February 4th, 2011 | 429 Entries

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429 Entries for “suicide”

  1. THe countryside in Tuscany is so breathtakingly beautiful and the mountains so formidable it is a wonder more people don’t jump. So beautiful. What a waste. I considered it, but fell in love instead.

    By karen on 02.05.2011

  2. A terrible commodity, born to those of us with enough fear to chill our hearts. One cannot escape from the hauntings of the nightmares born upon them by the thoughts of a cold, silent death. Cold? Silent? Can it be described as such things? It is not silent at all, but is in fact the loudest of all actions.

    By Cassie on 02.05.2011

  3. Suicide is a viscous word, tepid with meaning. It means to remove oneself, purposefully, strategically. To make oneself no longer exist. Whoever said suicide was sexy?

    By R. URL on 02.05.2011

  4. why did she do it? what was it like those last few precious moments of life? was there regret? Would she have called out for help if she could have? Would we have heard her if she had?

    By BrittanyGmusic URL on 02.05.2011

  5. someone who will kill themselves if their life is not going the way they want it to go…trajedy…depression…heartbreak….any form of negative thoughts or feelings will dissapear once your dead.

    By Dennis on 02.05.2011

  6. A horrible thing. My schoolfriend committed suicide. How can anyone be so low, so despairing that they put their family and friends through such torture. My worst nightmare would be to lose one of my family that way. Worse than any kind of accident or illness. The ultimate in selfishness. No possibility of changing one’s mind.

    By Sue URL on 02.05.2011

  7. writing about suicide is a hard one. it’s very close to my heart, and it sits just there in my breastbone, telling me little things. i really really want it. i want a lot of things, and suicide is always there to catch me if i fall, yknow? it’s my little friend, i guess. i do like it. i miss the anticipation of waiting to make a move.

    By Caroline URL on 02.05.2011

  8. death bombings
    confusion love
    notes to loved ones

    By Meadhbh on 02.05.2011

  9. is painless it brings on many changes….oh you know the song, from Mash. I loved that show. Miss it. Wish I could play that on my guitar, tough chords. My kids didn’t even know I played till last week. What have I been doing these past ten years. Life, a mystery.

    By Joy Steinberg URL on 02.05.2011

  10. Contemplation.
    Is it really worth it? Living?
    I don’t know. The cool weight of a gun in my hand assures me that it’s alright. That it’s okay.
    One pull and it’s over. In a flash.
    No one has to deal with me.
    No one will miss me.
    I can sing and dance and play all day.
    And I can do it freely.
    One pull, a little pressure, and I’m gone.
    I put the muzzle to my temple, and close my eyes.
    The sink isn’t comfortable, but soon, I won’t exist to notice it.
    One pull, a little pressure.
    10:15 on a Saturday night, sitting in the sink, gun to my head.
    End this.

    By Hana URL on 02.05.2011

  11. Heartbreaking. a permanent solution to a temporary problem. cowardly. How can parents leave their children like that? How can children leave their parents like that? Someone has to find them. It’s not fair and it hurts people.

    By Michelle Gaffney on 02.05.2011

  12. oh that’s an awful thing. I think of Cassidy who did not actually commit suicide. I guess I think about people’s lives ending too soon…like hers did. So grim. What else do I think about suicide? Harley Green in the 8th grade. He committed suicide because those Vorhees twins were so mean to him. Of course that wasn’t really why, but that was the rumor.

    By Brooke on 02.05.2011

  13. I had always thought of suicide. Suicide was like a friend to me since I was young. When i felt lonely, depressed, i kknew that i would die one day and all would be forgiven. Dying would be in a sense my freedom.
    Suicide I thought was such a simple action!

    By anais on 02.05.2011

  14. Suicide is the act of killing oneself, usually over an emotional breakdown, or someone told you that you aren’t good enough. Usually, hanging or stabbing. Can be shooting too. Yeah, depressing

    By Lily on 02.05.2011

  15. ridiculous, i believe life is too precious to waste it away like that. No problem is so big that can’t be overcomed.

    By Vicente on 02.05.2011

  16. I don’t know a lot about suicide. I think it’s a selfish way to leave this world.. just think about everyone else you’re hurting. Your life can’t be that terrible that you would wish that kind of pain on your family. If you’re at rock bottom, you can only go up from there, right? no matter how it seems, there is always somebody who is there to help.. someone wants you to get better. It may not seem that way.. but you just need to try. Life can be brutal sometimes but it is that way for everyone.. you’re not alone. You’re never alone.

    By Daniella on 02.05.2011

  17. Lost hope, sadness, loneliness, pain, hurt, forgotten love, needs help, needs love, needs a hand, needs hope, can’t breathe, can’t move on.

    By Maggie on 02.05.2011

  18. It scares me. I has so much power. The thought of suicide it so enormous but the ending is so beautiful. Death
    being yourself
    but at the same time you miss on life
    who wants to miss on life?
    There are so many things to do in life but there are so many problems with it to.

    By anais on 02.05.2011

  19. She stands at the edge of the bridge, cars zooming behind her. She looks down at the water beneath her.She Looks up at the sky above her.She Looks back at the cars behind her. Takes a breath. Jumps.

    By Melody on 02.05.2011

  20. Suicide is for cowards, i´ve always thought that, but its impossible to live a full life without thinking in our own death and mortality. Im too selfish to commit suicide myself.

    By Dulmo URL on 02.05.2011

  21. Suicide: (def) an act or thought. Usually harms the thinker of this action about his or her problems afflicted upon them. I haven’t ever thought about or performed this action. No reason to. Never will. End of story.

    By Lib on 02.05.2011

  22. Thorn eyed the knife poised at her brother’s neck with a dull curiosity. “What are you doing?” She asked, though she didn’t seem to falter in act of ripping the book apart. “I can’t do this any more, Ragni. I can’t. You’re not my sister, you’re a monster.” Tears streamed down his cheeks cutting their way through dirt and blood. “I’ve tried, Thorn. I’ve tried. You keep telling me that you’re doing this for a reason, but do you even know what reason that is!?” He winced as the knife grazed the soft flesh over his jugular. Thorn frowned and set the book down carefully. “Thade, you git.” He glanced at her in surprise.

    By heather URL on 02.05.2011

  23. terrible, would never do it, feel bad when I hear about people who do, what could have been so awful they would commit suicide, wish I could help people who feel that desperate, so very sad!

    By Jeannie C on 02.05.2011

  24. This word has been in my mind for a long time. Not only the word but also the action, the feeling it conveyed. It was always there. At work, at school at home, with people. No matter it was always in the back of my mind. Making me think about nonexistance.

    By Miau URL on 02.05.2011

  25. the ending of your own life. when the horror of living is greater than the horror of dieing. A thought I’ve had often. A thought many have had before. A thought that will continue.

    By Kristen on 02.05.2011

  26. These thoughts run through my head. These thoughts of suicide; ever present, ever lingering, creeping through my mind, infesting all everything. But sill I prevail, persevering to the end.

    By Ben S. URL on 02.05.2011

  27. maybe it would help. maybe it wouldn’t. he knew that it would hurt people, the people closest to him. but it would keep them from suffering as much they had.

    they would suffer yes but it would fade, the grieve would eventually fade, he would rather make them grieve than have them eventually despise him.

    this was the only way out, the only way that he could think of escaping.

    By le_soleil URL on 02.05.2011

  28. suicide is when someone leaves the world in a moment of weakness. it’s always described as this big dramatic gesture that needs a lot of explaining but we’ve all been there, in that moment, you wonder what lies ahead and you want to go there.

    By Joy. on 02.05.2011

  29. Suicide is something I don’t like to think about. Thinking about it makes it seem more real. It is real enough for me. My grandfather committed suicide. I only found this out a few years ago. I didn’t meet him, and I blame suicide.

    By Raylene URL on 02.05.2011