April 17th, 2011 | 587 Entries

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587 Entries for “whiskey”

  1. last night

    By karen devloo on 04.18.2011

  2. He slammed the bottle down and looked up…. Why am i doing this again??
    Lost my marriage, kids… AT least i still have my job.

    He glares at the bottle as he picks it up again.

    By Lindsay on 04.18.2011

  3. delishos whiskey i love whiskey its wummy

    By eman URL on 04.18.2011

  4. He sat at the bar, head bowed, shoulders slumped, the world balancing on them precariously as he contemplated his life, from the bottom of a glass of whiskey. He gazed into the brown liquid, swirling it around the glass in silence. He did not know where his life was going anymore, he did not know how he had got to this point. He just knew he was here, and this whiskey was his only companion, his only comfort, his only consolation.

    By Suzanne Henderson on 04.18.2011

  5. whiskey adds that little kick to all the beverages.

    By Michael URL on 04.18.2011

  6. My dad drinks whiskey. And sometimes my mom.

    By alejandro URL on 04.18.2011

  7. whiskey is a type of alchohol that many people drink. it has been around for a long time.

    By kaylob URL on 04.18.2011

  8. he had a thing of wisky in his hand grate thought jhon hes drunk agine then started to make his distence from his father

    By resident evil fan 1 URL on 04.18.2011

  9. its a drink that has lots of alchol in it and it’s really cool and stuff gets girls drunk hella fast than you can just go bang bang bang bang and ooh ya then there’s this one time i got drunk and it was super fun but i dont remember anything about other than the fact i got drunk so….ya fun stuff omg the minutes almost up gotta keep typiung type tye lol i mispelled type.

    By Kevin on 04.18.2011

  10. The first thing that comes to mind when i hear the word whiskey is beer. I really don’t know the difference between the two, & i could honestly care less. I plan to stay whisky free(:

    By Shae!? :D URL on 04.18.2011

  11. Whiskey – the drink for a real man! The first thing that pops into my head is Clint Eastwood in the desert… Thers no water and he just walked through the entire desert. What does he crave? Whiskey!!! Wack for my daddy-O!

    By Rasmus Bang on 04.18.2011

  12. Its an alcoholic Brew.I have it On cold sunday nights as it gives me warmth. Its cheaper than Champagne.My wife hates it.

    By Sudip Manpuria on 04.18.2011

  13. i have never had you i have never tasted you but i have seen you, curled up into yourself and sitting in the bottom of a thick smooth bottle. you have different names, you have different guises but you are one and the same, you are fermented and you have so much lying under your stinging surface, so much that i am sure i could explore if i was given the time.

    By emily URL on 04.18.2011

  14. makes me forget although i drink it to remember.

    By Rachel on 04.18.2011

  15. The bar was empty as the man pounded back three more shots.

    The bartender only threw him a gaze of sadness. Outside, it was raining.

    The man sitting at the bar was the only business he’d get all night.

    By Steve on 04.18.2011

  16. All I can think is of this article I just read about college student’s low performance due to alcohol. That should have been a no brainer. Getting wasted=getting lower grades. I myself am not much of a partyer, and can’t see the appeal of blacking out.

    By EllieG on 04.18.2011

  17. He smelled of whiskey, burnt and molten. She blanched under his rancid breath and pushed him away desperately, stumbling away from his oppressive presence.

    By Skäila URL on 04.18.2011

  18. Hahahaha. I met a dude the other night. I drank too much that night. He seemed nice so I gave him my number. He’s moving back to Ireland today. Lucky for me, he gave his friend my number too. His friend isn’t moving. Maybe I’ll get a date out of this anyhow.

    By Christine on 04.18.2011

  19. A bottle of whiskey in her hand, the sway of golden tears. Held down by the past with a dead bird in her hand. She waits for the day when she can fly away.

    By Sophie on 04.18.2011

  20. I have never tried whiskey but when i think of it it brings to mind forty-something men in overalls, with bread in their beards and coal smeared on their nose lifting buckets of corn around and pouring it into vats. On second though i actually have tried it. I had Irish whiskey though which was a lot smoother and more pretentious.

    By Katie Muzyka on 04.18.2011

  21. I hate whiskey. It reminds me of sweaty men with long beards. I hope never to have to drink whiskey again. Unless I end up in the wild wild west.

    By Bethany Acevedo URL on 04.18.2011

  22. Drunk dude drinking whiskey has a moustache and a beard and a ten gallon hat andhes a sherrif and hes really lame and he has no friends. Everyone thinks he suskc so he just gets drunk and talks to himslef. Freaking whiskey! Nobody like it!!! RAWR!!

    By Leah on 04.18.2011

  23. My white party dress was stained with last night’s whiskey. I smell like a drunk and I was drunk. But I was drunk on happiness, not whiskey or any alcohol for that matter. I was drunk on her touch, on her feel, on her smell, on her words; I was drunk on her.

    By Leira Carola URL on 04.18.2011

  24. Whiskey. That’s a type of alcohol. I don’t drink. Never have. I’m young yet. That’t not to say I’ve never tasted any. I have, and it stung more than I like. Whiskey is always depicted as a great comfort when it finds itself in the hands of one hurt. Or it’s an enemy, a tool for the abuser. I’m sure it’s different in real life.

    By Katie on 04.18.2011

  25. The guy was drunk. he had a bottle of whiskey in one hand. I avoided making eye contact with him. He had a beard and a stache that was as big as my face. I didn’t want him to ask for my number. So I left. yay for whiskey! Just kidding.

    By LeahDino on 04.18.2011

  26. I wonder how they make whiskey. Is it still done in barrels or is there some kind of processing that goes along with it now.

    By aluvus URL on 04.18.2011

  27. You keep me warm at night, my friend, my companion. I feel like you’re the only friend I have. Everyone else is meaningless, I have nothing, no-one. Only the momentary warmth you bring to me.

    By Ella on 04.18.2011