March 6th, 2011 | 568 Entries

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568 Entries for “swept”

  1. i was swept off my feet by a knight in shining armour but had to buy lots of brasso to shine him up again as most of his armour was rusted! how is that for

    By Elize URL on 03.07.2011

  2. I was swept away by your beauty. Radiant and pure, full of energy, simplicity and life. A beautiful soul, a quiet soul. A friend of mine indeed. Your spirit is easy and flows like the wind.

    By Sarah on 03.07.2011

  3. It moved away from the milling water in a splash of white foam. Landing neck down on the beach it sort of balanced before rolling onto its side. Part of the label was still visible: a white wine from South Africa. Inside was a note that could be seen through the green glass a little distorted. he reach for it just as the next wave pushed it a little further away from his intrigued hand and as he moved ever closer it receeded further still. He gave up. As did the note.

    By Paul Robertson URL on 03.07.2011

  4. Swept away into an icy abyss, sinking. sinking.
    What was once up is now down, and what is down i no longer care to know.
    What is, is not. And what i am, is far from what i feel.
    living a lie.

    By Anjelica URL on 03.07.2011

  5. And he swept her into his arms. Just like that, they knew there was something different. Something new. And wondering. It was at that moment, they were infinite.

    By Melanie on 03.07.2011

  6. And just like that, her heart was swept away… taken from her… she had no control. She wanted this man like a starving person wants a meal. Like thirst needs drink. Like an addict needs one… more… hit. It was more than a physical craving, it was deep within the chambers of her heart. Only one thing would satisfy the yearning. Her man.

    By Ella Lussuria URL on 03.07.2011

  7. her hair was swept to the side — somehow this showed me that she was willing to try anything. her eyes were slits as the wind whipped by, and it was at this moment that i knew she was strong.

    By Laura URL on 03.07.2011

  8. I was never going to be in love with her. I was probably never even going to date her. But we had spent months of time simply talking; was it wrong that I thought I was going to be rewarded for such behavior? But as I sit at this table at some party with some kid and watch as she is swept away but some stranger, I can’t help but feel robbed. Let’s just take this one drink at a time.

    By Graham URL on 03.07.2011