August 7th, 2013 | 92 Entries

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92 Entries for “worthwhile”

  1. Everything is worthwhile if it connects to our core purpose in life.

    Even dark, tragic things are worthwhile if they connect to that purpose.

    By Jacob on 08.07.2013

  2. What is worthwhile today may not be worthwhile tomorrow-not profound, but true. The older I get the more I try to devote my days to thoughts and actions that WILL be worthwhile tomorrow…

    By cassandra on 08.07.2013

  3. The word is a compound word. Worth meaning the sum of all parts. While a time word. When I think of the two words together I wonder what is worth the time and what isn’t worth my time. Things that are worth my time are things that involve meaning and help us learn about the world around me.

    What is worthwhile is something that makes you happy and makes the world a better place. What’s worthwhile to you?

    By Gina on 08.07.2013

  4. The opened him up like a duffel bag and pulled out the small package from behind his liver. It was covered in white paper and tied with a blue ribbon.

    By Jeff Goodman URL on 08.07.2013

  5. She was entirely worthwhile, just not worth the tiresome effort it took to sustain this relationship. Worth it, just not worth it. He struggled to find honest meaning in these contradicting feelings.

    By Audrey on 08.07.2013

  6. Many people need to feel worthwhile. They want to know that their life means something to themselves and others. Some achieve this feeling by helping others, some achieve this by creating something new. When we no longer feel as if we are worth something, we tend to do those things that are bad for us. Smoking, eating too much, drinking not exercising. May we all feel that we are on this earth for something more than just breathing. May we all find the special thing inside of us too make us feel worthwhile. I hope I have found mine. My family needs me and I need my family. Every day, I hope I do a little better for them and that they know they make me feel worthwhile. When I leave this place, may my existence have been worthwhile for many.

    By Maureen Maguire on 08.07.2013

  7. Leera didn’t think hacking could make you sweat. But when you have a suited up close-cropped fed standing behind you, a less important and more haggard looking tie running around getting you something caffeinated, and the future of your government at your fingertips– hacking could be stressful. She didn’t want to take up the job; she wanted to keep her quick fingers and quick wit to her own indie software development company. But the government needed her, and they assured her her time spent would be worthwhile.

    By Tone Deaf The Bard on 08.07.2013

  8. i sometimes wondering if i was all worthwhile, sacrificing my family, my love. all to follow my dreams of becoming a famous actress. is it worth losing people you care about?

    By adriana on 08.07.2013

  9. Nothing is worthwhile. You anticipate something so much that it takes over your entire being, but once you get there, even though you enjoy it while it lasts, you still end up with nothing but a feeling of “meh”.

    By Amanda on 08.07.2013

  10. Life. Life is worthwhile. Everything about your everyday life is worthwhile. We have this one opportunity to exist on this planet we call Earth. Love it. Cherish it. Discover everything that you can. Learn as much as you can. Love as much as you can. Love is what takes us forward into the next realm. It fills your soul. It’s your soul that takes you on the next journey to the better and beyond. Enjoy it because everything is worthwhile. Love it. Love life.

    By Kerry on 08.07.2013

  11. People like Shana and Malcolm made my week-long stay at my grumpy aunt’s house worthwhile. They had been childhood friends of mine, even though the two of them were brother and sister, before they moved into the same neighborhood as my relatives. Now, ten or so years later, we were sitting in their backyard, a fire smoking in the grill.

    “S’mores, anyone?” Malcolm asked with a slippery smile.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 08.07.2013

  12. Life. Life is worthwhile. Everything about your everyday life is worthwhile. We have this one opportunity to exist on this planet we call Earth. Love it. Cherish it. Discover everything that you can. Learn as much as you can. Love as much as you can. Love is what takes us forward into the next realm. It fills your soul. It’s your soul that takes you on the next journey to the better and beyond. Enjoy it because everything is worthwhile. Love it. Love life.
    p.s. updated username

    By KerryB on 08.07.2013

  13. worthwhile means that something is important enough for you to spend some of your valuable time thinking about it, doing something with it, or engaging in the acitiy or thought process. You have to weigh what is important to yourselflf. if i

    By Sharon Kennedy on 08.07.2013

  14. Lately, it been hard for me to believe that any of my social obligations are worthwhile. I expend more energy trying to appease everyone than actually getting any enjoyment from any of these silly activities.

    By Birdie Fishie on 08.07.2013

  15. “Yeah, like that was worthwhile,” she said, looking down at the notepaper I had spent all day writing her a poem on. “Don’t you have anything better to do?”

    By Shimbo on 08.07.2013

  16. I could never seem to please him. No matter how hard I tried, my only reward was the disappointed shake of his head each time he saw me. What did it take to make him see me as something more than a disgrace? How could I make him realize that I’m worthwhile?

    By Marikai on 08.07.2013

  17. “You are worthwhile.” No I’m not, I’m a load of horse shit, you’re the one who’s worth it, who’s the greatest at everything, who I love more than anything.

    “No I’m not, I’m horrible!” Please don’t say that. I can’t bear to see you hurt like that. You are perfect.

    “Maybe we both are.”

    Maybe. Maybe we’re both worthwhile.

    By Sarah URL on 08.07.2013

  18. She slid all of her cash across the counter. It was a nice day outside, sun shining, birds chirping, a light wind… It was the perfect day. She had FINALLY saved up enough money to buy the guitar she had been looking at.

    The music shop she wanted it from was closing down, so they were having a sale. Perfect timing.

    The man at the counter counted up the money, put it in the cash register, then smiled lightly at her. He had a stubbly chin and green eyes that seemed to sparkle with delight. He hands her the guitar.

    All that saving was DEFINITELY worthwhile.

    By Andrea on 08.07.2013

  19. This is so worthwhile. I don’t know exactly what “this” is though cause I’m lazy..

    By Jason on 08.07.2013

  20. I just wanted to be worthwhile. I wanted to feel like you cared about me genuinely, unadultured love. And I couldn’t even get a second glance from you. And I was supposed to be your fiance.

    I’m sorry. I’m sorry I couldn’t stay. I couldn’t.

    By Leslie on 08.07.2013

  21. Your circumstances aren’t always decided, but predetermined. While you can transcend them, you have to put aside your pride and work towards the top. Along the way, new challenges and experiences come forth, and it’s up to you to make them work for you, ensure the process and results are worthwhile.

    By Ashi URL on 08.07.2013

  22. In the interim, Josh took over the position of Vice Principal for the school. He’s had to deal with all sorts of troublemaking students already, but he doesn’t mind so much because all he could think of is the promise of promotion after this short proxy stint and that makes it all worthwhile.

    By Tricia on 08.07.2013

  23. All her life she’s been searching for something worthwhile, something that’s completely worth the suffering and sadness and the tears and the blood and the pain. She’s been searching for it for so long, but when she sees him smile, when she hears his laugh, when she feels his hand on hers, she knows that everything she did wasn’t a waste. The searching is done when she feels his lips on hers, her anxiety is mellowed down when he holds her and she holds him, and she comes to one conclusion.
    He is worthwhile.

    By zink on 08.07.2013

  24. Dance the night away
    (“You are the dancing queen”)
    Sing your heart out, louder and louder
    (“Sing through the laughter and sing through the tears”)
    This is your refrain of starlight & darkness
    so make it worthwhile.
    Find your beat, make it memorable, and have no regrets.

    By ISOreality URL on 08.07.2013

  25. It’s hard to decide what’s worthwhile sometimes. You grow up being told that some things are but then you experience life and you have to make your own choices about that. What in life is worth spending your entire life in pursuit of?

    By Joy on 08.07.2013

  26. “Do something productive, do something worthwhile.” For whom? I do and do for no one. Then, is it worth my while? Well.

    By Aera URL on 08.07.2013

  27. “Do something productive, do something worthwhile.” For whom? I do and do for no one. Then, is it worth my while? Well…

    By Aera URL on 08.07.2013

  28. love to be, people who make the effort, what a wonderful life if you can get it 80 percent right.

    By jackie URL on 08.07.2013

  29. Too many things in life are not worthwhile. We assign worth to consumer items that make us feel happy for short time but don’t appreciate the gifts life gives us for free.

    By colizgg on 08.07.2013

  30. it was worth it. All of it. The hearbreak and the tears. The bittersweet sting that came with goodbye. Of course it was worth it. I know what happiness is now. I know of love and I know of truth. I know of a thing that transcends all others. That is what made this worthwhile.

    By pielover on 08.07.2013

  31. Worthwhile is not a think that should be thought. But judging something to be worthwhile you are judging others things as not worthwhile, But are all things not worth sometime even in you are not in favour.

    By James Moriarty on 08.07.2013

  32. the duration of something

    By Wemerson on 08.07.2013

  33. Sometimes I wonder if this is all worthwhile.

    By A False Terl on 08.07.2013

  34. “I scrimped and saved,”Jody’s mother yelled,”To get you through college!”

    By A False Terl on 08.07.2013

  35. There’s got to be something worthwhile about spending four years, 720 days of our teenaged lives in high school.

    Crowded halls that become the norm, anxiety attacks before finals, the palpable stress in the room right before an AP test.

    College comes afterward…but is it really to make up for four years of hellishness?

    By Simone on 08.07.2013

  36. such a strange thing it was. How many things came and go. And her e in front of me was this tapestry of a person, woven with stories and music and imperfections and his smile and his hair that never fell in place. With his gnawed fingernails and his sharp, sharp eyes. And he was looking at me with that sparkle in his eye and his hands were reaching towards me with his alien fingers and his faded plaid and I just couldn’t think anymore.

    By ladystardust on 08.07.2013

  37. It’s worthwile,
    while crunching on tiny bones over filet-of-sole
    to lift your peppery eyes to mine
    and let me know
    you enjoy what I cook up.

    By ObsidianSky URL on 08.07.2013

  38. it’s been the longest time
    since I have seen your eyes
    the way I wish you could see mine
    so I guess we have a while
    before there is much worth
    to friendly conversation

    By StarlitSunrise on 08.07.2013

  39. “It’s a worthwhile endeavor, I assure you.”
    “Is it?” I asked, looking him up and down.
    “I’m in need of a housekeeper.” He said, “And I don’t think you’re going to try to steal my rubies again. Are you?” he fixed me with a stare that told me that if I did, I would be in trouble. It made me shudder, though I managed to hide at least part of that from him.
    “Good.” he said, closing his snuff box. “Because you really cannot, and your boss would find you if you left this house.”

    By Maria URL on 08.07.2013

  40. It seems to me that there are very few ways to spend time that, in the scheme of things, are truly worthwhile. Is it best to pursue solitary activities like reading or learning an instrument or language. Or is it a better use of time to engage with people, to text them, call them, be with them, and really get to know them? It is my quest to find those paths and people, those activities that make the time spent in them meaningful and fulfilling.

    By khakicat URL on 08.07.2013