March 8th, 2011 | 679 Entries

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679 Entries for “bee”

  1. Floating, flowers. This was my life. One or the other. Pathways made of a dance, fruit of the petals finding its way back to my home. Sugary sweet nectar awakens the queen. The larvae appear. So it has begun once again.

    By Davis B on 03.09.2011

  2. i saw a bee. It was yellow and black. it tried to sting me. So I swatted it away. You can’t sting me, you silly bee!, says me. To the bee, I will never be.

    By Alexandria Stevenson on 03.09.2011

  3. A bee buzzes, flitting and flaunting his authoritarian ways. He annoys, terrifies, and even stupefies his subjects. Children and adults alike fear him. He gets swatted, stomped, cursed, and chased.

    By Kate URL on 03.09.2011

  4. I think that I shall never bee as happy as a flitting bee, much better than a mosquito, see, because mosquitos suck the life blood. Yet bees, so small, so full of power, help the trees and help the flower, make us run and jump and scream, the float around as in a dream. bees.

    By sea URL on 03.09.2011

  5. When I was little, I got stung by a bee and was scared of them for years after. Anytime one was near me, I screamed and ran. Really annoying for most, but it was a fear I really couldn’t control. Now I live in Manhattan and I never see a bee.

    By wewerebrainwashed on 03.09.2011

  6. Bees are buzzing
    They hurt when they sting
    But they create so much life
    So many flowers
    They are the circle
    The beginning of the circle
    The circle of the world that just keeps going and going
    They are the gatherers
    The traditional hunters.
    The bee is the one things that will never give up on teamwork
    Bees are obviously better than humans, I think
    Because they are never lazy.
    And how amazing
    to live in a colony where everyone helps each other
    not for money but for the betterment of the whole
    It’s amazing that these fly around
    And we have learned nothing from them.
    We should take lessons from the bees.

    By Abbie on 03.09.2011

  7. buzz, buzz.
    Said the little bee.
    “to bee or,
    or not to be…
    a bee…”
    asked the little bee.

    We can be just like the bee.
    We don’t know what we are.
    Even though the answers there,
    we travel very far,
    for simple answers siting there,
    right in front of me.

    I ask you once,
    I ask you twice,
    I go so far as to ask you thrice
    times how your life will be.

    So don’t be the bee,
    spending their life,
    in grief and strife,

    though you think the question is
    to be or not to be,
    really you should ask yourself,
    “am I really me?”

    By k on 03.09.2011

  8. Im a bee flying in a garden, that curiously is full of flowers that i love, tulips and roses are the best, bust nothing compare whit the sun flowers that are big and yellow.

    By Naty Lashly on 03.09.2011

  9. I wanna be free like a bee, flying over the tree….

    By Fuuchur on 03.09.2011

  10. a bee is annoying a reminder that i must work work work in the hot lazy sun work is the last thing i want i want to dream and close my eyes to the bright sun i want the flowers without the bees

    By Catherine Lucy on 03.09.2011

  11. flies across to the next meadow. but it can’t see as well as it should. so it lands to find a spot to rest. where it begins to day dream. sweet things float across it’s mind like thoughts from a lily. as it dreams it thinks of what it wanted to be when it was younger. and how far it has come since then. although the bee isn’t sure it is what it wanted to be.

    By Jen christensen on 03.09.2011

  12. it’s bee holy freakin crap. buzz off little dude, for your colors bother me. as you fly away all around shades of yellow and black zoom past me.

    By j on 03.09.2011

  13. There was one time we were out walking with Linn and all these other international students. It was actually on the way to Mr. Wong’s and I think we were walking from Mong Kok to the MTR station. No it was actually from Starr Hall to the bus stop. Our school apparently has construction going on, and the work they were doing had such loud buzzes! We thought they were the largest bees we’ve ever heard. It was pretty funny. Then Connie turns to us and says, “Are those really loud bees?” Bees. We just gotta be…happy.

    By Justine K8 URL on 03.09.2011

  14. i got stung by a wasp once when i was slapping my arm on the arm of the sofa. i should say once, it happened once upon a time but i got stung fourteen times. we had no electricity that day so i had to put a slushed bag of peas on the stings and some baking soda paste. it wasnt great

    By Megan URL on 03.09.2011

  15. bumble. bay. the second letter of the alphabet.
    rhymes with me. and three. and cursory.
    wish i could fly and live like bees.
    we kinda do-stinging people and then leaving.
    dying shortly after.
    cursory, i say.

    By notorious on 03.09.2011

  16. Be a good person even when someone you despise is being a jerk. It’s the hardest thing in the world do but it is possible. I’m not sure whether or not I’m a good person but i try to be.

    By Amanda URL on 03.09.2011

  17. bumble, stinging i hate bees i once went to the doctor because i was stung by a bee. I was stung by a bee on a swing set once on my hand. I was stung by a bee when i was tanning in my back yard. the stinging feels like something is pinching you and the intense feeling lasts for about 10 seconds, and then it just itches. I don’t know what else to say

    By Emily Andersen on 03.09.2011

  18. if I were a bee I would fly to the sea.
    To see what a bee like me could see.

    By Sue on 03.09.2011

  19. The bee was flying from flower to flower. It was lonely fore it hadn’t found the flower of its dreams. It wasn’t going to give up. It would fly forever and ever.

    By Sarah on 03.09.2011

  20. hey bee i love honey so i get a bee tank and get honey wow ya baby umumuumuum food

    By eman URL on 03.09.2011

  21. the bee was flying in the sky, freedom finally. no honey search to do anymore, just fly with a full stomach, no worries about getting enough, no worries about where to get it.

    By esther on 03.09.2011

  22. he saw a bee. it look mad. It coming towards us. With more bee. Run,

    By alejandro URL on 03.09.2011

  23. A bumble bee is black an yellow. I dont really like bees because they sting.

    By .trista. URL on 03.09.2011

  24. love ya bee-yotch.
    you are a mean girl.

    By Tori URL on 03.09.2011

  25. OUCH!!!!! a bee stung me! it hurt really bad and still hurts!!

    By SoccerStar URL on 03.09.2011

  26. a bee by any other thing. a bee so yellow and round. a bee pretty but painful.

    By Michael URL on 03.09.2011

  27. a bee is a mean little bug when you make them mad.their sting is like having a hypodermic needle put into you.

    By kaylob URL on 03.09.2011

  28. little bee buzzing around little bees on the ground

    By jamie:) URL on 03.09.2011

  29. a bee is a beautiful insect, it makes honey and flies around all day, they can sting people with thier tails which can be unpleansantly painfull but if it is a “buzzy bee” the poor bee will eventually die after stinging you. poor poor bee.

    By lilly woollacott on 03.09.2011

  30. The first thing that comes to mind when i hear the word bee is the song black & yellow. Haha, that song is weird & legit at the same time(:

    By Shae!? :D URL on 03.09.2011

  31. fuzzy, yellow. stinging

    By murlkat on 03.09.2011

  32. bee, bees sting and they hurt, your words hurt, they sting, like pebbles they bruise my skin, she bruise and leave marks, and whoever said sticks and stone can hurt my bones but words will never hurt me, was so sorely mistaken.

    By krishanthi jeyakumar on 03.09.2011

  33. Based on a true story. None of the names were changed.

    “Baby, will you run back in and get me a bagel?” Jenny begged and begged as Rob was pulling out of the mall parking lot.

    “Yes my love.” Rob quickly turned around. “Don’t wanna be late for the spelling bee.”

    All of a sudden Jenny was in the back seat with us giving us kisses…french kisses. We were only fifteen.

    “This can’t be in accordance with the accepted norm,” replied Dan with pink lipstick all over his smile.

    By dAvE vAn HaYdU URL on 03.09.2011

  34. summer, annoying, bad, stupidity, loveless, not harmles, dangerous!!, death, mad, hateful, lovebul, films, bees, honning, henning,

    By erpm yyuio on 03.09.2011

  35. I saw the bees outside my window, buzzing about, chewing up the wood and making sawdust fly through the air and collect on the screen. My dad, who is afraid of bees, went outside to spray them; I couldn’t watch, as I am a bee lover myself. I thought they were cute- Dad thought they were evil.

    By Nachos on 03.09.2011

  36. help in pollination. collect honey.

    By Rajesh on 03.09.2011

  37. bee all you can :)

    By mulrkat on 03.09.2011

  38. i was stung by a bee when i was five years old. it was at my elementary school, on the right side of the playground, where the swings and animals out of the ground were. it stung me, and it hurt, but i don’t remember it being the most important or influential part of my day. i was too entranced by the animals, springing up and down. horses, pink pigs, green turtles, smiles on their faces.

    By Carly URL on 03.09.2011

  39. I love bees, I love bees because they aren’t really supposed to be able to fly. Their bodies arent aerodynamically “supposed to” be able to fly because their bodies are too fat to be held up by their wings. They; However, do not realize this and so they fly. I wish sometimes that I could be more like a bee and instead of listening to everyone tell me things Im not supposed to be able to do, i wish I could just have the confidence to do them.

    By Brittany Istre on 03.09.2011