September 13th, 2014

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55 Responses to “furious”

  1. Dan wouldn’t stop talking in the car. Lisa just kept going “uh-huh.” I was trying to drive. It wasn’t the usual brief flame, when he would let out a stream of curses and then fall silent. It was a forest fire, grabbing everything within reach; he stopped his tirade to shout at the car who just cut in front of us, “F*** you! You think you’re the only guy in the world with somewhere to go today? Josh, give him a honk at least!” I just gripped the wheel tightly. The windows were all up; thankfully, the world couldn’t hear us. I wondered why I agreed to help them. Why I was friends with Dan in the first place. But I knew why. Because if we go out to a restaurant and the food was shit he would say so, and I would agree, and otherwise I would just say “fine” when the waitress asked how the meal were going. I tried to imagine getting as angry as Dan, but trying to hold anger in my mind was like trying to suspend oil in water.

    “That guy just cut in front of you again! Josh, when are you going to stand up for yourself?”

    By Holden URL on 09.14.2014

  2. I am going to go all incredible hulk on your ass.

    By a false terl on 09.14.2014

  3. The furious look in her eyes send my mind to the cold, cold sightings of hell as hew frying pan went into my bleeding nose… learned never to hack our little game of life.

    By Raul Ruiz on 09.14.2014

  4. writing for no one is my passion.and my blog is no longer good enough.

    By The Fake Dann URL on 09.14.2014

  5. I can’t remember the last time I’ve ever felt this emotion. Furious… it’s a word we all come across pretty much every single day, but it has such an intense meaning and most of us aren’t fully aware of that, including me.

    By Elin on 09.14.2014

  6. i am furious
    its all because of you and
    your stupidity

    By tones8 on 09.14.2014

  7. the worker was furious with there boss. they had not had time to work on a project so they were furious. the worker was so so furious.

    By Bridget on 09.14.2014

  8. The wind gathered around him, and it was almost as if it knew. He climbed the rock face with a grip tight enough to punish the surface, claws digging beneath the gritty upper layer and forming great, furious cracks in the cliff-face. The world thought it knew what it was to anger a dragon, but they hadn’t even scratched the surface. Now – now, they would see.

    By Samuel on 09.14.2014

  9. and fast, and violent, and bitter. Chocolate heart and vinegar blood. Scream, scream louder, internally. Sob, shiver. This cannot be.

    By Sandra.V on 09.14.2014

  10. Furious Love.
    Furious Hate.
    Furious Fire.


    By insanity rambles on 09.14.2014

  11. An engine of fire inside.
    Blood pressed against skin,
    Threatening to burst forth.
    An internal monsoon of emotions
    Tearing the stability brick by brick,
    Toppling the trained tranquility totally.

    By Jesse Ruiz on 09.14.2014

  12. He couldn’t explain the feeling, it just took hold of him.
    Why was he so stupid to believe her?
    She gave him a smirk and then proceeded to take his life with a single shot to the skull.

    By MaximusArtilius on 09.14.2014

  13. Eiri swung her sword, desperate to hit Taran. He danced aside easily and batted her sword aside as easily as a cat would swat a fly. She bit back a furious cry and, before she knew what was happening, she hit the floor hard.

    By Holly on 09.14.2014

  14. what had made the night shed blood?
    what made us start running into these
    black holed wounds?
    turned us into furious warriors —
    at a war with nothing,
    and at war with ourselves;
    beating fists with solid energy
    into atmosphere mist.
    Screaming in rooms — alone.
    doesn’t make a sound.

    By Marissa on 09.14.2014

  15. ‘How could you do this to me!’ He shrugged nonchalantly. ‘I loved you…I LOVE you.’ He seemed bored at her outrage. She felt the urge to try and slap some sense into him. So she did, firmly. All that happened was a smirk.

    By Madison Park on 09.14.2014