January 24th, 2010 | 381 Entries

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381 Entries for “yoga”

  1. agoy man was very good had a trick up his arm and went one handed into the air legs apart
    wide open

    By cp on 01.25.2010

  2. yoga relaxes the mind body and soul. i wish i had time to take up a yoga class. my mind has so much clutter in it, i need something to melt the confusion and uncertainty away. whenever i think of yoga i picture myself being able to smell a warm ocean breeze or something corny like that. maybe i will take a class…

    By av on 01.25.2010

  3. yoga makes me want to fuck. It makes me thing of sex, and how flexibility can help you out. I want to be an avid yoga-er, but i dont have the money for classes. Yoga seems like a good way to get away from this cold cruel world and i think im going to start using some old yoga tapes. I love the idea of focusing on breathing.

    By Raycheel on 01.25.2010

  4. useless.

    By Tiffany Bellach on 01.25.2010

  5. It’s a total waste of time. I could burn more calories thinking hard about microeconomics in Asia, or chewing gum while flexing my toes. And what the hell is a sit bone? Does that mean my butt? My butt is not a bone. I don’t get it at all.

    By Gillian on 01.25.2010

  6. Perhaps if everyone were as flexible and slim as all the people you see on television doing yoga, we wouldn’t have need for yoga. It reminds me of the Frazier show where Niels did yoga and out did his wife by dislocating an arm and such. That just sounds too painful to be anything smart.

    By Dax on 01.25.2010

  7. slow AND BORRING.flexable and numbing. strange posisitions whats the point really

    By caity on 01.25.2010

  8. yoga is fun, it is very strenuous and relaxing. when i do yoga i shake. once i did yoga with my friend who runs frequently and she did much better than me. it was embarrassing. its a good workout though

    By tori on 01.25.2010

  9. There are times when we need to clear our minds. We can either chose to scream our hearts out, or we can push it all aside. Or we can listen to music, to ourselves. This is in a way a yoga for the mind.

    By Tina on 01.25.2010

  10. yoga,exercise to lose weight and keep in shape.

    By sabrina on 01.25.2010

  11. she pulled down on the waistband of her pants, those shitty trendy preppy black stretching pants, and sniffed.
    “i don’t want that. i don’t like that. you’re stupid.”

    she was blind to how ironic those words were in comparison to my own thoughts.

    By on 01.25.2010

  12. stupid thing that people do when theyre bored and have an excessive amount of money. i mean really, who wants to do yoga?? wth is the point?? i couldnt see myself doing it. ever.

    By Maleeka on 01.25.2010

  13. I liked yoga a lot when I was younger. My mother bought yoga tapes and my sister and I were always able to laugh when Wai Lana told us to “contract the buttocks”. Although most yoga ‘sessions’ were spent laughing instead of stretching, it was always a great way to work out and feel good, even if just because of a laugh.

    By Laona on 01.25.2010

  14. it’s lame. but it effin works!

    By irish on 01.25.2010

  15. Yoga is awesome cuz its like mental stability plus buddhism. You should all do it and allow your self to become more flexible. Also, its fun if the room is lie a gizillion degrees hot

    By PEter on 01.25.2010

  16. Yoga pants are so comfortable

    By Annie on 01.25.2010

  17. something you use to stetch. its an important part of a fitness plan and exercise

    By brittany on 01.25.2010

  18. I hate it

    By Rahma on 01.25.2010

  19. A total waste of time….exercise that is supposed to take your mind off of your problems and vent that into meditation, etc. Rather spend that valuable time praying to the One and only God our Father who can change things.

    By Tammy on 01.25.2010

  20. I don’t really know anything about yoga. I guess it seems pretty gay but I don’t really know why someone would do that instead of actually exercising.

    By Nat on 01.25.2010

  21. Well, Yoga isn’t all that great. It helps you relax and such, but you can do many things to help you relax. When I think of Yoga, I think of Yogurt and overrated celebrites. And I don’t like either of them.

    By Bianka on 01.25.2010