January 25th, 2010 | 628 Entries

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628 Entries for “myth”

  1. the time is wide and great a myth is born

    By Anonymous on 01.26.2010

  2. A myth is a story. Not necessarily a fiction story. It explains life and all its complexities in terms that we can understand.

    By Michelle on 01.26.2010

  3. Myth:

    A myth is an attempt to explain a, usually, naturaly existing phenomenon.
    Why do we make myths? Why do people feel the need to explain or justify the unexplainable? Is this good or bad? Science is based off exploring and justifying, so is a myth just an educated version of science?

    By Anonymous on 01.26.2010

  4. hey i saw a dog that had 6 legs in south africa and it spoke to me and said clean your hair!

    By elizarahda on 01.26.2010

  5. myths. myths are what we always read about at some point in our grade school careers. you know you have to go through the hero chart. the call. the thresh hold. the return. amulets. its always the same. myths are what we need to take our mind off of our troubles and pretend Cyclopes do exist.

    By Cia Rohde on 01.26.2010

  6. story, old wives tale, things people want to believe…sometimes very unbelievable

    By lisa on 01.26.2010

  7. mito

    By rafael on 01.26.2010

  8. there was a question on my food and nutrition test with this in there. i think i got it right. mythology reminds me of english class, for which i have an exam tomorrow. this reminder is not helping because i am one nervous cookie! forget tough. i’m just a wreck. i can’t wait that in less than two days’ time i’ll be done exams!

    By You know me. on 01.26.2010

  9. there are so many things we dont know about. places havent gone and things we do not know about. we never know whats true and whats false. Anything could end up having truth since our perceptions really are limited in life. there is a lot more out there than we know.

    By Anonymous on 01.26.2010

  10. greek myths are what religions were made of. Myths are also things like ghosts and vampires. A lot of people think myths are always untrue, but i have thought that a lot of myths can be true sometimes. I think myths make for better stories.

    By Wilson on 01.26.2010

  11. You can believe a myth if you want. It’s your own imagination. Nobody can take that away from you or influence it against your will. Make up your own myth, your own fantasty; an escape land when you’re stressed. Why do you think the Greeks did it?

    By Sandra on 01.26.2010

  12. not real. stupid. urban or village or traditional, so many kinds of myths. myths are born all the time. myths are great to tell, but not to live with!

    By Jason on 01.26.2010

  13. A myth is something that is based on tradition. It is carried on by gnerations and symbolizes culture. A myth can be a scary story, one about family, or non-fiction.

    By Dana on 01.26.2010

  14. love is a myth.
    it is just a way of getting into my pants then getting out of my life.
    the first is for falling in love
    the second:
    I’m just not in love with you anymore.
    i believe in familial love.
    and friendship love.
    but give me a dozen roses and i know i’ll never see you again.

    By Allison on 01.26.2010

  15. quite a query. four letters and only historical substance. let’s go philosophical. everyone’s alone.

    By Anonymous on 01.26.2010

  16. ancient unicorns, rainbows fairies apes monsters bigfoot gnar and stuff. food is mythical it tastes so good. i don’t know.

    By Anonymous on 01.26.2010

  17. a fictional story of glorification, romanticized fiction.

    By chelsea on 01.26.2010

  18. divine mockery one would say, a myth to those who wish not know, there are things within a myth that we deny so much and why do we deny, we relinquish that which we know not, how silly of us

    By emily dawn on 01.26.2010

  19. a fictional story of glorification, romanticized fiction.

    By chelsea on 01.26.2010

  20. i once read a myth about crazy polynesian lap dancers. adorned with exotic headdresses, they transported me into a world of new and obscure excitement; later, waking up only to have had a crazy dream!

    greaaaatttt, i cant think of anything else.

    By uzair on 01.26.2010

  21. there once was a a magical place with castles and fairy tale creatyres this is what a myth is not this is what a fairytale is a myth is saying i slpet with miss southcarolina thats a myth more of a lie a guess a myth is a lie its a tall tale that has no proof of actually ever happenng. its just somehting hat people had to tell to keep thenselesves interested back in the day before tv and internet.

    By Anonymous on 01.26.2010

  22. Beginning

    By brian on 01.26.2010

  23. its a myth that you can be happy always
    its a myth that you can alway have a joyful day
    its a myth that the world will never spin out of control
    its a myth that you are perfect
    because reality has darkness in everyone
    like today was a myth for you and for me

    By amanda on 01.26.2010

  24. New

    By brian on 01.26.2010

  25. New

    By joe on 01.26.2010

  26. myth is something that conpensates the minds of the superstitious, or the mind of the fool
    it depends of you.. i you are fool enogh to believe a story the rest of your life… or to gnore the greatness of the mistical, of the spiritual

    By Andres Espino on 01.26.2010

  27. is it true???

    By BOB on 01.26.2010

  28. it was always something to do with king arthur, it seemed. myths about his life, his love, his relationship with merlin. but all myths hold some sort of truth to them all. at least one element is truth. and – in this case, at least – it was a big piece.

    By lila anne on 01.26.2010