October 18th, 2011 | 423 Entries

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423 Entries for “mutual”

  1. erhm.. It’s mutual!

    By João Salvador on 10.19.2011

  2. They left the house as the day went by. No more weird talks, no more of that feeling of not knowing what to say in face of verbal violence.
    Some sorrow will follow through the years, and that will be mutual!

    By Jonas Paulo URL on 10.19.2011

  3. When you start to spend our money behind everyone’s back it gets really fucking irritating. You’re only hurting yourself as well as hurting those around you. So no matter how you look at this, no one is a winner, whether you like it or not. But do you really care?

    By Vanessa URL on 10.19.2011

  4. mutual funds are arguably less profitable than selling stocks on your own. They are so diversified that they cannot beat the market by any considerable margin. nevertheless they appeal to many investors as they are much safer than other methods.

    By Jeff Jamanga on 10.19.2011

  5. our friend, who somehow, has managed to keep us from meeting until now….this conversation is compelling, an opportunity to compare notes, based on the strange suspicions that have niggled at us for some time now, but that we have been unable to address for fear of…

    By georgie on 10.19.2011

  6. mtual benefits
    mutual friend is someone you know because you both have a friend in common
    there was once a girl who met her love from a mutual friend this is a great way to meet a spouse because you know you already have something in common

    By AVa on 10.19.2011

  7. the feeling is mutual….
    a common phrase used to express that one is consumed with the same emotion

    to a woman: you almost look like a man
    her reponse: so do you

    the feeling was mutual

    By AVa on 10.19.2011

  8. I think of a mutual bond between symbiants and hosts. For example, the small fish that clean the larger sharks. Or the birds that clean the insects off of larger animals. I can only imagine what the world would look like if people were to look for the usefulness in others and cultured a more interdependent relationship, rather than seeking for domination and disregarding people.

    By Uncle Jimmy URL on 10.19.2011

  9. If your love was mutual it would be like running on watery waves
    If you ever feel for me I would be swept by the wind in a blow
    into the happy kingdom of dreams come true
    But you will never know.

    By Julie URL on 10.19.2011

  10. I guess that is what I would hope we would have. Life lived in Nebraska. All of those expectations on our wedding day. And now this? A dead child. Infidelity. The lake view is still nice though. And winter isn’t as bad as we thought. And you are always always so forgiving.

    By Bryan URL on 10.19.2011

  11. mutual. what a word? mutual as in mutual friends on facebook? that is the first thing that comes to mind when i see that word. hmm…mutual meaning something we both like, that is really good. that’s how most friendships begin, mutual likings. something you can converse about. something you can share a bond about. that’s how my best friend and i began our friendship, mutual hatred towards our 5th grade reading teacher.

    By Rebbecca on 10.19.2011

  12. Me and my boyfriend share a mutual relationship. We agree on a lot of things and feel the same way about each other. He likes me and I like him in about the same level.

    By chelsea on 10.19.2011

  13. We had mutual friends the mad dog and me. One of them was Rubecca the round and soft woman who lived by the gas station with Oglio Vella. The later was a small italian man with a tiny beard, a big appetite and car full of premium dogfood.

    By Becktor URL on 10.19.2011

  14. anything goes in this day and time. Lives are up, lives are down. Except by the grace of God, we don’t dare know what is before us. But we must go thru to get thru. Yes, we must!!! Ok, so I thought my time was up, but see…that’s grace!

    By Sealia Dane on 10.19.2011

  15. the same. there’s not much more that can be said about it. a relationship is mutual so it’s not only one person who is to blame if something happens. people have mutual friends, ie. the same friends. feelings can also be mutual. I’m not going to keep on saying ‘the same’ as I think that the definition is quite straight forward now. what is this meant for though? i hope there’s a point otherwise this seems rather pointless.

    By Sarah on 10.19.2011

  16. plivlicon

    By Deanna on 10.19.2011

  17. its mutual for me to think of you in the likes of what we used to have.
    by mutual i mean
    i hope that you think of me this way too.

    what we used to have- seems forever ago
    but ago with the flow and bring back what’s still here
    not there
    it was mutual for so long
    can’t it be mutual now?

    By Mira URL on 10.19.2011

  18. it was mutual, the hate, the love, everything in the world was mutual until he came along. He laughed and decided he didn’t like the calm surface of the world, he decided he wanted to throw in a couple of stones and make some pretty ripples in those beautiful blue and green oceans.

    By Anonymous as far as you're concerned on 10.19.2011

  19. So my life is so busy that I don’t have time to read one word and write about it. My bad, please forgive oversite in previous writing…I am sure this problem is mutual…perhaps?

    By Sealia Dane on 10.19.2011

  20. It was a mutual agreement, they would meet at the train station. But did they have mutual feelings? she couldn’t help but wonder.She waited for the red light and wondered what would happen next, this wasn’t what she had planned.The light turned to green and she walked on through the night.

    By Kate URL on 10.19.2011

  21. mutual…same….requited…how lovely…things that are mutual…good things…God things…like love…yes mutual love…requited love…

    By Sealia Dane on 10.19.2011

  22. A feeling, what a complicated thing to do but so simple to say. Are there any other ways of grasping the meaning of something other than by practicing them?

    By Nabil on 10.19.2011

  23. she looks at me in
    like i’m just a piece
    on the bottom
    of her
    cheap primark shoes
    like i’m the one
    people should be
    of when i walk into the room.
    and the feeling continues to be mutual.

    By Iffath URL on 10.19.2011