February 2nd, 2011 | 188 Entries

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188 Entries for “boost”

  1. boost metabolism. boost results. speed boost just pump it just pump it forget the pain forget that you exist just five more minutes five more minutes of this. this has become your life. just five more minutes, just five more reps, just five more hours until you can fall into bed and sleep and not be hungry and then get up and it’s five more floors to climb up and five more hills all over all over again.

    By ella on 02.03.2011

  2. you can boost your heart rate by exercising more, you can boost your intelligence by learning about things and listening/taking in knowledge every second of every day, you can boost relationships with lovers or loved ones by having patience or working things out slowly, and you can have energy boosting smoothies! yay

    By Freya on 02.03.2011

  3. Steve held the boost button as his kart roared past the finish line. He had won again! “Wanna play again?” He asked MArk

    By Timothy on 02.03.2011

  4. “Gimme a boost.”
    “Nah, man. We could get in some serious trouble doing this.” I could see the eyes of the elephant in the next pen. Something about Elephants never forget made me stop in my tracks.

    By baloofish11 URL on 02.03.2011

  5. up up and away
    nothing can stop me now
    my power has been unleashed and all by you
    and I will not turn back or be stopped but run into the wild with out limits because of you.

    By sarah on 02.03.2011

  6. The blood of the virgin boosted my purity powered rocket jet pack. It was time to collect more eggs and children to keep the machine running. The blood libel debts wouldn’t pay themselves!

    By Ferric Suarez on 02.03.2011

  7. energy, metabolism, confidence, in the the air, chocolate bar, help someone up, fireworks!!

    By albany on 02.03.2011

  8. I never thought that I would be able to live that one day. I had gotten ready for my death: written a note, said good bye to my dog, ate my favorite cereal for the last time. All that. Nothing could boost my confidence. It was a pleasant state to be, almost euphoric in a way. I would never have to worry about anything again, and no one would have to worry about me. It seemed that I would be helping people. I would be helping myself.

    By logan on 02.03.2011

  9. Boost Boost BOOST!!
    The car went so fast my balls were clenching to my
    kidneys. I had to catch him
    I had to win!
    The wind was blowing through my hair
    and through my squinted eyes
    I could see the finish line.

    By Destin McIntosh URL on 02.03.2011

  10. i can’t even remember the last time i climbed a tree. god and i just hate it because i want to be up high high high like a big damn kite. and let the wind get all rolled up in my soul so that i can finally let go and actually let the world love me a little. goodness, what i wouldn’t give to climb a tree right now. to plant one, to own one. to be one.

    By bee hanan on 02.03.2011

  11. a boost of energy is what i need right now, or a boost in motivation… i need to get off my ass and do something today, i got the whole day yet…

    By Jayce URL on 02.03.2011

  12. Boost Boost BOOST!!
    The car went so fast my balls were clenching to my
    kidneys. I had to catch him
    I had to win!
    The wind was blowing through my hair
    and through my squinted eyes
    I could see the finish line.
    Had I won?
    Did I pass him?
    The wind and the dirt were all to present
    for me to tell.

    By Destin URL on 02.03.2011

  13. Give me a boost. Sometimes you just need an extra dose of energy. You need something to lift you up because you’re doing a shitty job of it yourself. It can be a drink, it can be a laugh, it can be a run. Give me a boost.

    By Megan Winterhalter on 02.03.2011

  14. It helps when you’re too short and you want to get into the cookie jar that your mother hid all the way up on top of the fridge! GO GET THE CHAIR! why is the cookie monster now the veggie monster?

    By Tori on 02.03.2011

  15. Sometimes, everyone needs one. The ladder of life is a steep climb, with the occasional broken rung or slippery step along the way. But that person below you can grab your feet, push you up, and catch you if you start to slip.

    By Emily Neie on 02.03.2011

  16. boster juice, smoothies remind me of sard nd ardis girls very preppy always eating sushi and on their cell phones. Smoothies remind me of the summer and going to fairfeild California and how hot it is and how ghetto all the gang symbols are, and all the cars on their supporting cement blocks cooking in the heat. Boost like give me a boost like the other day when i walked under the aggazis bridge and i used a broken busted up couch to get up on the cement barrier so that io could climb over it. i remeber being terrified at first because when my friend had described it she freaked me out, plus the wind was blowing do hard i almost fell over, and the bridge was making terrible creaking sounds and shaking slightly.

    By sarah on 02.03.2011

  17. Boost. A push. A little help when you can’t quite do it on your own. What comes to mind is someone pushing on my bum from underneath me so that I’m able to get on top of a wall. Overcome some sort of obstacle. Someone who is willing to do the dirty work, ie push on your bum, in order for you to succeed, when, in most cases, they will not see the slightest bit of success. A very selfless act.

    By Hannah on 02.03.2011

  18. Most women I know need a boost to their ego every so often. When they don’t get it, they go fishing.
    “Does my bum look big in this?” Should always be answered with an emphatic “No!” even if her arse looks like a whale squeezing into a pair of skinny’s.

    By M Daly URL on 02.03.2011

  19. There was no way she could understand the boost he got form doing that, the high he got. it seemes like madness to her and it made her sad. Because this was something they could not share. He was high in the sky and she felt empty.

    By Rebecca on 02.03.2011

  20. Falling, falling, falling, whump! Head drops into the book and drool begins to flow, smearing the soft inky words. That energy boost could only last so long, before overtook even the most earnest of minds.

    By Sorcha URL on 02.03.2011

  21. boost my self esteem. Boost my energy. Boost is something very important because it is an extra push in the right direction. I need a boost; as do all of us at times. We must push one another.

    By Jessica Stith on 02.03.2011

  22. high energy, wonderful fantastic, double o, s and t, makes perfect sense. boost is a fantastic word everyone should have in there vocabulary!

    By liiiiz on 02.03.2011

  23. Everyone needs a helpful boost from their friend now and then when they are feeling down…

    By Maya Cotton on 02.03.2011

  24. boost is fun in games. usally you have to earn it or only get a limited amount. boost makes you fly or go faster

    By just582 URL on 02.03.2011

  25. Boost your confidence in the Lord. The only way to find true confidence is by rooting yourself in something that is consistent. Your outer beauty is not consistent and is not eternal. Base your confidence, boost your confidence in things eternal. That will last. That will be satisfying and constant. Nothing else will be.

    By Jill Hyland URL on 02.03.2011

  26. Hold your breath.
    Steady your mind.
    Find you center.

    By jason on 02.03.2011

  27. I needed a boost. So I called a roost…….ER. I got some drink from the Jamba Juice. Woot Wooooooooooot. I need a daily boost. So I got an energy boost for free.

    By Sam URL on 02.03.2011

  28. I needed a booster seat for a long time. I remember it sliding out of place and then I would fix it before I sat down.

    By lizzyb97 URL on 02.03.2011