April 19th, 2011 | 518 Entries

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518 Entries for “robot”

  1. Robots are cool. They are free from emotion. Which can be bad tbh. Although they’re good dancers. I wish I was a robot. Maybe a robot with emotions perhaps instead? Yeah, I’d be call Smatsy, haven’t a clue why, I’m just typing. ;)

    By Chloé on 04.20.2011

  2. robots are something else. they dont need any emotion at all. it must be wonderful to be one. you dont ever have to be stressed or nervous or even have to fall in love at all. its just living to get a job done and doing it with out feeling like a failure. you can accomplish anything.

    By Nicole on 04.20.2011

  3. I have not seen you in a long time, my dear – 435 years, 298 days, 18 hours, 39 minutes and 4 seconds to be precise. I will continue waiting; the advantage and the curse of being an A.I., or a “robot” as humans used to call my species long ago, is that time doesn’t matter.

    By Lucie URL on 04.20.2011

  4. i wanna be a robot…one with feelings and emotions. i wanna be the kind of robot that you can depend on. your friend, your face. if you select to take me home, you will own the most loyal robot there is.

    By Derrick URL on 04.20.2011

  5. My grandson loves robots, and has them in toys and even on things like his pajamas. He even loves the new movie out called Wally? Or is it Wall-E?

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 04.20.2011

  6. The robot fell on top of her, a it a lifeless chunk of steel and brass, her a energetic, albeit terrified teenager. She shoved it off of her and got up, brushing off her shoulder.

    By Andrew URL on 04.20.2011

  7. Mechanical machine. Used for human purposes. Costly. Electronic. Follows commands.
    Efficient. Used for numerous tasks. Will rule the planet someday. Built by scientists. Got one vowel repeated twice. Speaks various languages.

    By Rachel on 04.20.2011

  8. a robot is a non feeling machine that does the job of humans because we are all becoming too lazy to do anything for ourselves. We used horses and oxen once to make our lives easier but now the robots do everything with us to the point that jobs are going away and people are living in squalor while the people who make the robots get richer.

    By Michael Damon on 04.20.2011

  9. it was a lovely day and everyone was having fun. The store clerks were happy and the sun was so bright. Then out of nowhere a robot came flying out of this toy store and shooting plastic missiles. What a weird start to a dream.

    By Tim Jones on 04.20.2011

  10. She won’t let those robots eat me, she sang. The song came to an end and she stepped off the stage. “Come over here!!!” screamed a fan. The fan threw a teddy bear at her. “Please, sing one more song,” said the note taped onto the bear. She started singing again. “Oh Yoshimi, they don’t believe me, but you won’t let those robots eat me…”

    By Isis on 04.20.2011

  11. It was dark. It was always dark this time at night. She could feel she was being followed- but by what? It didn’t feel real. It didn’t feel human. She stopped and looked behind her. There was silence. Nothing. She began walking again, her pace quickened. SUDDENLY ROBOTS ROBOTS ROBOTS ROBOTS ROBOTS ROBOTS ROBOTS ROBOTS ROBOTS ROBOTS ROBOTS ROBOTS ROBOTS.

    By Kori Gibson URL on 04.20.2011

  12. Tomorrow. Judgement Day. It had been predicted by his mother, by the men who had come from the future. From his underground bunker, John Connor waited. He remembered the robots, from the far future. They hunted him like an animal, but he had survived. Thrived, even. He turned to his wife, and whispered, “They’re coming.”

    By Justin S URL on 04.20.2011

  13. The future. Maybe. Probably not. Honestly don’t know.

    By SaraSantosDias on 04.20.2011

  14. The uses are infinite and they run our world.
    The hilarity of their sentiency may very much become
    the downfall of our own civilization and our freedom

    By Rudy URL on 04.20.2011

  15. “Ba.”
    I kicked the robot. it still kept on talking.
    “Ba. Ba. Ba. Ba.” This was freakin’ annoying! I kicked it again, but it was too hard. I took a table and threw it at the robot. It kept on talking.
    “Ba. Ba. Ba. Ba. Ba.” Suddenly I got an idea. I jumped over the table, and ran around boxes, searching for my violin.
    “Ba. Ba. Ba. Ba. Ba. Ba.” I unlocked the case and took my shiny wood violin out of its case. I started playing randomness, beautiful randomness. The robot kept on talking with its constant stream of “Ba.” But now it sounded choked. It choked again and again, and finally it fell to the ground. I had conquered the robot with my violin. I unlocked the door and everyone ran out of the old warehouse. we were free.

    By Isis on 04.20.2011

  16. His lifeless eyes made me feel so desperate
    desperate to feel the love I dearly yearned for.
    His body moved like a robot, no life, no love
    I once believed he could be capable of love,
    His love was all i wished for
    This fake love towards a mechanical boy
    I close my eyes and realized he will never have this emotion towards me

    By Jezell URL on 04.20.2011

  17. I’m afraid that one day robots will inherit the earth. We will be subject to their every word and become slaves in our actions. Our whole existence will revolve around the state of moods that our leaders are in. The ones we created.

    By Blake on 04.20.2011

  18. “Oh god, Xora, do something!! It’s coming!!” screamed Ophelia. “NO WAY. You created this thing, now you gotta help me destroy it,” said Xora. The robot picked up Ophelia. “More,” said the robot, and ate her.”NOOOO!!!” screamed Xora. She looked for its weak spot but there wasn’t any. She chucked a heavy book at the robot and it hit the robot right in the eye. There was a bang and a smell of burning metal. “NO! Ophelia!!” Xora yelled. She took a wrench and unscrewed all the bolts that held the robot together. “Ophelia! Are you all right??” breathed Xora.
    No answer.
    Ophelia was dead.

    By Isis on 04.20.2011

  19. They are going to take over the world if we last that long. Technology is moving at a rate that is nearly impossible to track. It is a scary time and I am not trying to sound like a paranoid conspiracy theorist. Just being real. We better not forget how to survive without the help of machines.

    By Gabriel Dahlke URL on 04.20.2011

  20. robot is a kind of human, a metalk human, that cannot feel but wants to you cannot fight a robot without suffering great pain tye will come and they will devour us alll. the future will command us a lot there will never be an other time to be like this the oworld

    By Chris on 04.20.2011

  21. love makes you blind give you butterflies is a feeling the most discribe it as teh bestin the world but in the same time and the wierdest and the way to a lonely place! Just think positive

    By erzua URL on 04.20.2011

  22. Today was the day. Finally, it would be revealed. Dr. Marcho was ready. He took a deep breath, and ripped the large white sheet of his greatest creation. The crowd erupted, spot lights blinded him as the raised his fist in success. It was a beautiful, massive sight. A new, state of the art C6000 Military Fighter Robot. He was ready. The world was ready.

    By Kori Gibson URL on 04.20.2011

  23. I like to pretend i am a robot. It is fun. I make cool noises and walk all crazy and stuff. Not like the kind of robot my mom used to have for vacuuming the floor. I was scared of that thing. I used to cry when I was little and she turned it on.

    By jennie2k URL on 04.20.2011

  24. Screech’s best friend in Saved By the Bell.

    By Katie on 04.20.2011

  25. You know what I hate? People who don’t take what I say, or me in general, seriously. Robots are programmed to take everyone and everything seriously. Sometimes I would rather be surrounded by machines than humans.

    By Elizabeth URL on 04.20.2011

  26. When I was five, my kindergarten buddy wrote a story about me being a robot. Ever since then, whenever I hear that word, I think of her. It was not a particularly great story, but it was written for me, and that made it very special. I hope that I can have that big of an impact on students one day.

    By Liz on 04.20.2011

  27. This word always reminds me of “Bender” from the movie “Robots.”

    By George URL on 04.20.2011

  28. There going to be robots in future. And they will help us in everything. But we will became lazy.

    By alejandro URL on 04.20.2011

  29. A robot is a metal machenical machine that is really helpful it can help you or help people that cant do some things.

    By SoccerStar URL on 04.20.2011

  30. I am a happy robot, ping pong ping pong. Hahaha. wow that was freaky.

    By mysticaldeath URL on 04.20.2011

  31. a robot a slave to humanity a mindless machine a tool to make life easier but are they as mindless as we think thought emily

    By resident evil fan 1 URL on 04.20.2011

  32. a robot is a artificial creation that is used to help others.

    By Michael URL on 04.20.2011

  33. A robot is a type of machine. The help others.

    By .trista. URL on 04.20.2011

  34. The first thing that comes to mind when i hear the word robot is the movie Robots. That move is so funny, we used to watch it as a family all of the time(: Good movie.

    By Shae!? :D URL on 04.20.2011

  35. emotionless. uniform. listening to every command. i wish i could be emotionless sometimes, wouldn’t it make things less complicated? but then, where would the fun be in life?

    By katie URL on 04.20.2011

  36. bee bee bo booop bop bop bop skiddlybop duhweeeeeeeee shnenedop beebop dooooo beedeedle dee tweedle deee doooooooooOOOOooooOOooooOOoooooo.

    By Josie on 04.20.2011

  37. Robots are futuristic. They have buttons and gadgets and gizmos that make your head spin. The movie I Robot was about robots. It starred Will Smith. The movie was pretty good. It showed how artificial intelligence can take over and become sentient. Pretty deep stuff, lol.

    By Nichole on 04.20.2011

  38. euuuhhhhh….
    some future thing
    doing his thing
    a robot
    a human it is not
    it can count very fast
    they didn’t exist in the past

    By Joost Hoogendoorn URL on 04.20.2011