January 24th, 2010 | 381 Entries

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381 Entries for “yoga”

  1. The pose racked my brain. How was I supposed to shape my body into that conflagration of arms and legs and…. was that her elbow by her foot? Is there Yoga to prepare for Yoga?

    By JO on 01.25.2010

  2. simple stress reliever. Helps to clear the mind to be able to focus on the good things in life and push out the negative. Great for flexibility and extremely tranquil.

    By kate on 01.25.2010

  3. There she was, all pumped up on fuck knows what kinds of expensive chemicals and all we can think to do is throw some flowers in her direction because it seemed like the best and only thing to do. “Chemically unprivileged” or something to that effect.
    You dangerous fuck.

    By Aisling on 01.25.2010

  4. She stretched out until to reached the skies above–as high as she could reach in a 3rd story apartment. But she didn’t care. With the fan blowing and her eyes closed, she could just see the simplicity of another beautiful day.

    By Kit Kat on 01.25.2010

  5. Yoga is very good thing, when you want just relex and go somewhere you want go. Go to your life dream, think what you want, and be just happy

    By Labas// on 01.25.2010

  6. wii fit totally has yoga and i’ve done it before. its really hard to do a few of the poses like the foldy triangley one… but whatever. i’ve wanted to do like a yoga class but i find that its hard to do some of the poses when you have some extra baggage..

    By asdf on 01.25.2010

  7. Today I went to yoga for the first time. After thoroughly embarrassing myself by being completely unable to bend the way my instructor required, I turned around to leave and noticed the most attractive man I had ever seen bemusedly smiling at me.

    By Michelle on 01.25.2010

  8. yoga is a form of release for stressed out, angry people, like my mum, who used to do it.
    she hasn’t done any for a while, and i have noticed her becoming much more irritable.
    so i guess yoga must be good for you, even if it does look weird.
    personally, i don’t think contorting your body that way looks safe.
    but whatever floats your boat.

    By claire on 01.25.2010

  9. she bent over reaching for the earth, the ground. sensing the very dirt pulsing upwards of those same three stories, praying she could hear their whispers and understand it. she was feeling strong. empassioned. free…

    By Kit kat on 01.25.2010

  10. is a type of relaxation that people who are very stressed out like to do. It is something that can be done in a group setting or in the comfort of your own home. that’s all I got. I have nothing left to offer. Thanks.Bye. :D

    By Maria D'Angelo on 01.25.2010

  11. I’ve never done yoga. I’ve considered it many times and heard amazing things, but something keeps stopping me from committing to it. Hmm, perhaps 2010 will be the year of yoga for me. Maybe this year I’ll actually take the plunge.

    By bean on 01.25.2010

  12. Yoga…relaxation. I could have used it towards the end of last semester. Never done it before, though I picture it as super slow motion karate mixed with meditation, and possibly with tea.

    By HappyPotatoes on 01.25.2010

  13. I’ve never really taken yoga before, but it intrigues me. Getting fit and becoming more peaceful in my thoughts is always beneficial.

    By carroll on 01.25.2010

  14. stupid, relaxing,positions, only for people in there mid life crisis.
    I tried it oncxe but i didnt like it. Its weird. Its weird.

    By voldemort on 01.25.2010

  15. stretching on a pastel colored mat trying to get fit for spring break. being sore the next day and then telling yourself you’ll do it tomorrow.

    By Kamber. on 01.25.2010

  16. I already wrote about this. Makes me want to do it.

    By Kamber. on 01.25.2010

  17. stupid

    By cucu on 01.25.2010

  18. yoga is so gay. oh my god. ramsey loves yoga

    By Anonymous on 01.25.2010

  19. Yoga is extremely relaxing and spiritual. I love it because it makes me feel completely calm and in control. I use yoga positions in many of my meditations and I find that the two really mesh harmoniously. Yoga is truly a wonderful thing.

    By Melissa on 01.25.2010

  20. taunting. why? not everyone can stretch like you can. relaxing. why? released like the drugs used to. drugs, yoga. relation. were all the same, in some ways.

    By melissa. on 01.25.2010

  21. Just because you do yoga doesn’t make you better than me. You can bend. You can breathe. You can wear spandex. You don’t win because of that. Don’t look down at me because I’m not “that person.”

    By Chelsea on 01.25.2010

  22. I’ve been thinking about yoga lately. I want to get into it in hopes of getting more flexible for sports.

    By Judith on 01.25.2010

  23. I am not a yoga person. I wish I was, but sadly I am not. I’d like to be one of those girls carrying their yoga gear and a starcks coffee, but I don’t do it because I can’t afford it, and I’m too fat in my yoga outfit, which isn’t designer at all. If I could afford a lululemon yoga outfit I would.

    By Anonymous on 01.25.2010

  24. I am not a fan of yoga. Though it allows one physical fitness, it hurts me. It is tougher than it seems and is very frustrating. One could break their neck in some poses. I do not understand.

    By Ansari Neese on 01.25.2010

  25. yoga is for hippies. yeah i said it

    By mike d on 01.25.2010

  26. i like yoga and yoga likes me it bends me twists me my veins spew blood and my muscles like the taste oxygen rushes through me nourishing. I do yoga twice a day everyday. It is my one constant, more important to me than even sitting mediation. it is a moving meditation that is essential to my life.

    By Anonymous on 01.25.2010

  27. i was thinking about whether or not i enjoy yoga and i realized that i dont. trying to concentrate on breathing. why in the hell would i want to concentrate on something that should be as natural as walking?! is walking not natural now? do i have to think about that? i fucking hate yoga!!!!! n

    By cherrybomb on 01.25.2010

  28. oh no not again!!!

    By Anonymous on 01.25.2010

  29. the thing about yoga is that it’s really fun. I like to do it with my best friends because it keeps us fit. Marie and Jocelyn both took pilates so they like Yoga and I think it’s fun when we do it after our ab workouts and glute workouts with the P90x. Haha, yeah so I jsut thought I should let you know. I’m just typing stuff now as fast as I can because I don’t know what else to write. But yeah, this is pretty cool, I wonder what the whole point of this exercise is. Hahahaha. I don’t know how long I’ve been typing for now but I hope I find out because this feels like forever! AHHHH I just saw Fame by the way, and it totally reminded me of how MUCH I LOVE THE ARTS. To connect with people on such a basis, with feeling, with emotion, with excitement, with everything you can do… it’s amazing. It’s an amazing feeling. i love music. It’s my life, and no one will ever take me away from that. Wait! Why am I writing about music!? I’m supposed to be writing about

    By sdfasjgd on 01.25.2010

  30. If I could get into yoga, I really feel like I could lower my anxiety. You know I could really stretch my body, stretch my mind, stretch my ability. That’s what yoga’s about right? Stretching. Well thats the concept I’ve always gotten from it, that it’s about stretching. And who’s ever said anything bad about stretching. Not me. Not me.

    By Jaeden Huhta on 01.25.2010

  31. I like yoga and yoga likes me. Yoga means union. there are many different types of Yoga, including the practice of not moving at all. I believe that when our body dies, we will be in eternal yoga. I believe that though I don’t believe much.

    I do yoga twice a day. I am alive, not dead.

    By Starrynight on 01.25.2010

  32. it is boring. i dont know how people can be interested. then again, bet theyre good in bed.

    By me on 01.25.2010

  33. I really like yoga. It really chills me out and is great exercise. I really want to get into it again because it’s a great stress reliever. I think I’ll sign up for some classes here actually…

    By Gaelle on 01.25.2010

  34. aaasdfdfg

    By Anonymous on 01.25.2010

  35. stretching. its a good excersice for women. i had sex when a female was doing yoga.

    By e smooth on 01.25.2010

  36. i wish i could get into yoga. im not flexible in any sense of the word, and am at a huge disadvantage when climbing because of it. yoga seems to be a relaxing way to alleviate this problem.

    By zig on 01.25.2010

  37. It feels peaceful and good. I like the way my body is stretched and perched for the rest of the day. It is perched for health and beauty and liveliness. I practice yoga when I need to be centered and calm. I practice yoga when my mind says open yourself to all that meditation and physical exercise can do for you combined. I like the word yoga. It sounds like a chant, a peaceful, deep, resonate chant that puts my heart, mind, body, spirit and voice in perfect alignment. I wrote this from beginning to end without stopping to think or edit.

    By Barrie on 01.25.2010

  38. a relaxing, soothing work out that relieves stress and exercises the body. yoga is peaceful and comes in many forms, if done right one can reach a time of serenity.

    By Anonymous on 01.25.2010

  39. the curvatures are acute, bending, obtuse. i bisect myself twice over as my entrails entwine as one. contortion was always my cleverest feat.

    By Inky blotter on 01.25.2010

  40. yoga master

    By boogle on 01.25.2010