August 7th, 2013 | 92 Entries

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92 Entries for “worthwhile”

  1. I make it worthwhile to give into your charms
    by sitting down on the sand on the beach
    writing in my journal
    sipping tea of
    blood and sugar
    bleeding wrist thinking of
    echos of the poems I have written they are repetitions of my past convictions.

    By B.Crazy on 08.08.2013

  2. Something that you won’t regret doing. It brings you happiness

    By Alba on 08.08.2013

  3. Worthwhile endeavors are bargained down to a few: handfuls of pomegranate seeds in the hands of the unworthy. In the field we tilled until dawn, the night crops springing up each dusk. When I caught her eye across the rows, a glimmer of moonlight on her skin, she smiled. Tomorrow we see; tomorrow, I beg her forgiveness.

    By RS Bohn URL on 08.08.2013

  4. I don’t care that we sat there for hours and hours just simply talking about our lives. It was completely worthwhile to feel like I was being let in again, like you still really cared.

    By Kelly T URL on 08.08.2013

  5. Would it be worthwhile, to join the protest? Would it be worth it to raise an empty glass too, stand there in the square, shouting to—who were they shouting to, anyway?

    She stared out over the crowd, but there was no one to shout at. No one from the brewery was here. And it’s not as if HE would make an appearance in their small town.

    By Anthony StClair on 08.08.2013

  6. It’ll all be worthwhile, they said. You won’t be trapped anymore. You won’t have to be scared. So, I said it out loud. And I said it a few more times. And I cried, and I was still scared, and it wasn’t all worthwhile.

    But then you held me, and we both cried, and I told you everything. All the grimy details that made me feel like vomiting and running and hiding. And you never stopped holding me. And I knew. It didn’t have to fix things to be worthwhile.

    By darseyrsm URL on 08.08.2013

  7. Worthwhile. There’s a lot of things people can call worthwhile. A vacation, a job, a certain task: “Does it seem worthwhile?” Worth the drive, the effort, the money? Or maybe one wouldn’t be risking anything physical. They would risk their integrity, their reputation, their heart. Everyone’s meter of worth is different, so asking anyone else their opinions should be noncontributory. People should listen to their own minds. Is it worthwhile? No one else can tell you. Only you will know.

    By Isobel on 08.08.2013

  8. I have already written about things that are worthwhile. I didn’t have anyting to say about it then, and I certainly do not have anything of note now, even with an extra twenty seconds of thinking time. THis is not worthwhile at all.

    By Phil on 08.08.2013

  9. The stars werent out
    And the ocean too turbulent

    But your cigarette lit up
    A row of tiny houses burning
    And the rain made a sound
    Like waves learning
    To inhale

    By h. b. on 08.08.2013

  10. Put forth the effort. Running around, doing things, sweat on the brow. What am I doing with myself? Just killing time? If so, I just hope it was all worthwhile at the end.

    By Brandon Lau URL on 08.08.2013

  11. Let’s try to make this worthwhile,
    Let’s try to make you smile,
    Let’s wipe away those tears,
    Let’s change gears.

    Let’s bring them down,
    Let’s hurt those who hurt you,
    Let’s do the things they told you not to,
    Let’s kill tonight.

    By DeionDakota on 08.08.2013

  12. Finding this website was worthwhile but so many things are. It is worthwhile to keep trying to achieve your ambitions.

    By Alexandra on 08.08.2013