February 3rd, 2011 | 470 Entries

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470 Entries for “wrench”

  1. what happens when my 60seconds is over?

    By Patricia on 02.03.2011

  2. It was in my hand. but i had forgotten why. where was i again? oh yes… in the basement. but why? oh yes, martha had sent me down here to.. to..

    reluctantly the old man set down the wrench and trudged up what seemed the very long and creaky stairs.

    By jcalebgreene URL on 02.03.2011

  3. I had a wrench. The wrench was shiny and beautiful. Eve needs to know about this wrench. But Spanish dictionaries don’t have the word for wrench. I noticed that I write about the thing with saying it many times. WRENCH WRENCH WRENCH. I misspelled. Oopsie.

    By Kaitlin on 02.03.2011

  4. I haven’t tried enough. It’s enough to make tears squeeze from the eyes like a sopping sponge. My gut tells me things my mind cannot fathom. My dreams abduct me from reality.

    By kayt URL on 02.03.2011

  5. Its a tool found in many ppl garages. It is used to tighten and loosen bolts. It is made from medal and hurts if it is thrown at you. It also reminds me of a hooker on a pirate ship. wrench is something I would never want to be.

    By jake on 02.03.2011

  6. Cold, wrench in hand. Replacing fog and low beams in the dark, empty street. I look over my shoulder.

    By daniel k ng URL on 02.03.2011

  7. her heart broke. the wrench in the relationship started innocently enough – a lunch with her friend Mark. Mark had more on his mind than lunch, and the stupid stupid girl… things cannot be unwrenched, stupid girl. this is it.

    By Christine on 02.03.2011

  8. When I think of wrench, i think of either the tool of a wrench, or the more creative one, how a heart wrenches when something painful and incredibly sad happens. I can almost see the heart wrenching sometimes when I read a terribly sad article or experience something sad.

    By Allison URL on 02.03.2011

  9. He tried desperately to wrench her free, but the tree would not budge. Her leg was pinned under the tree. There was so much blood. Her screams were awful.

    By tiki URL on 02.03.2011

  10. The wretch. Mary Shelly. Frankenstein. In English, kids in my class would joke around and call everything the Wretch last year. It was actually hilarious. I don’t think I’ll ever not laugh at that world.

    By Sarah on 02.03.2011

  11. A tool to use to fix something or put something together.

    By Kerry URL on 02.03.2011

  12. Okay….i have already done this word….

    By Kerry URL on 02.03.2011

  13. When I think of wrenches I think of tool boxes. I think of all the things that can be fixed in this world, and all the things that can’t. If only you could fix everything by pulling out something like a wrench from your tool box turn it back and forth and everything would be good as new. but unfortunatley life isn’t like that but then again if life was so easily fixable we wouldn’t take care of it and appreciate it, and when it’s gone we wouldn’t miss it.

    By Hayley Nolan URL on 02.03.2011

  14. to work with a wrench brings back untold memories in the garage with my father. Both good and bad. We would sometimes work from dawn until dusk in the summer. We would also work in the frigid cold in the harsh winters. This helped to develop my hard working attitude that i use today in many situations. I remember when my dad would encourage me to work through the cold, and that inspires me to do most things.

    By sean on 02.03.2011

  15. Once again, they have me writing about a wrench. Let’s get a little more creative, please. What else could I possibly say about a wrench? It’s big, shiny, and a weapon used in the library by Colonel Mustard. That’s another thing, why does everyone always assume it’s Colonel Mustard?

    By Courtney Ann on 02.03.2011

  16. Again with the wrench thing? Can I PLEASE get a new word? I’ll continue on my “Clue” rant. Everyone always stereotypes Colonel Mustard with the wrench. What would a military colonel have to do with a common tool anyway? I guess he’s just a resourceful guy.

    By Courtney Ann on 02.03.2011

  17. find it in the garage one of the most important tools you see when you open the tool box. need to grab it for some quick fix, putting together the ikea furniture if they forgot to give you a tool. smells like metal and oil, maybe just because of where you keep it and what it touches. feels good when you cant tighten any more.

    By KimSmithman URL on 02.03.2011

  18. life keeps throwing a wrench in everything that i have going one. My professional life is going great my people make me feel bad about it like nonbody cares. then my personal goes well and then life throws a wrench into it all and its all gone and i hurt.

    By maura aguilera on 02.03.2011

  19. so the other day i was using a wrench and i fucking cut my finger with it and then i grabbed the hammer and hit the fucking wrench in the head so it knew what it had done and then i jumped into the pool and to wrench followed me and tried to drown me with its evilness and i fucking kicked it and it continued to follow me

    By Mau on 02.03.2011

  20. whenever i think of wrench i think of a wench and that makes me think of amazing grace or some other american song of that sorts. but then i go into a mind game and start rhyming and what rhymes better with wrench than bench and that makes me think of baseball and baseball makes me think of the red sox and then it goes to boston and how much i love that city and then i think about beers and matt damon and how much i’d love to have his children.

    By Pooja URL on 02.03.2011

  21. and you tore away from me, linen-white
    inflated in the wind as a wing or a prayer

    don’t sing to me yet, you said
    but I’ve kept my mouth shut

    pry me open
    my sealed eyes,
    sealed lips,
    ungiven kiss

    By kathartie URL on 02.03.2011

  22. Wrench lying on the steps of the bookstore. It’s out of place. Somebody dropped it when the store was doing repairs. But I think I like it there. I like the shiny metal among the paper and leather books. It’s pleasantly ironic.

    By Erin O. (Lemita) URL on 02.03.2011

  23. is bench with a sponge, no matter the color, no matter how it works, u just have to use it to improve their qualities.

    By juliana on 02.03.2011

  24. I learned the name of those little L-shaped wrenches you use–Allen wrenches– because my next-door neighbor called and asked for help putting together her elliptical. It was treacherous work.

    By Nordgren on 02.03.2011

  25. I used to work as an automechanic, so I’m sick of wrenches. I wish they had 1 standard wrench for every size of bolt imaginable. But no, there are about 100 different sizes and you can NEVER find the one you actually need.

    By CorkerAnn URL on 02.03.2011

  26. My hands are covered in grease.

    It feels good to get into the engine and take things apart, after so long. It’s been ages. It’s strange, but I love doing this. Taking them apart and putting them back together. Making them my own. Fixing, healing, solving problems. Examining it.

    By Terra URL on 02.03.2011

  27. Wrenched from what is familiar
    Forced through an unwanted journey
    Submerged into this novel place
    Alien are the sights, smells, and sounds around me
    Foreign is this cold
    Foreign are the hands that touch my skin
    I Scream

    – birth from a baby’s perspective

    By MJ URL on 02.03.2011

  28. SHe was a wrench- a wrench in the neck. Everybody knew it, especially her. We all loved her anyway

    By Arlene on 02.03.2011

  29. i use wrenches to break apart grills. I wish i had a car so i could use the wrench in order to fix and modify it until it was the sickest ride on the dark streets of st peters. I really want a car. what;s a torque wrench? do crescent wrenches really work?

    By Stephen on 02.03.2011

  30. There’s something cathartic about using a wrench to loosen a nut from a bolt. If there’s nothing else I’ve observed time and time again, it’s that crazy people like to wrench their issues down until something snaps from all that unnecessary torque.

    By GreenGenie URL on 02.03.2011

  31. A wrench is a valuable tool. It can be used to tighten difficult and out of the way nuts. The wrench is essential for the functioning of our complicated technical society. Yet it is interesting that we use the word wrench in such phrases as “a wrench in the plans” or “a wrench in the gears”. The word wrench seems to reflect the duality of all our lives.

    By Cameron on 02.03.2011

  32. She was a wrench of a woman. A real pain in the wrench. We knew it. SHe knew it. And none of us cared anyway.

    By Arlene URL on 02.03.2011

  33. i wrenched the door open with all the strength i could muster, what I didn’t know is that what waited for me on the other side of the door would change my life forever. As I pulled the door open I took what ended up being my last breath of fresh air and I dove into the unknown with nothing but the clothes on my back.

    By Erynne Hundley on 02.03.2011

  34. Gut wrenching. Heart wrenching. What your voice, your actions, your cruelty does to me. It’s like a wrench that keeps turning on something to loosen it up. You loosened me up and got me off. Now I’m just unscrewed. Put me back together.

    By Amber URL on 02.03.2011

  35. The wrench faced outward, revealing it’s multi-faceted nature. It did not want to be touched, but if it had to be, it would do the work it was commissioned to do, and that work was tough. In many ways, it was like someone had pushed the wrench to do something as multi-socketed as it.

    By Z_dub URL on 02.03.2011

  36. Do you have a wrench upon you? I should think it would be highly entertaining to find someone in possession of such a nonubiquitous object in such regular circumstances. I should like to carry one if only to prompt such a fascinating story. “Why, yes in fact, I do.”
    I think one would come in handy.

    By Stephanie on 02.03.2011

  37. how many times have you actually used a wrench? me being a girl not many times. HOwever, it was fun everytime. I don’t know why.. either it was fun or just super irritating. anyways I think I need a wrench just because i don’t have one.

    By toni on 02.03.2011

  38. It’s usually considered a sign of evil prowess to possess genetically engineered winged-monkeys. I usually send my flock out armed with wrenches and with strict instructions that they are to fling them into the plans and contraptions of my enemies. Do gooders or the competition, I’m indiscriminate. Once the flock as done as commanded, I allow them to fling some poo if they so desire too.

    Or there’s killing someone with a wrench, or perhaps inflicting a moderate-to-severe beating. Yeah, when it comes to evil, I’m pretty sketchy like that.

    By GreenGenie URL on 02.03.2011

  39. its heart wrenching to think about all the troubles people are going thru in this world and all we can do is complain about the inconvenient lives we live. wrench your heart out. live life do this forever and never look back be mine be yours see the world. wrench life out of its whole. wrench fear our of your heart.

    By michelle christian on 02.03.2011

  40. wrenchs are fucking awesome. wrenches somehow remind me of witches, witches, wrenches. same same. righ? right? thought so. yup.

    By Raeanne Bangalan on 02.03.2011