September 14th, 2014

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59 Responses to “worldly”

  1. She said she was so worldly, as she told us about her summer travels all over the globe. She really put us down, because we aren’t as fortunate. Why would someone we called a friend brag to us about such a thing? She took our dreams and crushed them right before out eyes.

    By Carla on 09.14.2014

  2. I never considered myself a worldly man, but as I sat and talked to this girl at the bar, I realized I had become one. All my travels and all my experiences had made me a great person to meet at a bar. But was I still a great person to know once all the stories ran out?

    By ulimonster on 09.14.2014

  3. I like to consider myself educated and worldly. In reality, I’ve only visited one country outside of the USA. How worldly could I possibly be?

    By YourFriendDave URL on 09.14.2014

  4. Her deck chair rocked a little as the ship’s horn bellowed. Screams and shouts of “we’ll miss you” and “have fun” dueled with the rising roar of the engines below. Anna tried to ignore those at the dock and her stubborn envy. Instead, she focused her gaze on the waves, with a hope that perhaps somewhere out there, she’d meet someone who’d care enough to say goodbye to her one day.

    By Soft URL on 09.14.2014

  5. The worldly most famous football player is Pelé, but know he doesn’t play anymore. It’s a pity…

    By Carina on 09.14.2014

  6. My so-called wordly views are few, my scope narrow and limited. There is only so much light I can see at the end of the tunnel. And what I do see is hazy and scattered – overly filtered by the pretense of hope we inundate our clotted brains with. Do not give me credit for things I do not know, not even when I seem to understand them at first glance.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 09.14.2014

  7. “He took all his worldly possessions with him…”
    “So, you think he’s… not coming back?”
    “Maybe some day, but not soon, no.”

    By Ralyn Longs URL on 09.14.2014

  8. He took all of his worldly possessions with him out the door. It wasn’t much. A change of clothes, dress shoes, a few books, a wallet full of nothing, and of course his favorite old hat. That hat he wore everywhere. And this time was no different. Yes he was leaving his old life, but some things needed to stay the same. He didn’t know if he could handle everything being different, after all. He would keep what he could, and discard the rest.

    By Amanda on 09.14.2014

  9. The worldly lion
    is also a wordy lion
    a wordy and worldly lion is he
    He sits on his throne
    drinking atlases from stone
    and sipping on peppermint poetry.

    If you ask him the time
    he’ll say with a grin
    that it’s half past or quarter to art
    He’ll stay up till ten
    Guzzling compasses and pens
    And journaling straight from the heart.

    By Kit on 09.14.2014

  10. The space station floated in peace. Suddenly a rumbling sound (even though there’s no sound in space) a meteor came flying and hit the station. what next.

    By Daniel on 09.14.2014

  11. There was a worldly look to the place, and she felt as though she was immersed in every culture in the world. She felt at home, in the tiny village, as if she was already settled there.

    By Jade on 09.14.2014

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    By Mr. S on 09.14.2014

  13. Otherworldly.

    By Intuition on 09.14.2014

  14. They were far from all worldly concerns, cocooned in their own universe. Time did not pass here, it did not even exist. But one small mistake would soon bring their paradise to an end.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 09.14.2014

  15. the girl had been everywhere, done everything. she had gone to the edges of the earth and had done everything with everyone, which was evident from the sly grin she gave everyone and the arrogant way she held herself. everyone everywhere wanted to be her, but was too afraid.

    By desiree on 09.14.2014

  16. She was worldly. Not in that she knew of the world – not that she had experience of everything, or even anything. And not that she was concerned with the world. But she was – of the world. She was a part of it, she came from it, and she would go back to it.

    I felt like I was nothing of the sort.

    That was my first impression of her.

    By a terrible poet on 09.14.2014

  17. She would’ve been a worldly woman if her own actions hadn’t built up a fenced of barbed wire around her. She allowed herself to become afraid to even leave her own town, and when she finally managed to get over it she tied herself to other time and place through a ring and a promise. But when the marriage broke up, she ran away just to find another place to cling to.

    By Nova Lee Adamson on 09.14.2014

  18. I knew a man who had been from coast to coast and shore to shore. He travelled the world with his hands in his pockets. The left hand held his heart where no one else could hurt it or touch it at all; the right hand was a fist so that he could not touch anyone’s heart either.

    By Melissa on 09.14.2014

  19. Not a possession I have that isn’t taken for granted,
    Would rather be holding hands than shoulder
    To shoulder with pieces of granite

    Eventually ashes to ashes, cuffs more full of dust
    Than minds pushed to action by greed and lust

    By Craw on 09.14.2014

  20. “Worldly?”
    “Yes, worldly. What’s wrong with worldly?” She put her hands on her slim hips and lightly stamped her foot on the ground, indignation clear on her face.
    “Nothing’s wrong with worldly, little one. Do you know what it means?” The little girl’s mother smiled down at her as she washed a plate at the kitchen sink.
    “Yes.” Her daughter claimed. “It means you’re from another world.”
    At her mother’s gentle laughter, the child stomped from the room, tears in her eyes.
    Putting the soapy plate in the sink, Mary turned to follow her daughter, wiping her hands on the dish towel at her waist.

    By Eileen Maki URL on 09.14.2014

  21. She never looked Nice or Well-to-do. She looked like Art; she wasn’t supposed to look Nice. She looked Worldly, the universe in the palm of her hand and stardust dancing in her eyes at even the faintest whisper of I love you.
    I had a feeling once that she could keep my secrets. Months passed. Her eyes were opened to the love of thousands, her lungs began to breathe the same air as the planets.
    I awoke one morning and she was gone, becoming so full of the universe that she had moved on. She took a bit of myself with her when she packed her broken suitcase. I feel her holding me close to this day.
    She never looked Nice or Well-to-do. She was too full of the world to look Nice. She was truly a piece of Art.

    By Ashby Lorili on 09.14.2014

  22. Eyeing the world with a careful look of estimation,
    She welcomes the unusual, the strange, the uncommon,
    Recognizing not out of familiarity,
    But out knowing
    That we are all familiar
    With the unfamiliar,
    A truth unlimited to access
    If only we stop evaluating selfishly,
    And examine the world acutely
    From a different angle.

    By Julian Christopher Geritz on 09.14.2014

  23. So big, so vast, life goes on and on and it is just here, holding our weight. Trekking across the globe, tasting new spices, brightening our faces with pigment. That’s it, experience life.

    By Anashe URL on 09.14.2014

  24. Emily had always been far more wise than she, with her dismissive demeanor and perfectly highlighted hair and judgmental gaze. To be frank, Emily terrified Grace.

    By Annie on 09.14.2014

  25. worldly is a word referring to the the suffisicated nature of a specific culture. it can also refer to the travel and world experience of a person that is within our society. i do not know what this word means and therefor i am just typing for the sake of typing.

    By fredward on 09.14.2014

  26. Reared at her father’s side as he traveled, she’d become a worldly child, well versed in a variety of skills that better fit a commoners son than a noblemans daughter.

    By S.C. Lovelace on 09.14.2014

  27. this is interesting. worldly. i miss being worlly, nothing like a good fuck and a drink. dont think my husband woud approve though. i miss the worldly days. but thats not right coming from a baptist, now is it?

    By Belle URL on 09.14.2014

  28. The worldly things attracted her, even when she knew they shouldn’t. The forbidden, the things she had been sheltered from. She loved her family, her parents, loved that they had given her such a strong foundation, but still she wondered what the rest of the world held. What mysteries she missed out on in her quiet, mundane life.

    By Laura URL on 09.14.2014

  29. spread fingers – the universe in a hand-print, in a smile, in the shape of a building at a certain time of day or slant of light, in your smile – in the way i yearn to know everything and end at nothing but time time

    By michelle on 09.14.2014

  30. French is such a wordly language.
    Spanish is the language of love.
    French has a similar feel.
    Elle est belle.
    “She is beauitful.”
    Three simple words.
    So much to say
    in a language of love
    for the expression of love.

    By Jeffrey Tamayo on 09.14.2014

  31. His eyes were otherworldly. Pale, opal looking things they were and they watched my every move. I nodded at him as his lips moved creating a small series of clicks and whispers. I wrote down everything I understood. I was not great at Termish, but at least,I spoke enough to ask him questions that were relevant. His eyes turned to the note pad in my hand and his lips turned downwards. I smiled and assured him that the office was completely private. Anything that he said would stay between us and no one else.

    By Flesh on 09.14.2014

  32. She stared at the people passing by through the window, only half taking in their details. Part of her was here, in her favorite cafe, in her favorite seat, drinking her favorite latte. The rest of her, however, was far, far away. In a distant part of the world.

    By [sic] on 09.14.2014

  33. She was not familiar with the wordly ways of people in the city that often masked a lot of unsavory traits. Naivety can often buffer people against the truth of the world, make us look in awe at those we should flee.

    By Anu on 09.15.2014

  34. How are you supposed to become “worldly?” Do you travel? Do you learn? Do you plunge into your own mind? Do you age? Do you die? Do you do nothing but tell everyone you’re worldly?

    Everyone is worldly, except for you.

    By Dinks on 09.15.2014

  35. I wanted to feel more adventurous and become like the earth beneath my feet. I twirled with laughter but I wanted so badly to just feel the leaves between my fingers, the water between my toes, and the air through my body. I just wanted to feel worldly.

    By kaitlin on 09.15.2014

  36. A person who is worldly is someone who has been exposed to different cultures and different places. Someone who

    By Adele on 09.15.2014

  37. she had succumb to worldly things. to the idea that she had to have to be. that they must see it, in order for it to be real. that her name must be spoken among many for her to matter. she had allowed the world to suck her into itself. she then became the world.

    By Safon on 09.15.2014

  38. worldly matters says to himself ?
    indeed its very world wide , its on the news , on the tv , everywhere he will go he will see it .. but what make such a thing a worldly matter ??, he wondered to himself

    By Hashim URL on 09.15.2014

  39. I’ve spent my life staring skyward,
    I’ve been taught to be worldly, explore this earth endlessly.
    But the stars twinkle tauntingly, beckoning
    Tiny catcalls to my soul.
    I’ve always dreamt of being otherworldly.

    By Jesse Ruiz on 09.15.2014

  40. out of this world
    i thought i knew you
    but wouldn’t that be the truth?
    and that is just something we don’t do
    we hide how we feel
    between the palms of our hands
    pressed together
    sweat beads and breaks the bond
    worlds away and i still feel everything i once hid
    i am in constant denial
    deny me deny me
    go back in time and hide me

    By stargirl on 09.15.2014