 10.21.2011

  6. i am relateD to my brosef;)

    By Leo URL on 10.21.2011

  7. movies. you can relate to the people and characters in it, or in a book too

    By zoe lewis URL on 10.21.2011

  8. I can relate with my family…Sometimes

    By loveninja URL on 10.21.2011

  9. I relate to many people in this world of trapped souls.

    By epicfaceofdeath45 on 10.21.2011

  10. i relate to my family and friend by liking the same things

    By Sydney URL on 10.21.2011

  11. Everything on Earth, somehow, relates to the others. Something in common. A shared trait. Even the opposites, like a hunter and prey, can relate. The world is all the same in some way. Look for the things that are the same as well as the things that aren’t.

    By stripes URL on 10.21.2011

  12. I can relate to my friend.I can relate to my family.I am related to my whole family. Relate,relate,relate. Relate. Relate.

    By danielle scott URL on 10.21.2011

  13. i am related ot a lot of people these days. are you? well if you’re not then i am and you are sad so hahahahahahaha! what does people that fart wanna talk ’bout yesterday?

    By Colin URL on 10.21.2011

  14. One thing in life is related to another thing. In that sense the whole of the world is related to one another. Living things are related to non-living things and vice-versa.

    By sankar on 10.21.2011

  15. Relate… I dont relate to the rest of the world. I am ust an aquarius , a roaming soul and granola.

    By Ondine URL on 10.21.2011

  16. family, understanding, empathy, something that is not very easy to do. And requiers a true heart to do it properly. Something I hope my children excell at….

    By emily on 10.21.2011

  17. friends are amazing you have more things to talk about than an adult. I can relate to kids. Relating to people can be hard most of the time.

    By Camille Turrubiates on 10.21.2011

  18. I can’t relate to this word. It’s a verb, which is kind of lame. I think maybe a noun too… Like, if you say “I can relate”, then can would be the verb, I guess. But yeah, verbs are lame. Because it involves… effort. Ew, I sound like a stereotypical lazy S.O.B…. I just don’t care for this word. Relate… relatives… aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. That’s all I get from that. When does this end? It just doesn’t, I swear…. This thing doesn’t log me in…. gah. rah. ro ma ro ma ma ga ga ooh la la want your bad romance. WANT YOUR BAD ROMANCEEEEEE! Are we done yet? No…. O.K., cool, I respect that. I can relate to that. Not. End. End. End. Micropenis. End. No. O.K. Whatever. I love you. It’s a minute, right? Not like 98 minutes. Oh, I think it tells me when times up, but doesn’t make me stop. That’s dumb, it should make me stop. I have to scroll down to find out. Lame. Scrolling. Lame.

    By Kelly on 10.21.2011

  19. I want to relate to you. Relating to someone can be the best thing. Its that moment when you get someone, where for a split second you understand them and they understand you. Thats the best feeling ever. Where no words are shared but the eyes connect everything.

    By Alexandra Gallegos on 10.21.2011

  20. Something that is close to the thing you are talking about.

    By Samantha on 10.21.2011

  21. I am related to my mother and my fathers family. The meaning to me is when you are close to someone or something and its about the same but not alike.

    By Samantha on 10.21.2011

  22. I can’t relate to people who buy the idea that the rich should not be taxed because their wealth will trickle down to us. We’ve had over 30 years of that philosophy and it has been a blocked pipe ever since. No trickle, certainly no stream, not even a drip.

    By Andie on 10.21.2011

  23. to know and to think. to understand what others are thinking and doing and to know that it’s possible in your mind too. to connect with someone, even parapherally. relate is to relation. to family and to sex.

    By jessica on 10.21.2011

  24. ff

    By Mr. C URL on 10.21.2011

  25. I can relate to a lot of people. My dog is very relate able, she always knows if I am happy or sad. I also can relate to family, because we do a lot together. I think that relating is very important to people.

    By Katinka on 10.21.2011

  26. relate, a word that is used to show the similarity between one thing to another. relate can be used when talking about how 2 people are related, how you can relate to something, how a dog is related to a wolf and so on.

    By Cheyenne Redding on 10.21.2011

  27. completely understand, gather from my own experiences and re-feel the emotion. from those experiences to emphatically connect with the person.

    By ella URL on 10.21.2011

  28. I relate to the sky, I relate to the moon, I relate to the stars, I relate to everything around me. I am one with nature, I am the great god Pan. I relate to me, you and everything around us. We are one.

    By Laura on 10.21.2011

  29. Relate to my mate about all that i ate
    I hate writing and lack of sleep
    this may not make sense but is kinda cool
    I don’t know what to say but I did just get back from the pool
    I was at the ymca
    so folks sweat but I swim
    I enjoy this thought process of lack there of
    its stress free and somewhat me.
    How do I know how much time I have
    I guess it just matters what I create
    but don’t get me wrong I have good traits.
    Now I know this sounds crazy
    and this poem is missing some sort of rythme
    but at this time it is simply making sense.

    By Gabrielle on 10.21.2011

  30. I can’t relate to dinosaurs.
    Haha kawaii nehss.

    By eric on 10.21.2011

  31. To her, problems were her dad yelling at her. I couldn’t listen to it. I know it’s all relative, but be thankful you have a dad.

    By shannon on 10.21.2011

  32. Well, I can relate to a lot of things. The pain, the suffering, the love, the craziness. I think there’s too litle relating in the world, in general. We could also dissect the word into re-late, meaning late again, which I never am. That was super interesting.

    By Jack Black URL on 10.21.2011

  33. To relate is to create a connection between two things, to form a connection, called a relationship. Relation is a strong bond that unifies two, or even more.

    By Anant URL on 10.21.2011

  34. she had never really had a chance to relate to anyone. she was strange to begin with and strange in her demise. her eyes had a curious color, unlike anything any human ever possesed. a blueish green that glowed impossibly bright. Her intellegence was above and beyond those who would be considered her peers, the poor dear never had a chance to relate to anyone.

    By Teresa Briones on 10.21.2011

  35. relate to the sure shock. Im floating trying to relate with the clouds. Im related to many a people that i would like to be more acquainted with. Spaghetti o’s and meatballs you have to be kidding me. Im writing whatever pops in my head and wondering if anyone else can relate.

    By Deveric on 10.21.2011

  36. relate

    By Mark Wiley on 10.21.2011

  37. I have no idea what im doing bananas

    By Mark Wiley on 10.21.2011

  38. If there was one thing David could relate to, it was getting cheated on. He knew how it felt, that sting in your heart that you hadn’t been enough to keep them there and faithful.
    “It’s okay,” he says softly, wrapping his arm around his daughter. “He’s not worth it,” he whispers.

    By Amanda URL on 10.21.2011

  39. I don’t understand why I can’t relate to the people I work with. Don’t get me wrong, we are all friends here and I feel accepted. But there are some days when I feel like a complete outcast, like I don’t belong. I feel like my voice is muffled behind all of their loud, boisterous voices. The Advertising business truly is a man’s world; it’s a world I try so hard to belong to. I relate to my clients, I relate to the other women in the company, but I just can’t seem to relate to the big boss and his boys.

    By Anita on 10.21.2011

  40. makes me think of relationships and particular people i appreciate and care about. I feel very connected to them, i learn from them and understand it is part of my evolution.

    By Ied on 10.21.2011