August 6th, 2013 | 85 Entries

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85 Entries for “based”

  1. Based on the fact that I am a boy, you could assume I like girls.
    based on the fact that Emily is the perfect, you could assume she is also the most attractive girl in the universe.
    Based on the fact that I like attractive girls, you could assume I like Emily.,

    By Simon on 08.07.2013

  2. This story is based on genealogy. It is the history of my own family and mainly based on my paternal side. This is proving difficult as some are the family are based in Canada and the USA.

    By Alexandra URL on 08.07.2013

  3. I based my fear on everyone else’s. I climbed up one peg too many, and then looked down. Instead of admitting how I really felt – elated – I climbed back down, when I really should have jumped, no looking back.

    By Amanda on 08.07.2013

  4. My whole life has been based on my name, the way I dress, the way I smile, the way get angry, the way I’m have minimal confidence. Ive been based upon a story and my story has been based upon me.

    By Day Rickett URL on 08.07.2013

  5. When baking chicken of any kind of meat, it is best done when it is based. In that way you will keep in the favor and allow the meat to brown properly.

    By victor URL on 08.07.2013