September 15th, 2014

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74 Responses to “sweep”

  1. Don’t wait for him to sweep you off your feet. The roles have been reversed. If you want him, you get him. If you’re waiting for the wind to sweep you up and blow you to your new destination, you are already at fault. You must run against the wind, go against the rules, and do what makes you happy. Do not let your life be decided for you. Go out there and make it happen.

    By Junco URL on 09.15.2014

  2. I sweep the floor; I swept the floor; I sweep into a room. I sweep all evil men before me. I feel swept away by you. He swept her off her feet. She swept every corner and then flew away on her magic carpet.

    By sabrin on 09.15.2014

  3. this is fun

    By sabrina on 09.15.2014

  4. The councilors, so busy trying to nickel and dime the monarchy (not to mention each other), had no eyes for the servant girl who’d been sweeping in the hall just on the other side of the door. She was only a woman and a servant besides.
    What harm could she do?

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 09.15.2014

  5. i was in my kitchen sweeping the day the bomb went off in Charleston. some said that it was a terrorist attack, others thought it was a accident, or the government. but only i knew the truth about what really happened that glorious day.

    By Emma URL on 09.15.2014

  6. They’d finally made it back. Gabriel went right back to things as if nothing had changed. Cassie was sitting on the fence watching him sweep the extra hay out of the stall. She’s so happy she chose him. They’re life may not be perfect, but they at least knew they could conquer the world.

    By Sarah URL on 09.15.2014

  7. Clean off the slate
    with anything at hand
    arm fully extended and
    rake it across the world
    bring home what’s always been needed
    and take no prisoners
    nothing left for the loser
    viciously grab it all
    to the victor goes the toil

    By Protean URL on 09.15.2014

  8. Sweep like a broom, brushing dust across the floor, lines and trails falling behind only to be caught up on the next pass, one burst of distance at a time.

    By Oreramar on 09.15.2014

  9. if only I could sweep away the contempt you have for me
    like the trash that it is

    brush away the lies you imagine of me
    like painting over an accident which was out of my control

    if only I could live in a vacuum
    sterilized from the words you taint my actions with

    if only I could wash away the urge to prove myself to you
    if only to prove you wrong

    when it doesn’t matter
    you wouldn’t care anyway
    and you don’t deserve it
    you don’t deserve me
    and even an ounce of the best of me would be wasted on you

    if only I could just let go
    free myself from the weight of you

    cut the umbilical cord and the poison you’ve forced upon me
    open my eyes and dare to take the stumbling first steps to walk away

    I could live

    By unbornsymphony URL on 09.15.2014

  10. winter is time for sweeping
    here in Texas, where leaves fall
    but snow doesn’t. and we’re left sweeping
    old memories into tin cans
    and placing them on our bedside tables
    and saving them for spring again

    the cold fronts are sweeping in
    and we are collecting ourselves into dust pans
    I am emptying myself into the waste basket
    and trying to make room on my skin
    for something better than
    layers of dead sunburn, and maybe
    this winter wind will sweep me up
    and spin me into gold

    By caitlinmonster URL on 09.15.2014

  11. He swept the dust from his mind,
    And presented a clean slate,
    To his ever fading memory,
    And disgruntled opinions of the world,
    To try and reboot a system,
    An inoperable system,
    A crashing system,
    Of the world that fell between his ears,
    When he tried
    To feel.

    By Siege URL on 09.15.2014

  12. The fibers of the broom swept the dust like flies into the air. The house felt heavy in my lungs, not just because of the spacious white and sights in the corner of my eye.

    By Serenity URL on 09.15.2014

  13. i fell to the ground, and it held me like no other.
    Who will cry over my dead body, next to other solders who also has fallen.
    I fell to the ground, and the ground swept my and my brothers.
    There were no people to cry on.

    By fail URL on 09.16.2014

  14. i want to sweep them bodily off this earth. these people whose idea of being fun is to belittle, mock and bully others. it is unbearable how this is socially acceptable. when are the meek going to inherit the earth, i wonder? Gah.

    By Anu on 09.16.2014

  15. I was walking down to the porch, when i saw the lady at the end of the street sweeping. Not her porch, not her driveway, nor anything reasonable, but she was sweeping her yard. I wondered if her mind had finally gone. I came back from work the next day, and saw the same thing happen again.

    By Kenzie Pearson on 09.16.2014

  16. It was a huge sweep. He won all of them in a single day. all the Educational lotteries he won. He was now a very rich man. Nothing else he could possibly worry about.

    By trkstr67 URL on 09.16.2014

  17. Lies within the sweep of law.

    By ilivegrunge URL on 09.16.2014

  18. There are so many things which fall within the sweep of article 21 of the Indian constitution. It is the Maneka Gandhi judgment which extended the sweep of this article in true sense

    By ilivegrunge URL on 09.16.2014

  19. I like to sweep the floor of my kitchen. I love a clean floor so that I can walk barefoot and not get little crumbs stuck on my foot. I prefer t

    By mary on 09.16.2014

  20. trial run

    By mary on 09.16.2014

  21. this is a trial run for my class.

    By mary on 09.16.2014

  22. If I had to sweep the floor, I would definitely not be happy about it. There so much shit you have to pick up just to clean the floor. I’d much rather do the dishes. Please don’t make me sweep. I will not do a good job. Not out of spite, but simply because at the same time I hate it, I am not good at it.

    By Katie URL on 09.16.2014

  23. sweeping meteorites and fingernails. there are those corners we cannot get unless we stoop, onto our knees and deploy the magnifying glasses and needles. perhaps a gentle blow to dislodge the dust, or a flame to test the will of its bonds.

    By dominguez URL on 09.16.2014

  24. Derek kept his eyes on the floor as he worked, it was the only way to hide his contempt. And he was grinding his teeth again. But fuck the dentist’s orders, the familiar dull pain brought him relief. Black, blonde, brown, curly, straight, it didn’t matter. He hated all of it. “Hey Derek! Can you come back here. My area needs a good sweep as well,” shouted Jimmy, the new barber in the shop. Derek gave him a stiff nod and ground his teeth again.

    By Soft URL on 09.16.2014

  25. I should study English more because although I have a language exam, I really do not know what does this word mean and google translate is pretty much useless, why you are not better?

    By Lilla on 09.16.2014

  26. It sweeps through me and I wonder, I wonder what this feeling meant before. Meant before all this happened and when I was whole.
    Am I empty now? Am I going to let my experience destroy me?
    No, I am not empty. I am still whole. The shape has just changed, swept away the dust that had accumulated and stuck. I am clean now, I am whole.
    I do not become empty, I only become whole. My body changes and I am whole.

    By Alexandra URL on 09.16.2014

  27. Sweep. Sweeping again. How much she hated it. She always had to do it by herself and it was not fair that she had to sweep while her brother could sit on the couch and watch his favorite TV program.
    “Why do I have to do it and not him?” she had asked many times.
    “Darling, he’s a boy”
    Damn boys. They always get what they want.

    By Sheila on 09.16.2014

  28. there i saw her sweep all that was left on the front porch in nomans land

    By star URL on 09.16.2014

  29. To sweep a room. A cleaning tool.

    By hunter on 09.16.2014

  30. She would sweep the dust, the dirt, and all the little random pieces that no wonder ever noticed. She would throw them away so they would be gone forever. Making them disappear to forget them never actually worked though, because within a week they would be back. They told her “you cannot simply sweep things away and expect everything to subside and become better”..
    So she started to let people know the things they never noticed, that she always tried to hide did matter and she was no longer going to sweep every little thing away. Rather accept her indifferences and imperfections.

    By kaitlin on 09.16.2014

  31. he swept me under the rug like a lost toy, forgotten and dusty. I didn’t think people could do that to people. Maybe a few coins, maybe an old sweater, a job a past, never a person. How do you leave behind a whole history, cover it up, pretend it never existed? Well that’s what he did to me the day he left. I didn’t hear from him for another thirteen years.

    By paige on 09.16.2014

  32. on my knees I scrub the hard mahogany floor
    I picture the memories I’m scrubbing away
    each foot big and small
    and I sweep them away like they weren’t ever there.

    By anon on 09.16.2014

  33. Psikick just did a leg sweep on her arch nemesis.

    By Casper Bailey on 09.16.2014

  34. I sweep the back yard every evening. I use a broom to sweep as it is very eficient. I sweeped yesterday.

    By Rosanna on 09.16.2014