August 8th, 2013 | 88 Entries

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88 Entries for “sundried”

  1. The cowhide leather jacket on his back, revving his bike, wind in his hair. This was freedom manifested. The jacket is just a fashion statement as most people assumed, it was every minimalist’s apparel of choice. It was durable, and yes, it also withstood the test of time in the fashion world. For the folks who crave simplicity, the leather jacket is a must have in their closet.

    By B L URL on 08.09.2013

  2. My skin is sundried like a busting tomato after the rain. The sun kissed, leaving burn marks where it’s tongue ran against me.

    By Danaé on 08.09.2013

  3. With the cowhide leather on his back, wind in his hair, and the roar of his harley, this was freedom manifested. The leather wasn’t a fashion statement or an attempt to look badass, or whatever else people might think about him. It spoke to the minimalist in him. It was durable, and yes, it withstood the test of time in the fashion world. For the folk that crave simplicity, it is simply a requisite part of your wardrobe. Evocative of those cowboy days, runnin’ wild.

    By B L URL on 08.09.2013

  4. The sundried tomatoes were the perfect finish to an already delicious pizza. It was both a food and visual piece of art.

    By River Ranter URL on 08.09.2013

  5. He spread the tomatoes on the bread, their sundried, wrinkly red all the more intense from their time in the summer sun. Sprinkled with oil and thyme, a few minutes under the broiler brought them out with a powerful aroma.

    Two people came into the hostel kitchen. “Someone who cooks like that,” said one of them, “must be one hell of a cool person.”

    By Anthony StClair on 08.09.2013

  6. I am not sun dried, I’m bloody drenched with my own sweat. I wish I were somewhere on the coast of the Crimea, having

    By Anastasija on 08.09.2013

  7. Her damp skin is gently cooled by the trade winds and her hair was sundried after an hour or so, I love her beauty.

    By T1DSurfDad URL on 08.09.2013

  8. She lies in the field, skin slowly turning to leather, sucking down any moisture she can find. She hopes that no one finds her. But not as much as he does.

    By Christian URL on 08.09.2013