January 24th, 2010 | 381 Entries

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381 Entries for “yoga”

  1. happyness

    By Anonymous on 01.25.2010

  2. I went to the class. I don’t know why. That’s a lie, actually–one of my mates had given me a gift certificate to it for Christmas, and I’m a sucker for free stuff. I went hoping to find a pretty girl in spandex or two.

    By Scrivener on 01.25.2010

  3. yoga yoga, she repeats in her head I hate this class. the man up there is a concieted self absorbed queer that likes to wear the spandex in front of the married women who take his class.

    By chris on 01.25.2010

  4. 2. yoga class. the nerdy guy in the white pants, the hot girl in the red ones, the stupid teacher. everyone

    By toso on 01.25.2010

  5. Yoga was the last thing Arthur wanted to do on a rainy afternoon in New York, but it was imperative. He was in perfect shape, flexible, strong, durable and tough. The need for the yoga arose from the woman he was following; even international spies enjoyed their leisure time.

    By Daniel M. on 01.25.2010

  6. Yoga is calming and a good relaxer. IT can be done by just about anyone at any age. There aree videos about yoga ; and certain poses fir certain moves. Yoga is a good stress and anger reliever.

    By Samantha on 01.25.2010

  7. i hat yoga it is fake it is stupid i hate yoge it messes up ppl’s minds it is terrible for ure body it kills brain cells it causes murders it makes ppl want to kill themselves ok my rant is done bye.

    By yoga suck on 01.25.2010

  8. Seit vielen jahren machte sie Joga, jeden mrogen ein ehalbe stunde. Keiner ihrer Liebhaber hatte es jemals verstanden, dass sie eine kranichstellung ihm vorzog. Aber sie war hart geblieben. sechs uhr dreissig, jeden morgen. sie konnte ohne es nicht leben, da war sie sicher.

    By richie on 01.25.2010

  9. legend

    By Anonymous on 01.25.2010

  10. I stretch and stretch. It amkes everything feel so good. Like giving a big weight a push and it rolls of my shoulder. It stretches out and out. Oh, god, my muscles they feel wonderful! Oh god! It’s like magic. Oh how wonderful it feels to stretch on forward and touch my toes.

    By clara on 01.25.2010

  11. Its wonderfull isnt it.
    It helps so many people and has been there since ages. I hope eeery one atleast tries to learn it atleast once in their life time.
    Breath happy.

    By on 01.25.2010

  12. i like do play yoga on wii fit. it calms me down. i have not played in a while. i want to go to a studio and do yoga.i want a professional to teach me better way to do yoga. i already have a yoga mat to do the excerizedin on.

    By Nichole on 01.25.2010

  13. I’ve always wanted to try yoga, never have. I guess it could be slightly disastrous, seeing how I am completely inflexible. (Crap I just spent half the time trying to figure out how to spell disastrous)…

    By Linley on 01.25.2010

  14. Yoga is easy exercise. I do not do yoga, but it is something that I would like to do. I wish that there was a place by my house that does yoga. I thing some of my friends would enjoy yoga if we could do it together.

    By Anonymous on 01.25.2010

  15. what does yoga mean it is an exercise why do people exercise is it meant more as an exercise or a method to relax why do people feel the need to do yoga there are other methods of relaxing maybe like they could sleep i dunno why is it used as exercise isn’t it just stretching what makes yoga better than just stretching when you get up in the morning.

    By Mifblubbler on 01.25.2010

  16. I plan to never do yoga again, I tried it once, never again. I can’t keep still and just relax. Instead of relaxing me, yoga stressed me out for some reason. I had to get there on time and figure out all the weird stretches.

    By who knows? on 01.25.2010

  17. I’ve only tried yoga a few times. It’s boring.

    By Carly on 01.25.2010

  18. ogo is fucking ga it is full of weirdos who think they are sexy but yet they have to wast all of their time in a class to feel better about themselfs not only that but everyone fats in the class and it isnt nice its discusing and no one wants to be around nast ass farts all day id rather eat a hotdog and pla a video game any day an time

    By Fatty on 01.25.2010

  19. flexible, peaceful, strange, girly, exercise, stretch, nylon, breathing, counting,

    By Rachel Cimerman on 01.25.2010

  20. I don’t really understand why yoga can help you achieve inner peace or make you more calm…as opposed to other physical activities. Boxing can achieve the same thing, and make you confident about yourself and your skills but its on the opposite scale of violence…

    By Eric Harrell on 01.25.2010

  21. The steam rising off of his body as he left the sauna obscured my vision of his face, but it also lent him an angelic air. The street light beaming down yellow was suddenly covering him with gold, and as his jacket opened slightly in the wind, his distinct ab muscles and erect nipples sent a shiver down the back of my neck. My hair stood on end.

    By Plasticities on 01.25.2010

  22. meditation calm soothing lose weight less stress. relieving myself, releasing myself from the world to a much more calm world. i want to take lessons

    By michelle on 01.25.2010

  23. exercise where you wear lycra… tights and leggings and ankle warmers and stretch into all sorts of ways,with plinky plonky music and a Jane Fonda type at front.

    By Eric on 01.25.2010

  24. Flexible, sexy, bendy…healthy…healthier than me. Something I’ve always wanted to try.

    By Anonymous on 01.25.2010

  25. It hurts, this stretching, so the ease I chase is soon knotted and twisted and i watch the others

    By Anonymous on 01.25.2010

  26. is for women. its for stretching and blood circulation. there are many benefits to it. it must be very relaxing. i think girls who do yoga are pretty attractive. maybe i should join a yoga class.

    By Mike on 01.25.2010

  27. stretch

    By amy on 01.25.2010

  28. yoga is meant to be spiritually rewarding but it is also amazing for your fitness to.
    Its something i have practiced many times and have always wanted to go to India, with somewhere epic as a back drop to meditate and practice infront of.

    By elmo on 01.25.2010

  29. i wish i could do yoga. i think it would be fun to try. it helps you get in shape and relax and become more flexible, all of which i want to do. i think yoga is good for all people to do, because everyone needs to learn to relax more.

    By emily on 01.25.2010

  30. yoga is not something i have ever tried. I’m not sure i ever will if i make the effort to exercise i want it to be high impact and be a bit more fast paced than my shuffle to the gym.

    By Amy on 01.25.2010

  31. Pretentious soy milk drinkers single mother less than 110 lbs

    By Devon on 01.25.2010


    By chelsea Rae Morris on 01.25.2010

  33. is a calming way to induldge yourself to get fit. it relaxes your mind body nd spirirt in order for you to be able ot make peace with you every day worries and trials.

    By mb on 01.25.2010

  34. Soothing times of far beyond stretches. A time to sooth the soul, to replenish ones inner beauty for what lies ahead. an escape. a garden of zen. no more stress, but a time of relaxation.

    By TJ Bokovoy on 01.25.2010

  35. a form of art/exercise that allows you to clear your mind and strengthen your body. the practice of the art of yoga emphasizes physical flexibility and spiritual clarity and is more of a way of life than an actual limited discipline. Yoga has gained a lot of popularity in recent times and has many practitioners even though it is ancient.

    By Michael on 01.25.2010

  36. The art of yoga is an ancient one dating back to 6534 b.c.e. It was developed over recent history in the 1700’s. Over time it has grown to become one of the most popular ways to make yourself look like a jackass.

    By Justin of Minnesota on 01.25.2010

  37. my mum and dad do yoga. It is good for you, all about Feng Shui and that, It can make you taller as well apparently, not sure how. And it’s calming and good for ‘inner peace’ and calm. Splitting the lotus isa yoga move i think, or is it from the Kama Sutra?

    By Oliver Beasant on 01.25.2010

  38. thsi is the most fun ive had in a lonfg time thining about yoga.
    my mom once took the 60 day yoga challenge where you do on eclass of bikram yoga every day for 60 days. it was a lo

    By optimist on 01.25.2010

  39. To relax, to stretch, or to spend some time with your mother.

    By Sarah on 01.25.2010

  40. yoga is like a storm I have yet to conquer. I’m scared to become within myself. how do I learn to love? how do I learn to live? will this form of expression help me? I’m not sure. I’m sure I’ll be fine. I’m sure you will too. life frightens me often.

    By Maddie on 01.25.2010