March 7th, 2011 | 719 Entries

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719 Entries for “almost”

  1. Me: So, I got you another date for tonight!

    Almost: Oh, tell me you’re not going to hook me up with that loser “Persistence,” because the only thing he’s persistent about is trying to get his T into my O.

    Me: Yeah, “Persistence” can be a little single-minded like that.

    Almost: So, who’s the new dude?

    Me: Well, he’s very, um, what’s the word? Uh…well, he’s pretty successful. He looks good in almost any font, really.

    Almost: You’re avoiding —

    Me: Alright! His name is “Completion,” but, hey, he comes with his own Os! Two of them even!

    By HelenGrant URL on 03.07.2011

  2. I was almost finished doing what I wanted to do. It was so close to being over, I could barely handle. The feeling was on the tip of my tongue. It was almost there. It was almost done, almost over, and I felt the excitement building in my chest, making my heart flutter and pound in my ears.

    By Natalie on 03.07.2011

  3. I almost did it. I almost pulled the trigger and ended all of this chaos, all of this un-ending nonsense. But, I didn’t. And I guess that’s the important thing. I didn’t want to upset you. I didn’t want to cause you the same amount of pain you caused me– because that would be cheating.

    By Ingrid Berendina URL on 03.07.2011

  4. almost there. almost near. almost far. almost together. almost apart. almost to the top. almost in love. almost broken hearts. almost touching. almost drifting. almost talking. almost loving.

    By Cathryn URL on 03.07.2011

  5. Almost is a word that makes you think. You can’t really think when you do things. You can almost imagin what happened. Like you were almost alte to work or almost forgot something. Almost is a little reminder of what could be.

    By Ashley on 03.07.2011

  6. Nothing happened today. Had awesome thought, but changed my opinion so many times, don’t know what to think about it. Almost no.

    By Jakub Nicota URL on 03.07.2011

  7. I almost did it…. So many times the blade almost cut across my skin in its own sort of sick dance. I only wish I knew why I wanted to mix my blood into the recital…

    By Maggie on 03.07.2011

  8. I can almost do a push-up. When I was nine I was able to do 100 for my black belt test, but now I can barely muster a single one. I can do it if I really try.

    By lizzyb97 URL on 03.07.2011

  9. i almost fell in love but then i thought about what that would do to me and my health. i almost found the one but almost doesnt count. i almost lost my faith in god but i remembered he the one that brought me through my hard times

    By lakreshea on 03.07.2011

  10. I almost jumped. But the scenes of last summer cascaded my mind like the blanket i held as he lashed me. It was all in the past. Why should I die in order to erase something so horrid, but at the same time, so out of my life. It was almost a catastrophe. But it wasn’t, due to my epiphany.

    By jordanstanley URL on 03.07.2011

  11. well i almost had it in me to get through it all. i almost was strong enough to tough it out. i almost was fast enough to get away. but in the end, it caught up to me and it was the one who won. it was the one who got the victory and it was the one who ended up on top.
    in the end, though, almost doesn’t matter. i could have been that close, and i could have been a million miles away. and in the end, no one really cares. because in the end, almost just wasn’t good enough.

    By lia URL on 03.07.2011

  12. I almost decided in a dream something what others normally are trying to decide for a long time… Almost…

    By Jakub Nicota URL on 03.07.2011

  13. Almost. That feeling when you almost get somewhere. Almost kiss that girl. Almost win the championship game. That feeling where you cannot fully grasp onto your desires. The slight taste of failure. However, almost is bittersweet. You learn. And soon there will be no more almost, but always.

    By Frank Cooper on 03.07.2011

  14. it’s almost there. that feeling when you know something is right but it’s just not the right place, the right time. almost. a small satisfaction, but mostly a hope. a desperation. an excitement. feel it in your bones, don’t let it go, because it’s just on the verge. volatile beauty. it’s almost.

    By Janelle on 03.07.2011

  15. I’m almost done stressing out about this situation. I’m almost there, but not quite. I suppose there is no use in worrying about what’s already happened, but it’s difficult. I feel terrible and ashamed of myself, because I know better. I have absolutely no excuse to be doing things like that. I’m almost done beatug myself up about it, I’ve almost accepted that what’s done is done and that I can’t change the past.

    By Anastasia Shmytova URL on 03.07.2011

  16. ha
    i almost had a life
    i almost wasn’t bored every second of the day
    i almost could have died a few times
    i almost want everything i can’t have
    i almost almost
    the more i write almost, the more it looks like a fake word

    By almost nothing on 03.07.2011

  17. I almost had you, by my side. Almost had you right here right now. I almost felt the way you touched, but almost doesn’t count. Not here not now.

    By Aubrei on 03.07.2011

  18. almost is like CLOSE but not quite. …. sort of but not really. it’s a mean word really…. ALMOST.

    By AMG on 03.07.2011

  19. last summer i almost ran a full marathon. i got up to 14 miles of training, after a 1/2 marathon race in chicago, when i got injured (again). 14 miles is the longest i had ever run, and i felt that if i could break the 1/2 marathon distance i could certainly get to 26.2 miles. i almost did. maybe someday i will.

    By Alicia URL on 03.07.2011

  20. I was almost okay with not being together. But instead you intend on pretending nothing’s wrong. I get my hopes up and then you just let me down again. I’m not sure if I should let it go, or go with it. ):

    By Brooklyn URL on 03.07.2011

  21. Almost is what I’ve been my whole life. ALMOST as good as him, ALMOST fast enough to join that swim team, ALMOST smart enough to answer that question, ALMOST straight A’s. Kay, the last two were lies. xD But this is, almost, not a lie: I’m almost done writing, and the time’s almost done ticking.

    By Harry Potter. URL on 03.07.2011

  22. Almost. It’s always just almost. Why do we give everything when people will only care… almost… It’s never enough. But yet we never stop giving it. Why do we do this? The human race is officially a very stupid bunch. Then again, maybe we’re actually an extremely optimistic bunch. We give our all to people until we find that one person that will give their all back. That’s what we’re waiting for. We wait for the almosts to disappear. In the end, it’s worth waiting through the almosts to find that one total.

    By Stooshie URL on 03.07.2011

  23. I was almost there. I could not stop running. If I were to stop everything would end, everything I had worked for, we had worked for. Everything we built together, all of it would come crashing down like forests under development. I couldn’t let that happen. I was almost there. I kept running.

    By Jasper on 03.07.2011

  24. Brian almost stepped on the banana while he was on his morning walk, but almost magically, he didn’t. Brian decided that this was a normal thing, and nothing to be worried about.

    By Gregoz on 03.07.2011

  25. Being that close to it was the thing that killed me. He was almost there, so close. Close enough to grab me. End me , within seconds. Why? Because no one cares, no one stopped him, and if he doesn’t get me, he’ll say to himself, “Almost…”

    By Denia. URL on 03.07.2011

  26. almost, but just barely. sort of, yet not there. she pined and brooded, wrapping the thought about her half-conscious mind. a jack of all trades? excelling in all. mastering, none. the thought was enough to break her heart.

    By Sam URL on 03.07.2011

  27. you almost promised
    so I almost loved you
    and we almost got married
    and later
    I almost cared about it almost a little to much
    in the end thank you

    By svsavage URL on 03.07.2011

  28. almost is the word i cant stand because almost is soo close. almost is as bad as soon you can almost always get away with saying it as an answer to the question. almost is too far away and soon is not close enough

    By RANDOLPH URL on 03.07.2011

  29. i dont even know what to say about almost, everything is almost, nothing is ever complete. almo st? bark bark

    By mindwynd URL on 03.07.2011

  30. She thought she was almost.

    But not quite.

    But not quite and almost aren’t enough. She didn’t think she was enough. And so she wasn’t.

    By Little Shark on 03.07.2011

  31. I almost called my big lost love today. But then i realized that he would still be in my life if it was big enough! sad….

    By Jell on 03.07.2011

  32. Almost is the word that you use after failure to obtain a goal short term or long. This is a really crappy word. Don’t let it get you down try saying yes! Thats a great word. Live your life!

    By John on 03.07.2011

  33. Almost. Its not complete. Its getting to that point, it is making it on its way. Someday it will fufill to completely. Yes, at one point everything is almost, until its fufilled. Don’t give up. You’ll make it. Almost is close. From the start, you’ve gone a long way. You just need to push a little more and you’ve made it.

    By kait on 03.07.2011

  34. I’m almost there. I’m so close. He’s also almost there. Will we arrive together? Or will there be yet another miss, an ill-fated close-call that could have changed both their lives? Will he almost be quiet? Will they almost change their fates, their futures, their lives and destinies? Or will the almost come fail, and they will instead achieve TRUTH?

    By Robin URL on 03.07.2011

  35. Almost, but I messed it up.

    Like I always do.

    By itsallunderstood URL on 03.07.2011

  36. “I almost dropped out of school at fourteen where I almost made out with the homecoming queen
    Who almost went on to be Ms. Texas, but lost to a s*** with much bigger b*****”
    – Bowling for Soup

    Revisiting the middleschool today made me almost wish I was back there. At the same time I thank God everyday that i’m out of that place.

    By Jules URL on 03.07.2011

  37. A perpetual state of not-final. Almost done, almost finished, almost over, almost there. A perpetual limbo state, a liminal state, a state of tremendous potential that is never realized – or it’s ALMOST realized but never gets anywhere; it’s like the Sisyphus of adverbs: almost to the top of the hill, almost escaping the land of the underworld where he finds himself, so that he’s always almost already free.

    By deborah l quinn URL on 03.07.2011

  38. I was almost there, and she stopped me. “What are you doing she said?”
    “I’m going away for a while, someplace that i don’t have to remember all that’s happened to me.” I looked at her eyes, they were glossed over from all the years of being unsure of my actions. Maybe me going away was good for her too, I’m sure she grows weary of my incessant wandering through life, no real goal, no real destination. She needs someone that will take care of her.

    By Meagan on 03.07.2011

  39. I almost made it out of there without a scratch. But you made an impression. I almost took it back. But I couldn’t. I almost changed my mind. I almost decided it was worth it. It almost was. I almost did it. But I think I made the right decision.

    By Bella on 03.07.2011

  40. It was almost time to go to bed, and I was quite unsure of how I was going to do it. ??? You are wondering what in the world I am talking about??!! Will I go to bed early and try and get a good nights sleep?? Or will I stay up and try for a wonderful five hours sleep that I usually get.

    By Cathy on 03.07.2011