April 18th, 2011 | 649 Entries

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649 Entries for “acoustic”

  1. “The acoustics in this room are great,” he grinned.
    She groaned and tugged at the bottom of his shirt.
    “It’s a bathroom. It’s not supposed to be an ‘acoustical place.'”
    He smirked and reached for her.

    By Hannah URL on 04.19.2011

  2. I tried learning to play the acoustic guitar when I was about 12. My hands are small, and had an inexpensive nylon string guitar that was unwieldy and difficult to keep in tune. My left hand is practically useless, my right not much better. I decided to stick to my best, first instrument—my voice!

    By Andie on 04.19.2011

  3. The acoustic guitar sat in her lap as she silently strummed to the strings. She looked at the guitar fondly and then looked up at the man who sat across from her. She smiled gently and asked him. “How do you like it so far?” She simply continued playing the song and was lost in the melody of the music she so dearly loved with the bottom of her heart.

    By Sabrina URL on 04.19.2011

  4. The cafe was decorated in a trendy fashion. A guitar was placed near an empty chair painted bright orange and the musician was nowhere to be seen. The aged instrument held promise, but where it would play alone with the lack of other instruments, it also performed with the lack of a musician.

    By Brittany Duncan on 04.19.2011

  5. Beautiful sounds. Easy living under the palm trees. Strings lightly plucked, sensually rubbed, caressing the ears with simplicity. Exotic, country, home. All at once.

    By Nirvana Pereira on 04.19.2011

  6. Acoustic music is one of my favorite things ever. I love to just hear the sound of a guitar strumming. I would love to learn how to play the guitar someday. It seems super hard. I think one of my favorite acoustic guitar players is John Mayer. His voice gives me chills. And, his music is amazing. He is also verrrry hot. :D

    By Alison Barbour on 04.19.2011

  7. This is what I hear: the fog, the footsteps, the soggy grass hanging its head. We’re on the edge of something good, why won’t they believe me?

    By used URL on 04.19.2011

  8. An acoustic is either a type of guitar or it’s like a guitar version of a song.

    By summer firm URL on 04.19.2011

  9. guitars can sometimes be acoustic. acoustic is like coffeehouse performances and singer/songwriters and raspy voices and warm cups of hot chocolate. acoustic is not filtered, or edited, or photo shopped, but is just raw, powerful, and meaningful. you my have to think a little, but it’s there.

    By Emma on 04.19.2011

  10. I play the acoustic! Sometimes.

    By mushihimesamafutari URL on 04.19.2011

  11. I can play a acoustic guitar. My dad taught me. I am a beast at it!!!!!!!!!:)

    By Daylan Turner on 04.19.2011

  12. A guitar is he best of it. A small brown, classic acoustic guitar. My uncle plays this the best. My brother wants to learn the acoustic guitar. It is a nice sound to listen to, The Beatles can play a mean acoustic riff.

    By Clarissa on 04.19.2011

  13. I do not know how to play a acoustic guatar

    By werty URL on 04.19.2011

  14. i can’t play an acoustoc gatar and i cant spell to day ether.

    By someting URL on 04.19.2011

  15. She had a acoustic guitar. Her dad owns an acoustic guitar. Her brother owns an acoustic gutiar,aswell. She loves the acoustic gutairs

    By dustin URL on 04.19.2011

  16. If Justin Bieber sang acoustic, He’d break a glass. Dusti-o. (:

    By Thomas the Train:D URL on 04.19.2011

  17. I think it is a guitar!? :D I used to play the guitar(:

    By RaeRae URL on 04.19.2011

  18. My older brothers and sisters are very acoustic.

    By Kayla URL on 04.19.2011

  19. My friend plays and acoustic guitar.

    By Rochelle Scott URL on 04.19.2011

  20. it means like realting to sound or the sense of hearing

    By chewbaca URL on 04.19.2011

  21. acoustic is a type of sound. It makes noise. Acoustics increasing means that sounds increase. Acoustics were developed by Acoustic R. Wagner. If they were not developed by him there is another theory.

    By HERGEN FLERGEN on 04.19.2011

  22. Acoustic is like a type of guitar or something….

    By "CountryGirl!!!":D URL on 04.19.2011

  23. Sounds can be a busy signal or a symphony but my favorite is the sound of a grasshopper opening a can of beer. PSSST!

    By Ezra Barany URL on 04.19.2011

  24. The acoustic qualities of the hollow log were amazing, and Jody and Bill spent hours yelling into it and further convincing old man Reinoff that a ghost existed in the neighborhood.

    By Caleb on 04.19.2011

  25. Participate. It’s time. No more sitting around and waiting for the right time. The time is now. Sum it up. What your dreams and hopes are and put legs to it. If it’s a single pursuit, pursue! If it’s a many branched dream…walk it out!

    By Tere on 04.19.2011

  26. acoutic is the science of sounds
    it has to do with the sound organs

    By stanley URL on 04.19.2011

  27. Whats to say about acoustic. I tried to learn how to play, but i was bad so i gave up. I like acoustic covers of songs because they often sound calmer than other songs. I think that covers are a great way to show off someones musical skills. However i know that acoustics are not part just music, but also sounds.

    By HERGEN FLERGEN on 04.19.2011

  28. oh the sound of the unseen melody. whispered in the leaves of a passing tree perched on a hill overlooking the splashing sea going somewhere. and there at the bottom sand, lots of sand drifting with the tides.

    By ms pie URL on 04.19.2011

  29. Acoustic is sound without music amplification. I own an acoustic guitar at home. I like acoustic music because it’s live and more passionate. I like acoustic songs by Green Day and Good Charlotte. “Hold On” is a good acoustic song. Alicia Keys also does really well acoustically. Acoustic music sounds pretty but is hard to pull off sometimes.

    By Brie on 04.19.2011

  30. They both enjoy the gentle sounds of Sungmin’s guitar, as all three are pretty much flaked out on the floor of the hotel room. Zhou Mi’s eyelashes are fluttering and Kyuhyun can see his eyeballs moving around underneath his eyelids, Sungmin’s gentle voice making him practically sink into the hardwood as he sighs, relaxed. It had been a hard day on them, but Sungmin hadn’t been able to sleep and neither had they, so they had stayed up all night sharing stories and kisses and music.

    By Morgan on 04.19.2011

  31. I already wrote about acoustic yesterday. How often do they change the word. I am brand new to this. I thought it was every day???

    By Gabriel Dahlke URL on 04.19.2011

  32. The notes pour out of the piano like water from a dam. There’s no stopping her fingers as they dance across the keys as if on fire. The melody is melancholy, a sweet sadness mingling with the happiest of chords.

    By Carrie on 04.19.2011

  33. acoustic music is sometimes better than main stream music. with the only instrument being the guitar you really get to feel the music. it makes the music sound more tranquil and calm. i enjoy it.

    By Ruby on 04.19.2011

  34. acoustin guitar acoustic voice acoustic personality acoustic character acoustic, acoustic, top of the line acoustic acoustic here I am and i’m doing fine can you believe my line

    By wasi URL on 04.19.2011

  35. There was once a guitar that had a lovely voice. This voice was the voice of reason for many and without this voice all of humanity would be lost. One lonely day the acoustic guitar was singing a loud and an old beggar came up to the guitar and said “fella, I can dance. Lets start a band” So the beggar and guitar started a band and made it to the top. They would often play on street corners, and as soon as they were discovered by a booking agent they started ranking in some cash. One day the guitar woke up and found that the beggar had stolen all their money and resources and left him alone. So the guitar went back to the small town he was from and continued to play for the people. He realized there was no place like home, much like Dorthy did.

    By Sheyanne P on 04.19.2011

  36. music. beautiful sounds that i wish i could master. rooms/auditoriums resonating with sound. guitars. tyler ward. my heart is acoustic. the memories and sounds echo within myself.

    By Amanda on 04.19.2011

  37. acoustic makes me think of acoustic number 3, the song by goo go dolls that jodi gave to me at camp. also for some reason makes me think of mike petersuc? probs cause he plays the guitar and acoustic is also something associated with guiatrs. also acoustic is different from A CUE STICK, which is what some people say when they pronounce this word. acoustic #3 goo goo dolls. good, slow song.

    By rachel on 04.19.2011

  38. Good friends, family and food. Acoustic guitars, sweet melodies, and tinkling glasses fill the Autumn evening years ago. Magical, serene, content, memories long, long gone.

    By sweettea URL on 04.19.2011

  39. A form of rythm of guitar that’s used for more of a mellow sound. My first guitar was acoustic. It was from my Grandma for my 8th birthday!!!!

    By Austen Wageman on 04.19.2011

  40. Acoustic is what I love the most. The soft tones and real sound, no distortion, no unneeded amplification, just real life. Acoustic is real life, that’s what I love about it. Soft and beautiful and real.

    By Courtney on 04.19.2011